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Jan 16, 2013

Wesnesday Wesnesday WESNESDAY!

So today is Wednesday and I have no frackin' idea what I want to write about. I should be gettin' ready for work. I have to leave a few minutes early so I have time to get gas. My light is on and I don't wanna stall on the side of the road in the ghetto of North Dallas. But instead I'm drinkin' sweet tea and wacthin' General Hospital.

It's a good thing that I'm random and could care less if y'all can follow along. So that is why I am linking up with Random Wednesday.

So, let's make list so we can all stay on Track (Contradiction much) Cause y'all really don't want to see what I've posted lately on Pinterest. Unless you are obsessed with Texas, sweet tea and Southern food then you will not be impressed. 

  • Ole Miss beat Vanderbilt 
  • Wisconsin beat previously ranked #2 Indiana (And Jesus said Amen)
  • Mavs won
  • Randy Houser's How Country Fells came on my radio this morning and that means it's going to be an amazing day.
  • American Idol comes back today. YES YES YES
  • All my favs are back on Dance Moms
  • Yesterday at work a few kids asked me if I lived like the cast of Buckwild. Apparently living outside the city is foreign to them.
  • My Sesster is cookin' dinner tonight and that is A-OK by me. 
  • Nashville comes on tonight. :)(:
Randomly drops a few music links in the post.

Samuel L. Jackson covering T.Swifts WANEGBT. Y'alll be so welcome. 

Timberlake with is this NONSENSE. I am so ticked at you. How dare you take FOREVER to release new music and them give us this CRAP. Robin Thicke did it better and continues to do so.



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  1. I was kind of obsessed with JT's new song until I got over the fact that OMG HE HAS NEW MUSIC! and actually listed to it. Womp womp.


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