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Jan 10, 2013

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it: Stuffed Tilapia

Song trivia is back by popular demand. Ok, so maybe I'm the popular demand. As always, all the sweet tea to whoever knows this song: "At home drawing pictures, of mountain tops, with him on top, lemon yellow sun, arms raised in a V, dead lay in pools of maroon below" I know these are good cause not only did my little sister eat them but she got a second helping. She hates EVERYTHING. (We all remember the rules on recipe post, right? Just nod and say yes ma'am. I don't wanna explain that ish again. Even if it was beautiful the first time. Go reference Grandmas Hot Water Cornbread and don't say I didn't warn ya.)So I was on Pinterest awhile back and EVERYONE was re-pinning this Stuffed Tilapia recipe from Better Homes and Garden. I was excited cause I had some Tilapia that I didn't want to go bad and the pin looked like a yummy recipe. I got all excited and took some Tilapia out to thaw... went to work... came home and realized I didn't have HALF of the ingredients for the stuffing like I thought. Well, y'all know I went right to work tweaking the recipe. I had some leftover ingredients from the cream sauce I made from my Salmon Croquettes. I add a few thing and wa-la.  This is what I got. Y'all enjoy.

The Cream Sauce
Y'all, in the South we love to dip everything in a sauce. If we ain't fryin' it or casserole-in it, then we are smotherin' it in cheese or a dippin' sauce. 'Round here Mac & Cheese is not a side dish. It is a vegetable. Here in Texas, ranch and hot sauce are considered side dishes. Just kidding, but seriously! This cream sauce is beyond easy to make. Don't let the sauce scare y'all. Obvs, I was excited to stuff these bad boys

2 Tbs butter
1 Tbs flour
1 cup of hot milk
1/3 cup of heavy cream
2 tsp of white pepper
2 tps of salt
2 Tbs of parmesan cheese
2 Tbs of chopped parsley
2 Tbs basil
1 Tbs lemon juice

1. Y'all, do the steps in order and I promise it will be ok. K? ... You're supposed to nod and say yes ma'am.
2. Melt the butter in a medium saucepan.
3. Stir in the flour and blend well. I have an obsession with wooden spoons and they really do make a difference. 
4. Stir in the hot milk and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, simmering, and stir and occasionally for a few more minutes. 
5. Stir in the heavy cream.
6. Now add the 1tps salt, white pepper, parmesan cheese, parsley, basil and lemon juice. 
7. Stir baby stir
8. Here is where I tweaked my normal cream sauce.

1. There is nothing wrong with the normal cream sauce I make but it is runnier and would slide out of the Tilapia. Y'all, we want the tilapia to have something to grab onto.
2. Stir in the breadcrumbs. I browned 3 three pieces of bread. You can now add the other tablespoons of flour if you want the stuffing thicker (This is optional). This just makes it so the Tilapia has something to grab onto.
3. Let the sauce cool for a few minutes so you don't burn your hands. Now we are ready to stuff these bad boys.
4.Put a few dollops in the Tilapia and roll baby roll. Add toothpicks hot dog style so the Tilapia will stay. Once you have added them all, you can place them in a greased Pyrex dish. I greased mine with Pam. Once they have all finished sprinkle the top of those bad boys with some black pepper and sage. Not to much now cause you don't want to overpower the cream sauce or make the dish so seasoned that you can barely eat it. I say a few pinches on each one.
5. Now you are ready to pop these beauties in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 mins or so. If you have precooked Tilapia then it may not take as long. Just keep checking them. 

    As always,
    From my kitchen to yours...                                       


  1. This looks so good! I'm always looking for a way to jazz up tilapia. Pinning now!

  2. we eat a lot of tilapia in our household! this is a great idea..we haven't tried this!! looks yummy!

    Thank you for linking up with us today!

  3. Stopping by from the link up....I love tilapia!! We actually had it on Monday and I posted about it on Tuesday. I love finding new tilapia recipes. This looks super yummy. Glad you posted it.

  4. This. LOOKS. Delicious!!!! Om nom nommm!!!

    Thank you for linking up with us!


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