Mar 31, 2017

Nacho Night

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I smile as the phone illuminates under my hand. His text short but sweet. I chuckle before my fingers touch the cold worn screen… a quick reply shoots from my fingertips. I wanted nachos in my belly. No, I needed nachos in my belly. He doesn’t respond immediately and my mind turns back to work.

Another text quickly flashes across the screen. He wants to know why he’s still at work so late on a Thursday. The same as us all I chuckle. The conversation quickly turns to dinner plans and Nacho Night is mentioned.

Nacho Night had vastly become a favorite Thursday night pastime of adulthood. A chance to pretend we didn’t have work and adult responsibilities tyin’ us down. Nacho Nigh sounded perfect to me. Nacho Night was needed.

My fingers shot back against the screen, “works for me. I’ll even buy the supplies needed as long as I can take pics. Y’all know I gotta practice what I’ve learned.”

I scurry through the isles of the local grocery store worried my phone would die before I picked the last ingredient. I paused at the bean isle careful to make sure the purple vegetarian flashed across the can in bright white letters. I gathered the remainin’ items; instagramin’ along the way careful to say thank you to the cashier as I scurried out.

I knocked on the worn and creaked screen door moments later. The noise of a warm Texas early night greets me. The Cicadas chirp a lovely cadence. A cadence familiar to those in The South as Spring and Summer approaches.

I rush through the door almost droppin’ the groceries in the process. A little one no more than a foot-high barks and rushes to meet me. He beings to move items out of the way careful to make ready for the onslaught of pictures he knows I’ll take. I pause, used to this gesture. I ready myself for the over indulgence of information I am about to throw his way.

I start yammerin’ on about the class and the lessons I’d learned. “First rule of thumb is to touch or move nothing, “I holler. “So stop movin’ things.” He rolled his eyes as he continued… “It doesn’t count if I move my own items he fusses!” I oblige careful to leave no footprint.

He chuckles as he begins to indulge me. "So, what else have you learned from this class you won't stop talkin' about?" "Well", I pause.. "I'm no expert", I say. But I am learning. For example did you know that you are not allowed to mess with the lighting. You are to shoot as is. And all those times you tell me to tell you how to pose. Yeah, that's a no go in photojournalism. If you wait long enough kids will repeat themselves. You should never stage or encourage the subjects in a photo." He nods his head as I continue on about the class. All the while I know he couldn't really care less. We're friends so he pretends.

"Get this", I tell him. The biggest thing I learned from the class is to shoot for what you want. You can clean up a photo but you can't crop a photo. "Man, you've been goin' about this all wrong," he chuckles. He shoots me a glance and hollers, "The reason you can't get better is because you keep stoppin' to look at each photo you take. Just keep snappin' and you can asses them later." That's somethin' I probably wont ever get used to. But I suppose that's what the class is for.

The next arrives, not even phased by the camera I shove in his face. He’d grown accustom I suppose. The night rolls on, a hint of adult responsibilities and tiredness hits us. We rise to end our stay, but not before I grab the camera and hit snap.

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Mar 16, 2017

Whisk Crepes Cafe

whisk crepes dallas

whisk crepes dallas

whisk crepes dallas

Y’all this post is sponsored by #CreativeLife and an I am sure excited about it.

She sends me a picture of a crepe. Imagine I can see her eyes water from across Texas and through the tiny screen that illuminates in my hand. She wants to know if we can visit again.

We walk in the tiny well-lit space. Julien is nowhere to be seen. I turn to Jeff and note how odd that is. I know they just opened I tell myself… but he’s always here. I’ve not seen him. Especially on a day like today, I think. Now, who will rag on me and make fun that I can’t pronounce my own name? Oh, well I decide. We sit and immediately began to yapper on about, life- the day- and what to order from the menu.

They’re runnin’ a little behind. It’s International Crepe Day. We expected as much on a day like today. We don’t mind. We both have time to kill. The time passes by as we chat on and wait to order. I pause as he catches my eye. He rushes into the tiny space with a tired smile. He immediately walks over to take our order.
He looks at me and goes, "what's your name?" I replied, "no your gonna make fun of me like always!" He answers, "No I'll just correct you." I smile, all is right in the day. Now, I can enjoy my crepes content the tradition continues.

Delicious crepes now fill my belly as he walks back over. He wants to know if I remember some of the pictures that I took the last time I was in. “Yes,” I reply. I yammer on about how photography had become somewhat of a passion as of late and that anyone could take a picture of a plate of food or a restaurant. “I aim to tell the why behind the magic,” I explain. He nods in agreement as he walks over to help make crepes.

I finish my crepes and gather up my items but not before walkin’ over to the glass. Julien shakes his head in annoyance as the camera frames his face. I chuckle, knowin’ he will be the first to like and comment on the pics.

I focus the camera and…. SNAP!
Whisk Crepes
Owner: Julien Eelsen
M-Sun 8am to 10pm

1888 Sylvan Ave
Dallas, Texas 75208


As of late, I get asked a lot about my photography. What I shoot on, what got me into photography; you name it.
Lately, I’ve adopted more of a photojournalism style that I am to bring into everyday life.

As it stands right now, I’m sittin’ in a local coffee shop in Downtown Houston headed to El Paso. I’ve got a long train ride to El Paso and on the train, I plan on takin’ the photography class ‘Family Photography Photojournalism’ {}. All the classes are in collaboration with #CreativeLife.  Here’s a link to the main page { } and all of the photography classes by experts they offer. There are 1500 classes from top photographers who know what it takes.

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