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Apr 1, 2014

Anjolee- Shine bright like a diamond


Yes, there was compensation for this post.
Y'all know that old adage where you put on all you jewelry and then take a few pieces off so you aren't wearin' to much. Well, if you don't know it- you deff need to. And here in The South it is so true. You'll be talked about like a dog if you look a hot mess. Y'all some blessed hearts are sure to be involved. Y'all get the point. So when Anjolee contacted me I was intrigued. I became even more curious when I realized some of my Facebook friends are friends with them. Y'all know I don't wanna be lookin' a hot mess.

I started browsin' through the site and I loved how the site was set up. Not only are you able to hover over the pics for a quick reference guide but 360 views  were also provided.

I have always loved stud earrings and need these bad boys in my life asap. Y'all don't even know. From the cut, to the style, to even the materials. Growin' up I always had a problem and had to be selective of the jewelry I wore because I would break out. But after reading about these earrings I know I could wear them and not have a problem. 

Asfor this ring I picked out- Sapphire is my birthstone. I could wear Sapphire every day and never grow tired. Growin' up I had a ring like this I was given as a present. The ring is long gone but now after findin' out about Anjolee I could buy a new one. Also, y'all have to check out the Engagement Rings they have. All I need is to find me a rich man and pick out the prettiest ring they have.

Now I wanna hear from y'all. Take a browse around the site and let me know what you would chose if you needed jewelry for a special occasion or an engagement.


  1. I love that you picked the same two pieces I did!

  2. I love the Timeless Dreams Tennis Bracelet!

  3. Oh my, so many gorgeous pieces to choose from! I don't know if I could ever pick a favorite, but I do really love the Classic Twist Diamond and Gemstone Bracelet.

  4. I LOVE that sapphire ring!! I'd wear that one every day too!

  5. Replies
    1. It really is. It's also my A for the day. Do you know how we heck and read everyone else's entry

  6. I love studs so that would definitely be on my list. I also checked out the engagement rings. Gorgeous and I like the fact that most come in yellow or white gold.

    1. Yes ma'am. I have a friend who can only wear white Gold and I know she would appreciate something like this.

  7. Those studs are TO DIE FOR!!! I need them in my life ASAP!!

  8. hey there. i'm one of tina's minions. just checking in. :]

    bling, eh? good idea for b. that sapphire ring is beautiful.

  9. I love this theme. I'm visiting other A to Z bloggers. Diamonds! Wow, I miss wearing those.

  10. Honey, you could give me anything and I would smile and walk off proudly! :) Love jewelry, love diamonds, and love sapphires. Thanks for sharing!


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