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May 15, 2013

"I want a beautiful, wonderful, perfect all-American..."

Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)
Woke up about 5:30 am.
Put the miracle seeing life force in my eyes.

Commuted to the Swanky Law Firm. The long commute is why I set my my clocks fast. 

Took a quick stop by my desk at the swanky Law Firm

Went to check the mail but not without taking an awkward Iphone selfie in the elevator.

Ate a bowl of grits

Drank a cup of coffee

After a couple hours of billing clients I took a bathroom break

Ate some Tagalongs while working

Took the days mailing down as I left but not without taking another horrid selfie.

Took a car selfie while I drove to the other job with the kiddos

Stopped for lunch at Whataburger like only a true Texan can.

Grew a plant

Helped a 1st grader and a second grader with their homework.

Spent the afternoon outside on the playground. But not before having this convo:
Ms. Aleshea do you fart?
Me: No I whisper in my panties

Or telling a kid
Take you and yo stanky attitude.

Lost a swing race to a kindergartner. Sneezed on the playground and found a marker.

Got off work and drove to church

While at church: Gave out high fives like a boss

Monogramed my initials in play-dough and avoided a 5 year old playing with my foot.

Taught a two year old to say: Nom Nom Nom yummy, while eating her snack

Left church and headed home.

Came home and had my only glass of water of the day.

Caught up on SYTYCD and The Voice

Took a bubble bath

Did a little Social Media Stalking then went to bed at midnight!
Call it what you will but I call it just another Tuesday on Day 15 of 31!

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  1. omg I hate you for posting Whataburger porn... I miss it so much. :(

    (a fellow Texan)

  2. Haha, some of your pictures are soo funny. Especially your selfies. Really liked reading this.


  3. That's an awesome Tuesday!

    Your lunch looks so awesome, makes my lunch look sad.

    Selfie's are so hard to take sometimes :/

  4. holy busy day batman! love that you work so much with kiddies. the fart thing made me die laughing!

  5. Your day looks awesome! Kids make it worth waking up :)

  6. Wow! You are a real earlybird!That is one busy day! :)

  7. Stopping in from Blog Every Day in May! Loved reading about your day, the kids you work with sound wonderful!

  8. LOL for I whisper in my panties! Great post, you had a full day.

  9. absolutely LOVE the post today. You have quite the busy day. Sorry i've been such a bad "big" lately.

  10. That's quite the busy day you had! Also, I'm calling it whispering in my panties from now on. I'll credit you though.

  11. Whew! Busy day for you! Do you happen to know the shade of the two polishes in the first picture? So pretty! Also, your elevator selfies cracked me up!

  12. Goodness...your days ARE jam-packed. I guess I should stop whining about being sleepy.

  13. Holy moly, you are one busy girl.
    You need to be drinking more water, missy! I could preach to you about water all day. You can't do all that without it!

  14. Totally jealous of your neat desk. Mine looks like I could be hiding a body under all the papers.

    Bathroom pic is hilarious!


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