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Jan 8, 2013

Grandma's Hot Water Cornbread

BAM! Awkward lit photo that I tried to touch up
So y'all know what time it is?
You know...
I post some poorly lit picture of a dish I made...
 Y'all take my word that it taste good...
But before I actually post the recipe I tell an awkward story that y'all pretend to like and in said story...
 I overuse the words y'all, Momma, Daddy, Paw paw and Granny while randomly capitalizing things.. That shouldn't be capitalized and simultaneously butchering proper grammar...
And all y'all really want is the recipe so you can be on your way...

Fine, I'll skip to the story! :)(:
So if you don't know how to make Hot Water Cornbread, then I'm revoking your Southern card and no longer allowing you to call yourself a Southern Belle. (But seriously, get it together Belles) Story: 
The first things I learned to cook was a box of Jiffy Cornbread with my paw paw when I was like 10. The first dish I ever cooked by myself was Sketti (all the sweet tea if you got the Honey Boo Boo reference. Goodness where's Sherry when you need her) Daddy taught me when I was like 12. So Hot Water Cornbread is pretty popular in Mississippi and my Granny used to have a plate of them on the counter when my Momma and her sisters came home from school. First time I tried to make these it was a hot mess. I called my Granny and she eyeballs so you can image how they turned out. But I was finally able to have her show me first hand and I'm excited to make them ALL the time. Now that the awkward story has been told... BAM, here be the recipe you Southern beings you. Yes, Hot Water Cornbread is just a fancy name for fried cornbread. I warned you I had a Paula Dean complex. Ain't my fault if you didn't listen. 

BAM! Ingredients:
self rising corn meal (The white one with the awkward black lady on the bag)
Hot Water... DUH!

BAM! Directions:
1. Boil a por of water, yes boil not just heat. Don't ask me how much water to put in the pot cause it might make you look like a Yankee... 2 cups is fine. 
2. Heat a pot of grease. 1/4 a cup is fine if you must know
3. Put some corn meal in a bowl. Two cups if good. 
4. Stir in a few tablespoons of flour. 2-3 is fine. No I can't give you specific measurements cause it depends on the consistency you want. You might have to add more. 
5. Pour a little of the boiling water in the mixture. Now roll them into fat lookin' french fries. I prefer to make them into patties but my Granny was in the kitchen and flipped. Let's just say she started yellin', "Bless her heart, and if you don't." Obviously she won and I made them into the ugly french fry lookin' things that she likes. 
6. Drop those puppies in hot grease and brown on each side
7. Keep adding more of the boiling water as needed to make them bad boys.
8. Take 'em out, drain 'em, butter 'em & eat 'em.

See, now that wasn't so painful. BAM! Some food linkups... Mandy & Lisa Y'all go try some of the recipes the lovelies have posted. Promise not to use BAM like this next post. Two post in a row is a little much but I was on a roll. 

As always,
From my kitchen to yours...



  1. yum! makes me wanna cheat on my gluten diet. wonder how disastrous it would be with straight corn meal, no flour? the fry daddy is callin my name!
    mmm, with some buttermilk & salt & pepper ... gyahhhhhh

  2. This looks gooooood! We got a fryer for Christmas (A's idea, he ruins diets) so these will be added to the list.

    Yesterday at work we were discussing sketti and daring people to try it. Oh man those boo boo's.

  3. Oh my mom used to make this all the time! Makes me wish I was home, back in TEXAS! Thanks for linking to Tempt My Tummy. I am a Texas girl, as well. FYI, my code for my button is on my right side of the post,in the column down a ways on the page. It is easy to miss. But, no worries. Thanks for stopping by. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog. It is always fun to find another native Texan! (I was born and raised in Austin, then lived 16 years in Tyler.) :-)

  4. I like the way you write. :) I'm stopping over from Georgia where we like sweet tea and cornbread too. However, I've never heard of hot-water cornbread. I might "lose my southern card" for asking this question but I noticed you instructed us to heat a "pot" of grease. I assumed that means we deep fry them, but then you said we need to brown them on each side so does that mean we heat the grease in a frying pan? I want to try these sometime soon so I want to make sure I do it right.

    1. Yes and yes. And no need to loose any Southern Cards. You can also use a big pot. I d that sometimes if I'm lazy.

  5. Yes! I see. Similar to mine, but different. Sometimes I use white, sometimes yellow cornmeal. And I do not use self rising. Usually I fry mine in 1" of grease, but every so often I make it a little more soupy and put it in a pan and bake it into a "pone" of cornbread. Makes a very crunchy crust with soft center that is very good in the pot liquer where you cooked your greens.

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