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Apr 21, 2014

a sippy cup of sweet tea attached to himself



Here in The South Easter is a big deal. Heck, all holidays are a big deal. We dress to the nines and parade our crazy around. There's a popular meme that says: "Here in the South we don't hide crazy. We parade it on a front porch and give it a cocktail." The meme describes my family to a tee. This Easter was no expectation. I tried to stay out of the way most of the afternoon after church and only came in the kitchen to help put sweet tea in the glasses. Two many cooks in the kitchen is not ok and I was havin' no part of it.

Our Easter Suppers are also a big to do. There was so much food. Every year my God Mother says she is goin' to scale back so there isn't so many leftovers but every year she is lyin' to herself. Our food was traditional Soul food. Y'all we had specked butter beans and I can't even with how good they were and how I want some in my life right now.

My family always get's onto me for all the Sweet tea I drink and how I'm killin' my insides. I couldn't help but laugh this weekend cause one of my Godbrother's sons is three. He spent all of Sunday with a sippy cup of sweet tea attached to himself. It was the cutest thning.

But really I just wanna hear what y'all did for Easter. What you eat? What ya wear? What family traditions do y'all have?

An InLinkz Link-up

A few weeks ago I started a Easter Swap with my blog bestie Bekah. These were the items I got in my box. Some of the candy is missin' cause I ate it. I absolutely loved the box I got from


  1. hahaha! love it! don't mess with sweet tea.

    love those polish colors!

  2. Candy, I would love some ;)

    1. I'm staying away for that for a while. I cracked the inside of my tooth on some Sunday evensong.

  3. That pie! I just want to put my face next to it! I love Sweet Tea, I drink it like water!

    Rekita | Her & Nicole

  4. That describes my family to a T as well. Ha! Love it. Sounds like you had a good Easters. Ours was a little less traditional this year. Nathan, Mason and I went to the Ranger game for 4 or so innings and then back to be with family!


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