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May 24, 2013

...Best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

We've reached the home stretch and I for one am grateful. Y'all I didn't know one could talk about themselves this much. I've come up with three of my worst traits. But really I think it depends on who you talk to.

  • I am the worst at being serious. I'm usually laughing at an inapporiate time or doing something I shouldn't. The other day  girl at work got stuck on the monkey bars. She was crying hysterically but I could not stop laughin', y'all. Did a I think it was funny; MAYBE. But to the point that I was laughing; NO. I just couldn't help it. If I'm in an uncomfortable situation I'm probably gonna laugh. I remember coming home one weekend in College and my Momma threathen' to smack me cause I was causing a scene in build a bear. I couldn't stop laughing at somethng. If you get me with the Seester in the same room then all bets are off and you don't know what you gonna get.

  • I talk far more than a person should. I also talk really fast. If I meet you I'm probably gonna act like were best friends. I've never been one for small talk and I ain't shy in the least bit. As a child I was always being told to slow down. Heck even as an adult I get told that. I didn't grow up with a traditional Texas accent. I did however pick up words and sayings. I always annoyed my aunt cause I cut the ending off my words. Example: fixing to is fixin' to. Or I'll say ain't etc. Those things angered my Momma and aunt to no end. I blame my daddy. He had a thick Cajun accent and some rubbed off on me. Yes, I'm that person who will talk during a movie or explain all the back information during a scene. Deal with it. It's just hard for me to be quite.

  • I have a hard time saying no. In the South we always joke that it's not ok to say no. People can ask you to do something but really they ain't asking and you know you have to do it. I guess it's a good thing to help people out but sometimes you can stretch yourself to thin. Around here you you say yes sir and yes ma'am when people ask you to do something. That doesn't work well for someone like me who puts the PRO in procrastination. I would write 10 page essays the day they were do in college. And yes I got good grades on them. I remember getting a low B on an essay in college and my professor writin' on there, "I know you wrote this today and didn't proofread it. Just think of what you could have done" Apparently I'm a good writer and have a way with words. I just need to proofread over my writing more and work on a few grammar issues. Maybe I should have taken all those professors advice. Who knew

Day 24 of 31 is over. if you know where the title of my post comes from and the love hate relationship I have with this book than let's be frans. Tell me all about yourself.
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  1. Oh I have SUCH a hard time saying no to people!! My husband & mom fuss at me sometimes, ha!

  2. Dang girl, your worst traits make you seem like a really fun person to be around, good job! :-)

  3. I srsly can't start a day without reading your blog! Creeped out yet? Ha! Loved the traits. But how bad are those REALLY? You should see mine. sheesh.

  4. Ooh, I totally agree with your first one. I stink at being serious. I have a corporate job that I'm probably never really going to feel at home in because it just involves being serious and professional too gosh darn much for me. Sometimes people just need to laugh :)

  5. I'm a procrastinator, too! Isn't it funny how this blogging challenge is turning out to be like therapy?! There's been so much introspection this month thanks to Jenni and her challenge. I'm so glad I followed the linkup here to your blog :)

  6. I talk too much too. I gotta say(of course I gotta say...cuz I talk way too much) that you have some of the best photos of yourself... You always have some expression that makes me smile.

  7. I KNOW! I KNOW! {where the title came from} ... and yes, you are so right! southerners {women especially} have a VERY hard time saying no ... but I have been working on it, and though it's still hard, and I flinch whenever I do it ... it's so liberating, and getting a little bit easier everyday.
    and, I would def be the teacher laughing at a kid who got stuck on the monkey bars. :)

  8. You're right! It's sooooo hard to say no. But I have limited it to only people I have a real relationship with. If it's someone who is just trying to take advantage of you because they think they can, then "no, no, no!" :) Oh, and your title is what caught my eye! I also have a love/hate relationship with the book! Think it was written brilliantly, nonetheless!

  9. Enjoyed reading this post! Thank You for checking out my blog and leaving me a comment! I really appreciate it! Thank You so much!! =)


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