Is that India.Arie? What happened to her hair? |

May 18, 2013

Is that India.Arie? What happened to her hair?

Day 18, Saturday: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.
So, day 18 of blog every day in May ask that I tell a story. Stories are one of my favorite things to tell y'all. I mulled over this top for a good while. My life is one big story and at first I didn't know what I wanted to tell y'all. I went over the crazy stories from my child hood: The seesters birth after I kicked my Momma and she went into early labor, when I discovered where your dinner actually comes from after spending a summer in Southern Louisiana with my uncles who hunt, My cousin always tryin' to light me in fire when I'd vist my "Mom Tea" in Southern Louisiana. While those are all great stories from my childhood they wouldn't really allow me to show off my personality and "blog voice." So, I decided to settle on this gem: The Hair Tragedy of third grade.

You see back, in the early 90's black parents love to dress their kids a hot mess. Around this time Dookey Braids were the it thing. Heck even black boy bands like Immature had members who wore them.  By now I know y'all are all saying, "Aleshea what the heck are you ramblin' on about?" Well, let me explain. Dookey Briads were big thick braids made out of synthetic hair. Got it? Good! Let's continue with the story. In third grade my bestie at the time wore braids ALL the time. I begged and begged my Momma to let me be like the in crowd and get braids. Y'all after weeks of gettin' on my hands and knees like a prostitute she finally agreed. I was so excited because during spring break I was gonna get my hair braided by the lady who did my childhood besties. Needless to say I bragged to everyone at school. Well, the lady ended up being flaky and never did my hair. Just wait cause y'all know this ain't where the story ends.

I cried for days cause I was so upset. Enter my aunt, that lived with us. She decided she would learn how to do the braids just so I would get what I wanted. Well, she did them and my hair turned out half all right. I can still remember her sayin', " Now don't mess with the braids when you get to school. This was my first time and they only turned out ok. I will redo them better next week over Easter Break!" Well, obviously I didn't listen to her. Y'all know if I had there would be no story to rehash.

So I go to school that week all excited thinkin', " I'm stylin' ...boy." I also could not stop playing in my hair. I kept taking it out the half pony and puttin' it back it. I just wanted to show off to everybody. That Monday also happened to be the same day we had to get in front of the class and give our oral book reports. Welp, you guess it. A couple of my braids came out while I was doing my report in front of the ENTIRE class. I cried in the bathroom. Cried from embrassement. Cried cause I knew my Momma was gonna tan my hide black and blue. Y'all I just cried. I can still remember that ugly red scrunchi. Useless piece of thing it was.

It all ended up working out cause the girl that laughed at me ended up getting embrassed a few days later. She had braids as well and when she gave her book report not only did one fall out but it stuck to her backside. Stuck to her and made her look like she had a tail. I still remember the redheaded kid, who threw up all over me Test day( Kids in Texas take statewide test at the end of the year), yellin' you got a tail. That girl cried for days.

Welp, here's my story for day 18 of 31
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  1. ahhhh your dad is a "dog" lol...and those dookey braids...lawd, i had the beads and almost put my eye out trying to shake them, i will never do that to my daughter.

  2. Great read had me laughing out load. Look forward to getting to know you.

    New follower from the Lets Be Friends linky.

  3. Ha you had me laughing. My mom used to give us some plats and a half. i got stuck with a nickname that I HATED caz of my hair. Now that i think of it it doesn't even make sense.

  4. What a memory! I am going to have to go google dookey braids so I can see what you are talking about!

  5. ahahahaah love this....of course I especially love the demise of your nemesis! ;)

  6. All your blog posts make me laugh so much, especially your photo every hour post. How hilarious is the bathroom picture?!?! You are awesome.

  7. Such a cute lil girlie. You are totally awesome. Loved the post!!

  8. Bwaaahaaaa. I had those braids for a week and then I took them out cause the lady did them too tight! LOL


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