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Apr 7, 2014


When I was a younger I convinced myself I was gonna be a writer when I got older. All I did was write. If I wasn't hidden under the covers readin' a book, then I was hidden in the bathtub writin' a poem or short story to enter in a contest. I even helped get a creative writing club started at my middle school. Somewhere along the line Adult Aleshea lost creative childhood Aleshea. Maybe it's time Adult Aleshea get her back.                                         

Friends Forever
Aleshea Dominique- Age 13 8/4/00

Friend forever
together till the end,
we do everything together
you are my best friend
When I am sad you are by my side
when I am happy you are there to share it with me
when I need you, you come quick
You are my strength and my pride
You  are the one that always knows
what to say when I don't
As long as we are together everything
is ok because we are inseparable
if ever we are miles apart we will
still be friends no matter what
it would be weird without you
like Lucy without Ethel
Tweety without Sylvester
So where every you are no matter
how many changes we through
no matter how old. no matter how
far, we will always be bestfriends
for ever and always.

Dedicated to my bestfriend
(And no we are not still bestfriends. Friend yes, bestfriends-no)

Aleshes Dominique- Age 13

Lose 1 friend
lose 5 friends
lose all friends
is that the price you are willing to pay to fit in

Lose 1 friend
lose 5 friends
lose all friends
Is that the price you are willing to pay for popularity

Lose 1 friend
lose 5 friends
lose all friends
Is that the price you are willing to pay for instant friends

Lose 1 friend
lose 5 friends
lose all friends
Is that the price you are willing to pay for anything

is that the price you are
willing to


  1. Aww I feel the same way sometimes! I was such a creative kid putting on plays all the time in my house and writing stories and poems. We should definitely get our creativity back and blogging is one outlet for that at least!

    1. Yes it is. I was talkin' with my aunt the other day and she goes, "You always said you would be a writer. I guess this blog is your way to do so."

  2. Aw you were really good with poetry. Do you still write poetry. I used to a lot as a teen. I wonder where that old book of poems can be

    1. Not much anymore but I'd like to get back Into it. Somewhere down the line life happened. Right after my dad died we did a big poetry section in school and I wrote some. It was almost therapeutic. But I haven't since then. Having a blog to express myself sure makes me want to get back into it.

  3. Ohh, I love this post!! What a beautiful poem!

    I too LOVED writing when I was younger. I have a binder full of short stories I wrote in elementary school. And I too won a creative writing contest once, maybe 5th grade?

    I actually have written and completed a fiction novel, but I'm afraid of the next step. :) Putting it out into the world is scary!!

    This blog is a great way to keep your creative passions alive, and who knows where they might lead! A book of poetry is in your future, maybe??

    xo! Laura


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