Apr 27, 2015

#TravelinTexan: Texas Bucket List Part 2


A few years back I created my  #TravelinTexan Bucket List. Click that pretty pink link to see it. It was born from the Josh Abbott ft Pat Green vs of My Texas. I've been slowly workin' on the list for the last two years. Completin' items here and there. I decided to make a graphic and share the list on FB. Little did I know that it would go viral in the matter of days. Thanks for that. Since Texas is so big and you could NEVER see it all, I have added a follow up list. If you've already finished the first why dont'ya get to workin' on this list. Most of the items came from the suggestion of readers and the many, "HOW COULD YOU LEAVE THAT OFF", comments. Y'all enjoy. And as always I'd love to see what you're up to. Tag me on social media or use #travelintexan. I love to share what others are doin' around the state.

Apr 13, 2015



Apr 9, 2015


This be a sponsored post yo. But them opinions be my own.

We always joke that down South it's just what ya do. If you don't go to college or manual labor right after High School you join the military. I can't tell you how many countless frans and family that I've had that served or are currently servin'. We know good and well those brave enough to answer the call come from all over but we like to joke we have more down here. It's somethin' that seems so routine down here that most times you don't even stop to realize what those servin' sacrifice. It wasn't till later in HS that I actually paid attention. I was workin' on my final big project for Girl Scouts and didn't know what I wanted to do. I had been watchin' a special on MTV about young people bein' deployed overseas and the transition's back home. It was then that I was inspired. I set out to plan a family fun day for my town. The price of admission would be 4 care package items per family. Everythin' donated was to be sent to an organization in Missouri that made care packages for the Navy. Often times people forget those guys and gals are deployed to a ship for months on end just like others. (I really got to see this later in college when one of my best friends joined the Navy and became ship bound for the better part of two years). In the end we had loads of fun and were able to ship right around 600 care-packages overseas. I still look back at the event with fond memories.

As of late I have really taken an interest in my family history. I grew up hearin' the stories of those who served and the contributions my family made to history. The picture above is a great uncle. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army. In the pic he was bein' award the Purple Heart. He was wounded in Vietnam as well as the Silver Star for bravery. I have another great uncle who was in the Air Force. I've mentioned before that he was the first black pilot in the state of Mississippi. My family has a rich and deep history in Mississippi. Especially military History. I can still remember growin' up and wantin' to ask Uncle Mac questions. Sad that Alzheimer took his memory and I never did get to hear the stories from his perspective.

That brings me to Direct Energy. Yes, the energy company. We all know and love 'em. Well, they care about the military and it's families just about as much as I do and are helpin' veterans any way they can. Direct Energy now has a new Military Portal. Here's how it works:
"At Direct Energy, we are committed to giving back to those who have given so much to our country. That’s why we have recently launched the military portal, a dedicated space where military personnel can find discounted energy rates for their home energy needs. Plus, once you’re a Direct Energy Customer, you’ll have access to our on time bill payments rewards program, Refer-a-Friend Program, easy, on the go Online Account Manager and more. To be eligible for the discounted military rates, you must enter your valid ID into our portal. Once it verifies, you will then be directed to a dedicated military plans page. You will then see plans available in your area."
Now, if that doesn't get ya excited I don't know what will. Next time you see someone who served or is servin' be sure to smile and thank them. Sometimes a simple gesture such as that can really make a day.

Belk: Modern + Southern = Style

I sat in a Junior League meetin' bored outta my mind. Whelp, bored wouldn't be the right word to describe my mood. More like hungry. I was tryin' hard to pay attention but my stomach felt like it was gonna eat it's inside and I really just wanted dinner. My ears began to perk up when Auction and Casino were mentioned. Yes, I was intrigued by Auction and Casino. I mean how couldn't I be when I signed up to be on the committee next year as a Member at Large, MAL. Lisa, a lady I had yet to meet went on and on about Auction and Casino. All the great things that would be at the party. Who would benefit and where the money raised would go. Then she really caught my attention. Belk was mentioned. I know Belk. Had been to a few of their locations farther south. Back in college out in East Texas it was like the only place we had to shop at. I'd even attended the grand openin' for the new location in Dallas. Belk was the sponsor for Auction and Casino. Lisa, was lookin' for bloggers and social media infulencers to be styled and post about it to help bring awareness to Belk as well as Auction and Casino. Sherry, immediately looked over at me and I intun gave her a 'no ma'am' look. A few others frans began to nudge and draw attention to me. I about reach over and smacked a fran or two. Alas, I kept my composure and made a mental note to email Lisa and find out more information.

The days went by and I'd put Belk as well as Auction and Casino outta my mind. Again, I sat in a Junior League meetin' but this time food was at play and I was payin' extra attention. My belly was beyond full. Sherry leaned over to me to let me know that Lisa had emailed everyone more information and I should check my email after the meetin'. 

I'd only had companies send me items and I 'werked' them from the comfort of my own home. I'd never been styled before. How would this even go? What would they even do? I arrived at Belk on a Friday fresh faced and ready to go. Boy was I in for a surprise. I walked around Belk tryin' to finish my coffee as I waited for Charmaine to meet me. Charmaine is the resident stylist at Belk. Has been in the business for years and worked her magic on many a Southerner. 

She walked up to me intrigued. I knew she had her work cutout with me. I didn't even know how to respond to the emails when she kept askin' what my style was. All I could say was, "somethin' a child couldn't mess. Clean lines and solid colors." Little did I know she'd get that down. Guess, that's why she's the professional and I ain't. I was immediately swept away to Jason Davis, Make-up artist for Laura Mercier Cosmetics. He took a once over and immediately went to work. That's when the anxiety set in. So many tools and colors flyin' everywhere. I bet not come out lookin' like a clown. And I didn't. I stopped him when yet another foundation came out. "I break out easily. I can't even be in the sun long. It's a problem livin' in Texas", I tell him. He laughs and continues on. 'No worries darlin, our products are made for skin like yours", he informs me. And boy was he right I realized. Not a dot or bump on my face. We chatted about life, music and everythin' in between. He even tried not to be uneasy when my phone kept distractin' me from sittin' still or payin' attention to his directions. Once Jason was finished Jackie Denson went right to work on my hair. She fluffed and styled like a pro.

Now, now it was time for the outfits. I walked into a back dressin' room near Charmaine's office. Dresses, shoes and jewelry galore awaited me. I could get used to this part. Charmaine was about to make me look fabulous. A blue dress with a pink clutch lay awaitin'. Little did she know that she picked my style down pack. Even down to the pink clutch. I smiled as she left me to dress. How did she know Kate Spade was my favorite. Again, I reminded myself that's why she's the professional and I ain't. Many moments later I was dressed and red carpet ready. Well, I felt red carpet ready. 

We walked over to take pictures in the outfit and I tried to werk it as best I could. A few people walked over to tell me how beautiful I looked or ask if I was a Belk girl. If that doesn't make you feel good then I don't know what will.

I may have started the day outta my comfort zone but by the end of the day I felt and looked Fabublous. Charmaine and her team had me Auction and Casino ready.

If you're in the Dallas area Charmaine can have you lookin' as fabulous as well. You can find Charmaine here. Contact her and set up your complimentary consultation today. And make sure you tell Jason hi. I showed Sherry, the pics before anyone else and all she was worried about is if Jason would do her makeup for her summer weddin'. Oh, that girl. But, seriously I need him to be my bestfran.

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