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Apr 9, 2014

H is for Haikus


Sometimes I like to set the camera next to or in front of my feet to see what I will capture. Other times I like to jot down little Haikus I think of spare of the moment.

Aleshea Dominique- 7th grade

I love the ocean
with it's wonderful beaches
and it's bright colors

I love the tall trees
with it's wonderful branches
and it's pointy leaves

Aleshea Dominique- 2013

Aleshea - amazing
She goes through the world
Passionate about life


  1. Love both the pictures and the Haiku's!

    1. Thank you Paula. This challenge has been harder than I thought. It's not he blogging everyday. It's the blogging using the letters but still keeping the theme of my blog.

  2. I saw your a to z tweet and hopped over and you are doing great! I love the photo with the poetry. You know you can interpret the theme any way you want -- if you say this is what I'm doing for H, then that's a fine H! :)

    1. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement Barbara.

  3. You have such a distinctive eye for photography - love it!

  4. You have amazing photography!! Such a great eye!

  5. The first reminds me of a song I wrote in High School (melody is sort of similar to Chariots of Fire, for the first two stanzas):

    Mountains and oceans
    a world apart
    but both have taken
    a place in my heart.

    Beautiful mountains
    covered with trees
    beautiful oceans
    decked with sea breeze

    The oceans far and wide
    always being guided by the tides
    The mountains tall and wonderful
    with lakes and vistas and winds sweeping cool

    And the animals
    such beautiful creatures
    There's dolphins, and seals
    that come up on the beaches

    Look all around you
    such wonderful things
    High in the mountains
    or deep in the sea.

    I can't live without them
    as it may be
    the mountains and oceans
    are a part of me.


    And now I'm in central texas...ha.

    Anyways, kinda cringe a little at some of those lines but still feel fondly about that little ditty.

    1. Yep...may not be actual mountains or oceans here, but there's mountains of friendly people and oceans of windblown wildflowers.


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