It's not dinner. It's Supper. |

Apr 4, 2014

It's not dinner. It's Supper.

Dinner. That's what D is for. So a few weeks back y'all may have seen me actin' a fool on my personal Twitter. March Madness is wrapin' up but a few weeks ago it was in full swing. My Alma Matter- SFASU not only made the tournament for the second time in school history but we won our first game in dramatic fashion. The school/alumni and everyone associated with the Lumberjack Basketball team went crazy this march. Our team had only lost two games going into the tourney. We were undefeated in our conference in had one of the longest game and home game winning streaks. What caused the most attention was that we went unranked all season cause we are a mid-major team.

Going into the tourney we ranked 12th and played 5th ranked VCU. There was a whole segment on SB about us and how we were chasin' Cinderella.

It prompted me to write this status:

 1) Please, stop callin' us SF Austin. It isn't our name and we don't like it much 'round here.
2) Our campus has more trees than your state
3) I know you're wonderin' who Stephen F. Austin is: He's ...the father of Texas
4) No the hand sign is not cause we thought UT had a cute sign *You know who you are generic sports article* The hand sign makes the shape of Texas and our fingers touch Nacogdoches.
5) Speaking of Nacogdoches: That's where we are located. About three hours outside Dallas in East Texas. NOT Austin.

In the first game of the Tourney, not only did we win but we forced overtime with 3.2 seconds left on a  point play. When there was a minute left we were still down by 11.

I went to one of the watch parties in Dallas and boy was it somethin'. I've been to many a watch party but never for my school so it was nice. The watch party was at  Twisted Root. It's a burger joint owned by an SFA Alumni. Probably one of the best burgers I've had in a long time y'all. #SouthernEats


  1. Looks like fun! I've never been to a watch party, but the food looks amazing!

  2. Haha! Your tweets crack me up! That's so fun about your team though! And I have to say I really love these pictures! They are so clear! Do you use a photo editor to edit them?


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