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May 12, 2013

"Cause you went away, How dare you? I miss you"

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...) 
The concept for this post came to me while I was at Central Market yesterday afternoon.

So, I wrote this post while watching Raise Your Voice. If you don't know the movie than shame on you. Shame, shame, shame on you. I could say I watched the movie to help capture the essence I wanted to portray in this post, but that would be a lie. Instead I'll just let your mind wander. The movie came out a few weeks before my Daddy passed. I remember watching it constantly and playin' the theme song over and over, as it spoke to me. Y'all I loved me some Hilary Duff. She is a day older than me as well as a Texas girl. Even in H.S. I played the snot out of her music and wore that awful front poof forever. Looking back I realize I was just asking for kids to tease and taunt me.

I know y'all are wondering what Hilary Duff has to do with today's topic. Truthfully: NOTHING! Well, what does Central Market have to do with today's topic. Truthfully: Everything in a sense! You see the picture above. That is what I miss. No not the actual moment pictured but what the picture represents. It would be easy to say I miss childhood, or family member or even the innocence one has before life gets in the way and sobers us up. This picture was take in the late 80's down in Southern Louisiana where my Daddy's side of the family resides.

So, I guess what I really miss is not something so tangible you could hold it in your hand:

... I miss the Cajun Culture always surrounding me
.... I miss the feeling after watching Daddy cook in the kitchen and teaching me something new
... I miss the love
... I miss the rumblin' belly after Sunday Night Dinners
... I miss the smell of Smothered Pork chops cooking on the stove when I'd come home from school.
... I miss the pitcher of Kool-Aid or Sweet Tea that was always present in the fridge.
... I miss the feeling of embarrassment when my dad would hold up the grocery line cause he had to scan ALL his coupons
... I miss, the felling one has before life comes in and gives us a good kick in the gut.

Overall: I just miss the love from my Daddy!

Day 12 of 31 is in the books.

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  1. awwww....I love this! and you are so right. I think we often feel nostalgia not for things, but for a culture or feeling the way we remembered it.

  2. I agree with what Bekah said: the nostalgia, the feelings of the past are what we miss. I know I miss that carefree feeling of being little, running around in bare feet in the sunshine, not worrying about "adult" things, just so full of indescribable joy over the littlest things...

  3. :) memories are the greatest gift a loved one can leave you. You find their love in all of them. <3

  4. missing a simpler way of life with people we love. What a great memory.

  5. Those are some great memories!


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