Monday's Hot Mess Post {Week 2} |

Jan 14, 2013

Monday's Hot Mess Post {Week 2}

Duke lost. Michigan lost. Texans lost. Green Bay lost. Old Miss & Wisconsin won. Yeah pretty great sports weekend in my opinion. Here's to Ray Lewis and Tony Gonzalez. Here hoping one of you finally gets that Super Bowl ring. 
In lieu of a musical question I give you my top played songs on my Itunes. I don't know how often this updates cause I looked at a few of these songs and can't remember the last time I listened to them... oh well. 
I fully believe you can find the most out about a person by: what music they listen to (Yes, that is a misspelled playlist that I'm to lazy to fix), what they pin on Pinterest and what they carry in their purse. Since I've officially showed y'all all of these things, let the "bless her heart" and "oh hell no's commence." (Wait... what?) 

Dear Andy Griggs, If Heaven was a pie it WOULD NOT be cheery. That ish is nasty and, "ain't nobody got time for that."

Yay, its time for Monday's Hot Mess Post. This is week two. If y'all forgot the rules go read this. (There will be no "blessin' of hearts" around these parts this Monday. And you will NOT take my sweet tea) It has come to my attention that I never take pictures in real life when I'm with other people. I made it a mission to take some this weekend. It was a fail of epic proportions. I also polled friends because I have NEVER been told I am funny. They find this hilarious that I'm just now realizing I am kind of funny.  (We just equate everything back to it's because I've never seen the Harry Potter Movies... Maybe I'll explain sometime) Cameron had his I got an apartment/big kid party. I was just happy that a few friends took pity and I ended up not having to cook as much food as I thought. Them ho's finally stepped up and helped. Good thing cause there was so many people and I had to wear big people clothes. I was the driver... (BOO). Someone else turn next time. 

Yes, I have white friends. Have you seen the town I grew up in. My favorite type of music is Traditional Country. I went to college in East Texas (Think Deep South of Texas and absolutely adored the experience) Don't act like you was surprised. Ok, allow me to explain:
The after school program I work at is mostly low income and minority students in a rough part of Dallas. A few weeks back one of the kids saw my call list on my phones and goes, "Ms. Aleshea, you have white friends... his mind was also blown on election day when he found out I did not vote the way society tells me I should vote based on my skin color. Trying to explain that the Republican Party was started in 1845 by Abolitionist that wanted to free the slaves was futile. Futhermore trying to tell him that MLK Jr was a Republican and Malcolm X hated the Democratic party was also futile. Yes, I know that the Democratic party helped launch the Civil Rights Movement. Y'all know that had to appeal all them Jim Crowe Laws they put in place. (Wait... what) Y'all see, I can't very well tell this boy that his a momma has been lied to.  #RandomHastagThat HasNoPlaceOnBlogger #SorryNotSorry #YesIWentThere #NoYouCantTakeMySweetTeaYet #MovingOn

Not working in the church nursery with Ruth cause we were to busy taking stupid pictures. She just learned how to make an ok sign and wanted to make them in all the pictures. Her's didn't turn out as well when my sister snapped the pic.

After church we spent some time at Children's Hospital. I did not miss that place. (I used to volunteer there)
I have three Godbrothers. The difference is we grew up going to school together. We were raised liked family. Well, the youngest one (my age but a month younger than me) one year old son is sick. He just stopped breathing the other day and they put him in ICU at Children's. By the time we got to the hospital today they were just about to take out his breathing tube cause he started breathing on his own. YAY! My Godbrother is useless so it was a good thing we were there. He is a baby when it comes to hospital, so my momma stayed in the room with Shannon ( his baby momma... let's call her what she really is. Yes, you can "bless his heart" and take his "squares") while they took out the tube. I think she appreciated it. Apparently his tonsils are to big for his throat and they are rubbing together and that is why he can't breath (his breathing dropped down to 20 something out of 100 and his heart rate was in the 60's). I also think he has Asthma like his daddy. (See why I said you could "bless his heart" and take his "squares"... who smokes when they have asthma) Problem is they can't take out his tonsils until he gets this infection or whatev out of his system. Y'all say some prayers for this hot mess of a situation cause, "ain't nobody got time for this"

I love Whataburger lunches. 

The Golden Globes were also a hot mess. I'm lookin' at you Jodi Foster (But, seriously her speech was beautiful) Come on, Ben Affleck won for best director but couldn't get an Oscar nom. Bring on the Oscars/Grammys and more trained wrecked celebrities who piss on money. Y'all know we need something to talk about. 

This is Monday's Hot Mess Post Week 2. You are very welcome if I made you laugh. If I didn't... see my empty hand! That's all fracks I have to give. 

And no I don't care about Miss America. I was to busy living life so I would have a Monday's Hot Mess Post. Plus she's not from Texas or the South so who cares. Not I



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  1. You always crack me up! And random fact - Miss New York was actually born and raised in Alabama! Poor girl needs to get back to the south.


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