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Apr 2, 2014

B is for Bōg


This is the start of my #SouthernMade series. Y'all startin' to notice a them on the blog. Slap yo momma and give me some sweet tea. Wait, don't actually do the slappin' part. But you can bring me some sweet tea.

A couple of weeks ago I got to hang out with Jay and Yvonne. They own Bōg. Jay does all the creative work and designs while his wife Yvonne helps him out. Y'all can we stop from a minute and admire how much I love, love, love the shop and the things they make. I know Garden and Gun would lose their minds if they saw the genius of the things Jay makes. Jay is originally from Detroit. I asked him what brought him to Texas and his response was, "A Greyhound Bus."If you ask Jay to talk about his artwork you'll more than likely hear, "Free speech. Free art; but it's not free." Those eight words sums up the company as neatly as the work he does. When Jay started makin' 'Band Dangels' many, many years ago, he was makin' wind chimes out of bullet shells. Many of the chimes were for people to decorate at Halloween. He would take the heads of dolls and sekeletons and give them bullet shell bodies. Or you would even find pieces made purely of bullet shells.  His artwork has since evolved. I chuckled quite a bit when he told me a Texas Peace Officer bought the first peace sign he designed. Inspired my people who make their livin' off of bullets, Jay does the same. His hand made, hand crafted  art is one for the ages.

More than the artwork and creativity Yvonne and Jay bring to small business in Texas, their hospitality is unmatched. I spent hours at their house listenin' to stories, eatin' their food, drinkin' their coffee and generally lovin' their company. I can't wait to feature them again in my #SouthernPortrait series.

I'mma leave y'all with a few snaps of Jays Work. Y'all make sure you go check 'em out and tell 'em I sent ya.

"I'll be gone but my stuff will still be out there... no one does this"



  1. ok the skull w the dentures freaks me out a bit... well not a bit.. A LOT!

  2. LOVE!!! Definitely gonna have to check them out some more!

  3. Some very awesome pieces of art

  4. Very cool artwork! The skull with the dentures is creepy, but hilarious LOL

  5. Wow! That is awesome art! I even saw an Ohio-shaped piece that made me smile.

  6. Oh man, my friend would love all the ammo shell fun!

  7. Great work and I will visit them soon. Thanks for having them and there business on here.

  8. Really cool art work! You have a lot of talent! Found you on the I'm Not a Mom Blogger! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Kay's artwork really is the best.


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