In The South Spring is Weddin' Season |

Apr 16, 2014

In The South Spring is Weddin' Season

N- Nuptials

Down here we like to call Spring 'Weddin' Season'. I promise you will never be in short supply of weddin's  or events to attend. It's far to hot to get married in the summer. Not that it doesn't happen. My parents were married in the summer. I have a cousin who married in the summer. It's just not as common. Don't even get started about fall weddin's. Here in The South we are all about football. Friday night football high school football. Saturday mornin' college football. There is no time for weddin's. No seriously, I have a childhood friend gettin' married in Spet. and everyone thinks she's crazy. One of my bestfrans had a cousin get married last fall and the family almost didn't go cause they were worried the weddin' would be the same day as the Texas-OU game. Y'all see we don't play around here.

With that weddin's are a big hoopla and to do. Y'all the weddin' was supposed to start at 3pm but didn't get underway till well after 4. When I say things move slower down here they really do. People weren't even showin' up till about 4. The weddin' was as beautiful as ever.

My favorite part of the weddin' had to be watchin' the groom cry like a baby when the bride started walkin' down the isle. What's y'all's favorite part of the weedin'. Oh, and I did love all the Tex-Mex we had at the reception.


  1. So, we got married in 2010 and we were the first of what feels like 30 weddings that summer - it was crazy! (we literally had 1-2 a month from us-Sept) All that to say one of those couples got married on my birthday and both bride and groom were crying through the ceremony!

  2. I got married in the summer and everyone thought I was nuts. :) It was 100 degrees that day, but it felt cool compared to the 110 it had been all week before then. I didn't care, though, because everything was perfect!
    I love that this wedding you went to had Tex-Mex at the reception. That sounds like my kind of wedding!

    1. Yes, ma'am. Glad your wedding was lovely. I always joke I'll have a summer wedding just to tick people off.

  3. I really like the depth-of-focus of many of those shots, and the reflections in the glass of water in the third one are very cool :)

    I'm not really big on weddings, to be honest, but seeing people happy together does make me smile :)

  4. I love weddings! I don't get invited to too many anymore... most of my friends are having divorce parties instead >.<

  5. so cute! :D I love going to weddings!

  6. That wedding looks gorgeous!!

    We got married in the winter. Not my first choice, but due to my husband's school and Air Force schedule, that's what worked out. It ended up being GORGEOUS.....our location was already decorated with Christmas trees and lights. Made for absolutely beautiful pictures!

  7. You're quite a talented photographer. I got married in early June the first time, then early March the second. March was much better...but it was a small wedding.

  8. My favorite part about wedding season is the cake! haha :)

  9. Yes ma'am! I have a wedding to go to this Friday and then my brother in law's in June. Nathan and I had ours on August 25th...on one of the hottest days of the year. That's how we roll! haha. This wedding looks beautiful! And Tex mex? Awesomesauce!


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