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Feb 14, 2013

Saw it, Pinned it, Did it: I Haz Cake Balls

Dear White person who invented Cake Balls/Cake Pops, why? Cupcakes weren't enough... You had to make it more difficult. Song of the day and all the sweet tea if you know it, " How you fry a skillet a chicken in high heels and a skirt? Where's Tammy Wynett when you need her?" Oh, and Belles: if you can't fry a skillet of chicken, make a mean pitcher of sweet tea or bake anything in a casserole dish then I'm taking your title and ALL your wine. Run a lap and have several seats. No, but seriously. 

Y'all know how this works so let's hop to it 
cause Valentines Day ain't gonna celebrate itself.
Awkwardly lit photo that I tried to touch up

Story that y'all don't care about but I make y'all endure before I post the recipe/tutorial.
So we all know that I LOVE to bake and cook and I'm pretty good at it. Heck, that's why I started this blog in the first place. If you ever wondered that is where the title comes from. Addin' a little glitz to your grits is an old Southern sayin' I heard growin' up. Usually when someone was in the kitchen.
(My grandma is the baker in the family. Remember how I told y'all she used to own her own catering and wedding cake business.) Well, I recently became obsessed with cupcakes a few months back. We had a bake sale for the kids in the after school program to raise some funds for a few activities we wanted to do. I knew the kids would not bring money for a huge cake so I turned some of my Grandma's recipes into cupcakes and now I'm obsessed.  I'm sure if I had better equipment I would have made even more. I desperately need a new mixer. Preferably a Kitchen-Aid. My hand gets tired of holding the mixer and stirring  (I know, I know but where old fashioned. I didn't get texting till junior year of College.I told y'all Katy Perry had my life and everything was of the devil growing up. But that a confession post for tomorrow)

Fast forward to last night: we had a "dance" for the kids in the program. It was so cute y'all. I even had a few kids guard the desert table I did. The kids get excited cause they know Ms. Aleshea is bound to bake something and make a desert/refreshments section.

Are the bows on her leggings not the cutest ever.
I was pretty upset that I wouldn't have time to make the kids anything for the party. Y'all don't even know. So I decided to make the kids something for today. I knew it would take to long and there were to many kids for me to make cupcakes so I figured I would try my hand at cake balls. I didn't wanna make the pops because a bag of 25 stick is $2.50 and I need to make almost 100 of these bad boys. 

Now for the real reason you clicked on this post. Hey, just let me think it's cause you like my personality.


  • Cake mix
  • Frosting
  • cupcake liner or Sticks
  • Wilton candy melts
  • Decorations

  1. Make the cake according to the directions on the box. I used Duncan Hines Chocolate. It is the only cake mix I buy next to Betty Crocker. You can make your favorite cake from scratch but ain't nobody had time for that. Plus these kids were just gonna devour that little bit in seconds.
  2. Let the cake cool. 
  3. Crumble the cake real fine
  4. Mix in a container of frosting. This was Strawberry mist. Don't do more than two cups. I ruined an entire batch of funfetti with mint icing because I added to much icing. I was able to salvage a few with flower but I know they will taste funny.
  5. Roll them into balls on a sheet of parchment paper. I quit measuring halfway through cause ain't nobody had time for that. But a good rule is about a tablespoon and a half. (Don't do more than that. The balls will be two big and you will not get the 50 promised out of a box of cake. I also flowered my hands here and there to keep the balls from stick to and actin' a hot mess. The things they don't tell you but they should on Pinterest)
  6. Now, it's time for those babies to get hard. I was in a rush for time so I stuck mine in the freezer for a bit. (This is where you clean up or if you're like me you pour a BIG ol' glass of sweet tea and catch up on "American Idol")
  7. Now you're ready to frost those puppies. If you want to be fancy and make the pops, this would be where you stick the sticks in each one. Just don't slide it down to far. Follow the directions on the package for melting these candies. Dip each one in and then you are good to go. If you make the balls then use a toothpick to help you dip and place each one in a SMALL cupcake liner. If you are using the sticks then stick them upright in something so they can dry.
  8. I garnished mine with edible pink pearls. 
Let them harden and then you are ready to package them as you wish and hand them out to people. Halfway through I got tired and gave up trying to frost each side. That is why the Red Velvet and funfetti ones look like a Yankee at the "Missouri Compromise Line" tryin' to figure out if he's comin' or goin'!

Over all I'm still not sold on this nonsense and think I'll be sticking to cupcakes for the time being.
Y'all enjoy

As always:
From my hot mess kitchen to yours


Let Them Eat Cake


  1. These turned out so cute! I love me some cake balls! I make the ugliest cake balls though.

  2. You are crackin' me up with these cake balls. This looks like so much more work than cupcakes!! I'm with you, I'm hangin' with cupcakes. But I appreciate your taking on the challenge! HAHA

  3. Very cute, but I agree to stick to cupcakes for now:) Found you on the blog hop! We are your newest followers!


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