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Jan 15, 2013

Take it Back: The Hair Bow Saga

No Musical question today. In honor of Take it Back  I want y'all to hear my favorite song. It is about memories and I felt that, that was fitting for the topic at hand. 


Before we get started: Isn't this a HOT MESS if you've ever seen a HOT MESS...

This what I woke to this morning. Y'all know I hate the cold and hate snow equally as much. I need it to go away ASAP. And to think it was almost in the 80's the other day. It was thundering and lightening when the snow started. Apparently it's called Thundersnow and it is rare. Leave it to Texas. (And yes my neighbor has a field of Longhorns.)

Y'all remember the other day when I was talkin' about how I think Momma should make an Etsy shop for all the junk she can make like hair bows. Well, this got her lookin' at old pics. I decided to post a few of my favorites for Tack it Back. Yall, enjoy the fashions of the late 80's early 90's!

The rules for this post are to pretend that you enjoy these pictures. You are NOT allowed to "Bless my heart", say "Oh hell no" or take my sweet tea. Got it...

 I was killin' 'em at three months old with my homemade hair bows. In all the other poses I had droll all down my face. Momma couldn't be bothered to wipe my face but it's ok cause I had a hair bow.

I don't know what's worse: That my Momma made this, put me in it or that the caption next to the picture in the photo album say. " I clean up good" I look like I wanted to smack my Momma with that head monstrosity. That's what it shall be called from now on.

This is me with my Paw Paw (the one from Mississippi) Pretty sure this is at one of my Birfday parties. I LOVE pink so this is ok. Plus my Paw Paw would give me sweet tea so he is A-OK by me. 

 I don not look thrilled in the least bit. How my can see otherwise is beyond me. Hot mess I tell, y'all. Hot mess. 

I don't even know what colors that bow is.

 Yes, Momma made that nonsense on her head. I wonder if it hurt. She was ALWAYS cryin'. Maybe she didn't like the monstrosities Momma was always puttin' her in. She had it way worse cause Momma had the hang of it by the time she had her. 
  WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. Someone come slap my Momma and take her remote so she can't watch House Hunters. She outta be in jail for puttin' my seesters hair in them puff ball with hair bows attached to them.

With my Godbrothers on Easter. Was there really a need for all that in my hair. I say NO!

I see diapers and a terrified seester. That's my counsin Joni holdin' my Seester, nevermind that she would try and light us on fire cause my seester has a hair bow to save her.

And my personal favorite: It takes talent to match that hommade hair bow to that God awful outfit. My Momma was thoughtful and even remembered to give Minnie Mouse a bow.

Throwback Thursday



  1. Omaworrrrrrrd! My favorites are:
    1) the "monstrosity"
    2) that Ariel/Little Mermaid ensemble. Ballerrrr!

  2. OMG I LOVE IT! Love the song! LOVE BOWS.... even to this day! hehehe Thanks for playing! Ady over at When In Doubt Just Add Glitter

  3. Thanks for linking up!

    This post is too funny! Unlike girls today, I had those bows in my hair until probably 5th or 6th grade! My mom wasn't the best at doing hair and I have some terrible pictures of when she tried to curl my hair. Even that picture on the Throwback Thursday button-I don't know what my mom was thinking either!


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