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May 6, 2013

"School Day-Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell"

Day 6, Monday: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?

So if you're new around here then you have probably never read my Life of Ms. Aleshea Posts. I suggest you check them out here since today's post touches on that without actually telling y'all what I do for a living. I guess I shall try and explain what I do without actually tellin' y'all.
I mostly listen to stories like this:
J: Ms. Aleshea, you got a boyfriend?
Me: No ma'am
J: Well, why you ain't got no boyfriend?
K: Ms. Aleshea can I have snack. I ain't get snack.
Me: Yes, you did. It's all over your face.
K: *wipes off the snack and then runs off* 
D: You ain't gonna tell my Momma. Please don't tell my Momma.
Me: Boy, you peed on the side of the school. Don't you think I have to tell yo Momma. 
D to T: That why you got one tooth that's longer than the other.
T to D: Shut up cause yo Momma got one gold tooth.
D to T: At least I know who my Daddy is.
Me: *shakes head* Really y'all  

But this one is ALWAYS my favorite y'all:

Some random kid calls me Ms. or Teacher a million times and I politely look at them and say: "That ain't my name. Come back when you remember it!"

If you really want to read the funny ones I suggest you go here. I promise y'all I can't make this nonsense up. I usually write down the crazy stuff I hear so I can document it on the blog. Obviously I always use initials so that I can't get in trouble for posting names.
“The great teachers fill you up with hope and shower you with a thousand reasons to embrace all aspects of life. I wanted to follow Mr. Monte around for the rest of my life, learning everything he wished to share of impart, but I didn't know how to ask.”
― Pat ConroyMy Losing Season: A Memoir
Day 6 of 21: That's in the bag.



  1. lol...i can imagine my son saying all those things!

  2. Too funny!! My mom is a teacher too! Crazy things kids say!

  3. you are probably like the best teacher ever & i will remember you when the summer dough starts rolling in & i start having giveaways for teachers =)

  4. You sound like a really fun teacher and those kids' funny comments probably crack you up. Hi! I'm your latest follower from the I love Bloglovin blog hop


  5. Love the quote at the end! Just found your blog last week! :)

  6. Hey there! Here from the Blog Hop! Just wanted to let you know I'm following you via bloglovin' and GFC! Hope you'll get a chance to check me out :o)


  7. haha! I love that they tried to fool you about the snack!

  8. I just can't get enough of the way that you write. It is the best!

  9. So cute! I get such a kick out of the funny things that kids say. Thanks for sharing them :)

  10. Ohh, a teacher. Such a very tough job. Sounds like you get as much out of it as they do! (And so do we, as your followers!!) :) kids say the darnedest things. Love this.

  11. Thanks so much Alesha for stopping by blog! I really appreciate it! Thanks :) I try to put cute outfits together. I love fashion! I couldn't agree more- and so far I'm loving the journey. Keep in touch. And hope you keep stopping by blog!


  12. LOVE your blog! You've got a new follower :)

  13. you've got such a lovely blog, you must have some funny stories from being a teacher! loved this post :)

  14. oh my...I taught for one semester. It was SO not for me. Kudos to you for your patience and tolerance.

  15. Okay, this is hilarious! I can't believe I've been so bad about keeping up. Oh man. I especially like the tooth dialog. just perfect.


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