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Apr 10, 2014

I is for Imagine


The first two poems I ever wrote. The latter poem was the first thing I had ever written for fun. I wish I could say I was all proud to win and have the poem move up the ranks to the national competition but I wasn't. I just thought it was cool that I got to miss school and the principle bought me a cake and told everyone on the school announcments. This was also around the time I won for my invention and made it to the next level and got to be in the local newspaper. Enjoy the last few poems I'll give ya for a while.

Aleshea Dominique- 4th grade

Suddenly I turn around the world is full of peace. No one fighting or in gangs. People loving each other for the way they are not the way they want them to be. No one ever talking about or making fun of people, but how can this be people are to busy looking at the color of your skin and the way you look on the outside rather then your inside. You see it doesn't matter if you are black, Indian, White, Mexican are what language you speak. What matter is what's in your heart.
Suddenly I turn around and realize it's only a dream.

Wouldn't it be great if...
Aleshea Dominique 3rd grade

Wouldn't it be great if all people got along.
It would be nice if all races loved each other.
Everybody is somebody, and we should all get along.
No matter what we look like, talk like or even act like.
Just because someone is different from you doesn't mean you have the right to pick on them.
Everybody is equal.
Sometimes at school kids with hearing aids, glasses, braces real white skin or in DSP are picked on.
Wouldn't it be great if we liked people the way they are, and not the way we want them to be.
If we are not nice and don't pay with kids who are different than us we are not setting a good example.
Love everyone for who they are and not who they aren't or who you want them to be.
Wouldn't it be great if the world was full of northing but love.


  1. Little Aleshea had great insight! Beautiful poems

    1. Thank you Paula. I'm hoping posting these will inspired to get back to it. Just writing that is.

  2. What a sweet heart you had then and still have now!

  3. Cute poems!! I found a story I "wrote" the other day when I was in the second grade called "The Stupid Lemon Story" LOL!!

  4. Sounds like you were a budding writer, even in 3rd and 4th grade! Love it!

  5. Mom my kept a lot of my stories and writings :) I need to get those back from here!

  6. Well, one day it will be that way! In Our Father's House.

  7. This is awesome. How cool to have things from your younger days like this!


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