Orange is the new black |

Apr 17, 2014

Orange is the new black


Wait, I don't actually watch the show. I believe it's on Netflix and that I do not have. I just love the quote and think it's the cutest. Maybe I should find out why that title is used before I start usin' it. Anyway, I like to classify orange as the adventures side of me. The side that loves to be outdoors in nature explorin'. I think that's why I love spring so much. It's not to hot not to cold. It's the perfect weather to be out and about. What's you favorite season? Have you done any explorin' lately?




  1. I also love spring, and also don't watch the Netflix show. XD
    Gorgeous exploring shots. c:
    Once I get rested up from surgery you bet I'll be taking adventures with my camera!!


  2. Summer is my favorite season although I just love anywhere warm. I had the opportunity to live in Texas last year for 6 months while my husband was in training for the Air Force in San Angelo. I started living there in October. I left the first day of snow in Idaho and landed in a sunny San Antonio at 90 degrees! I was so happy to miss a freezing winter in Idaho. I am in Washington now and miss Texas everyday. My husband and I have our Texas star hanging up at home and decided we will eventually settle down there. BEST STATE EVER!

  3. never seen the show either so curious what it means. Love the photos!

  4. I just love your pictures, you have a great eye! Stopping by from Southern Girl Blog Group.

  5. OITNB is a great show! Love that flower shot!

  6. Spring is my favorite season! I've been enjoying the unexpected rain showers and the beautiful days with warm temperatures and cool breezes.

  7. I believe it's because the main character is now in jail :) I've only seen bits and pieces.

    Regardless of the reason, I love your pictures!

  8. Yes, Orange is the new black because the main character unexpectedly goes to jail and has to wear an orange jumpsuit. Crazy show! Love these pictures. You have such an eye for great shots. I love Fall and everything about football, bonfires, the smell and feel of Fall, candy corn, halloween, pumpkin patches, etc.


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