Jun 25, 2013

What kind of leaf is this? That Ain't a leaf that's Basil

                                                                                                                                         Waves to Ashley

Hey girl hey, is anybody out there? Whelp, it's been a few days hasn't it? I had post ready to be done last week until life decided to slap me in the face. I'll tell y'all all about how I'm broke, busted and disgusted later this week. Today is not the time for that. Today is recipe day. I wasn't going to post a recipe today. Truthfully it would have been a miracle if I had got to my Cara Box post. Yo eyes ain’t deceive you. I have yet to post it. I just keep eating the candy and still have yet to take a pic of the gifts Ann Marie sent me. Don't you dare start blessin' my heat. And no I don't have any sweet tea to take away cause I've been drinking water like a Yankee.

So I was emailing the lovely Bekah earlier today and she inspired this recipe. I had to run to the store and get some broth for the Seester. She had to go to the emergency room this morning. Y’all pray for a speedy recovery. But the way she was jammin’ out to Justin Timberlake while I was typin’ this I think she is feelin’ better. Doc told her she was severely dehydrated and had a stomach virus. Thanks for the idea Bekah
Half a lemon
Old Bay Seasoning
Basil leaves
Olive Oil (optional)
1 Preheat the oven at 350 degrees. Do I have to keep tellin’ y’all that?
2. I used two pieces of Tilapia that I cut into many pieces.
3. Season the Tilapia to your liking with the Old Bay Seasoning.
4. Take the half lemon and pour the juice over the Tilapia.
5. Wrap a Basil Leaf on each piece of fish
6. Place the fish in a pam greased baking dish and cook at 20 degrees for about 20 minutes.
7. Y'all enjoy


Jun 18, 2013

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That's a low cholesterol meal. Happy Valentine's.


It’s Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday people. Was that necessary- Highly unlikely? I think I’m just super excited because for lunch I’m havin’ some leftover Fried Green Tomatoes. Anyways, let’s get to it shall we. Y’all only in the South do we eat Mac & Cheese like it’s a vegetable and take perfectly good vegetables and mangle all the nutritional value out of them. I know y’all saw my Green Bean Bundles. I lathered those puppies in bacon and brown sugar. I blame my Granny for this. It’s the Mississippi/Arkansas girl in her. She has passed all this down to me. If you are wonderin’ back in the day when the tomatoes trees would get to full some of the tomatoes would be picked before they were ripe so that others could come in and fully ripen to that pretty red. If a tomato branch gets to heavy there are problems.  Green tomatoes are a little to tart and sour to eat plain. So they would fry up the bountiful and have a yummy snack. (Don’t say I never learned ya nothin’! HA) It’s fine with me cause I love all tomatoes. I remember growin’ up and eatin’ tomato sandwiches with my Daddy.

Funny thing though: I hate frying things. I know I should hate it because there are healthier options but that’s not why. I hate frying things cause some years back I got hot grease in my eye while I was wearing my contacts. Y’all I screamed for days. This is another one of my Granny’s recipes that I add my own flare to. My Seester hates tomatoes but she will devour these puppies with some hot sauce.

1  beaten egg(optional)
3 green tomatoes
bacon grease
vegetable oil
few tablespoons of flour
1. I hate turkey bacon but it was all we had. Cook a few pieces of      bacon. Remove the bacon and leave the grease in the pan.
2. Add about ½ a cup of vegetable oil to the pan and heat.
3. While you are waiting for the grease to heat cut the tomatoes. Cut them about ¼ inch thick .
4. Sprinkle each side of the tomato with salt// pepper and paprika.(I like to mix the seasonings in a bowl and then sprinkle.)
5. Dip each tomato in the beaten egg. (This helps the cornmeal stay on the tomato. My Granny doesn’t do this but I do)
6. Add a few tablespoons of flour to a couple cups of cornmeal.
7. When dipping the tomatoes in the flour/cornmeal make sure to coat them good.
Fry them a few at a time.
9. Y'all enjoy

If you fling a few drops of water on the hot grease and it starts to bubble and sizzle you know the grease is ready for fryin’. Never fry to many things at once. Grease always looses heat so a few at a time helps and keeps you from havin’ to change it out. These should fry in a shallow pool of oil. A good rule of thumb is ¼ liquid usually coats the bottom of a skillet. This movie has the best quotes. I guess I should have just titled the post Fried Green Tomatoes but where's the fun in that

Jun 14, 2013

Noah, You're to drunk for the rain. Hide in the Ark.

Every summer my church puts on a conference that has many services throughout a week. This past week has been our conference entitled Unshakable. I spent most of the time helping out in the Nursery and teaching my 2r old to Kindergarten babies but I was able to go to two of the eight services. Spending 30+ hours at church this week really got me thinking and I immediately knew what I wanted to post about. So here y’all go.
But Leshea get to what that has to do with Noah being drunk. Don’t tell me ya Rick Rolled me with the title. Hold on and stay with me.
Y’all know when you’re little and in children’s church learning all those simplified bible stories. Well, let me tell y’all they are all dumbed down lies. Ok, not really but do you see where I’m goin’ with this.
·         Noah was a drunk at times and that’s why people thought he was crazy for building a boat when there had been no rain.
·         Yes Rahab was a spy that helped the people but she was also makin’ money off her poo nanny.
·         And as great as it was that David slayed the giant and won one for all the little people they failed to tell me that as he got older his pride got in the way. He was shackin’ with a married lady. When that married lady got preggers he had her “left hand man” ya know like the Josh Turner song, killed on the front line.
·         Saul was runnin’ around killin’ Christians and actin’ a fool before he turned into Paul and got his life right.
My point is if God can use them than surely he can use you. Y'all start actin' like the champion you are. The Bible doesn't treat us like we deserve. Stop harpin' on your weaknesses cause in the end that's what makes you strong. And remember. "You may not be what you wanna be but at least you ain't what you were.

Hebrews 11: 1-6

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. By faith Abel brought God a better offering than Cain did. By faith he was commended as righteous, when God spoke well of his offerings. And by faith Abel still speaks, even though he is dead. By faith Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death: “He could not be found, because God had taken him away.” For before he was taken, he was commended as one who pleased God. And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

 Whelp, that's all I got. Y'all enjoy your weekend.


Jun 11, 2013

"I like blueberries in my muffins not in my bushes"

Above are my two favorite pictures from Yesterday's  post about the Blueberry Festival. I’m so glad y’all loved all the pics. I must admit that all the really good pics were taken by James, the bestie I conned to going to the festival with me. My sister let us borrow her fancy smanchy Nixon. James was overly obsessed and snapped everything in sight. Y’all he took 200-6 pictures. True story. It was rough going through all those pics to find good ones for the blog post. Y’all have seen them before James and he ain't too happy about it. If y’all could see the emojis he’s been sending me since Saturday night. James if you’re readin’ this, fine I’ll stop by your house after I publish this this afternoon and leave a memory stick with the pics on it.

Y’all with that trip I was officially able to cross something off my Travelin’ Texan list. I had been to the BF but not out to the farms so I didn't count the last trip. Anyways, the Blueberry Festival had me all inspired for days. I started thinking off all the recipes I could make with the blueberries I was gonna pick. Me and Southern Living were bestfrans last week. Well, if y’all were around yesterday y’all know there weren’t many blueberries to be had.

I have been craving pie for weeks. You can’t get more American than Chevy, Pie and Baseball. Wait… I drive a ford. I prefer Football and ain't a big Apple Pie eater. Hmm, moving right along, shall we. Sunday night I was in Wal-Mart and I called my Granny. Yes, the one I get most of my ideas from. I only got one livin’ Granny. I asked her if she knew how to make Blueberry Pie. She was like, “Girl, I don’t make that but I do make a Blackberry Pie. I feel like you could just substitute the fruits.” Y’all know her memory is a hot mess and I was getting’ frustrated in Wal-Mart. She eventually told me how she makes Blueberry Cobbler and told me I should try that instead. Times like this her failed memory and old age comes in handy cause this is another semi homemade recipe.  Ain't nobody got time to make pie crust from scratch. She was like, “ I wanna hear all about it after you make it” To bad my Granny does not know how to use a computer.
2 cups of flower
1/4 cup of Crisco
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon of salt
About 1/2-2/3 hot water
2 cups blueberries
½ a stick of butter
1/2 cup of sugar
1 table spoons of flour
1.  Do I really need to tell y’all to preheat the oven at 350? Well, preheat the oven y’all.
2. Grease a pie pan or skillet
3. Mix the flour with the baking soda, powder and salt. Fork the Crisco shortening in. It should be crumbly. Once you have it all worked slowly add the hot water. Then mix with a wooden spoon until it begins to feel like pie dough. Then set aside for 20 mins with a damp towel coverin' the bowl. 
4. In a bowl mix the blueberries, sugar and a table spoon of flour.
5. Pour everything in the skillet or pie pan.
6. Sprinkle the cobbler pie crust with flour in place on top. You can either do one top crust or little like I did.
7. Place the pie crust on top and bake for approx. 45 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.
8. Once taken out I like to sprinkle with a little brown sugar.
The bestfran decided that cobbler is the same things as pie but with a different name. Maybe it's just cause our Grannies make them with bottoms. Turns out her Granny makes hers the EXACT same. We figure it's because they are both originally from Arkansas. I made this one without a bottom but you can always add a bottom to yours like my Granny does. You can also top with ice cream. What y’all think? Is it the same thing?

Jun 10, 2013

Headed down south to the land of the pines

My trip to the Texas Blueberry Festival
Today give all the love to Sami and Crystal/Manda

The Texas Blueberry Festival is held every year in Nac (Nacogdoches Texas) This is where I went to college. I conned my bestie James to drive down with me for the day. It was like 8:00 am, we were half way there when he looks over at me and goes, I don't even like blueberries!" But he knows he loves me and that's why he went. Plus it was an excuse to see his brother.

We had tons of fun. We drove all that way to find out there were hardly any blueberries. The COLD winter had put them behind their growing schedule. James was mad cause the whole way up I kept yellin', I want blueberries in my belly" and now there were no blueberries to put in my belly. But there was enough that I got my blueberry lemonade. And that alone is worth the three hour drive. They also ran out of spots on the buses to go out to the blueberry farm. Thanks goodness James brother, the red head in all the pics, was friends with a girl runnin' the tours to the farm. Secretly I think that girl is waiting for Chris to dump his current girlfriend. We finally get out to the farm only to get stranded. There was a wreck and all the buses had to find another way to get out there and pick us up. It was crazy and we were in the heat for FOREVER. I told y'all I went to college in the country. When we got back and had lunch we decided to go on an adventure and check out the bamboo forest behind Chris house. Yes, he lives in a frat house. The bamboo was the coolest thing ever but it was work getting to it and I am still payin' for it. Them Nac Skeeters ate the mess out of me. It's Monday and my legs are still swollen, stingin', itchin' and red. Welp, enjoy my trip and come back tomorrow for my Blueberry Cobbler Recipe. See what I did there. That's all that sweet tea fullin' my body. Enjoy the pics.


Jun 7, 2013

The Day my Inner Reality Nerd Came Out

Today, give all the love to Ms. Ashley

Hey y'all,
I thought it was high time I write another letter. I guess I should start this letter out by lettin’ y’all know that I’m obsessed with Realty TV. I don’t care that it rots my brain, is super trashy and is probably the reason God cries at night. When I get off work today I fully plan on catchin' up on Swamp People, watchin' old reruns of Duck Dynasty and pretending I'm cute like Ms. Honey Boo Boo Alana. Y'all pray for Sugar Bear. He's been in the hospital. There is nothing’ better than sittin’ in front of my TV with a glass of sweet tea fangirling over a contestant on American. Yes, I vote on all of the singing shows. Don’t believe me than check the pics above where I went to the hometown concert of Season 4 top 5 finalist of The Voice Amber Carrington. Her hometown connects to mine and she went to our rival H.S. It was beautiful weather after the rain dried up and holy balls can that girl sang. It would be easier to list the reality shows I don’t watch than list all the shows I do watch. Naw, I have no shame and no apologies shall be given.
But for today I thought my letter should go in a different route. If you are new to my letter than I suggest you read my most popular one that I wrote to DARTway back when. I really should have sent that puppy to them. Nope, but today I am writing to non-other than my favorite reality show American Idol.

Dear American Idol,
I'm so tired of your nonsense. I really wish you would get your life together. Sayin’ you are my favorite show is an understatement. I started following certain bloggers because they are as obsessed with you as I am. There is a certain American Idol blog I frequent/ comment on numerous times of the day. When I find out someone loves the show as much as I do, I steal them and put them in my pocket so we can fangirl and be bff’s forever.
I don’t like this business of bringing back alums to judge. Nor do I want J-Lo back on the judging panel. I don’t like this new logo y’all are tryin’ to make happen. And I dang sure don’t like all these tired and outdated themes y’all keep recycling. I don’t even recycle in my real life so why would I wanna see it on my TV.
I'll cut this short American Idol. We’ve had a great 12 years and numerous phone calls together. Please for the love of my TV watchin’ get your act together before it’s too late.

But seriously if you can name the two people I am pictured with above what reality show they are from we can be bestfrans forever. Or just tell me your favorite reality show.


Jun 6, 2013

Psst.. Come get yo FREE Father's Day Gift: {Father's Day Gieaway}


Y'all remember when I posted the Superman post and was upset I couldn't find a certain pic with my Daddy. Well, I found said pic y'all. My Momma had posted it to a family album on Facebook. I saved that pic to my phone so fast.
I don't have anything to talk about today. I doubt y'all care that I've taken to mixing Crystal Light in my protein/veggie shake things to make them go down. Or that I had dinner with Bestfran Numero Two and it made me feel a lot better to have someone tell me I ain't crazy.
Anyways, tlet's get back to the reason the post is titled that. So I've never done a giveaway. Y'all know I have complained about how some bloggers do them all the time and that ain't what I follow them for. But y'all best believe I enter them thangs like a pro. Especially if they're being hosted by people I already follow/read. Well, I was asked to participate in one and I was like, "hey self this could be fun if you don't do them all the time and annoy yo readers. Plus you ain't got no Daddy to buy a present for so why not use the money you savin’ to bless someone else" I make jokes about the rough times in my life. Just deal with it and move right along with me
Y'all can enter and win a $75 Gift Card to Academy. Cause in Texas who don't shop their? And if you ain't got that store in your state than that's two dang bad for yew!
Now leave me to suffer through my crystal light protein shake.


I've teamed up with some awesome ladies and we've put together a Fathers Day giveaway for one lucky Dad.. What man doesn't like Academy sports store? He can buy fishing, hunting, work out, golf, tennis, baseball, camping, and basket ball gear there. Or he could put this gift card towards a new grill, kayak, or buy himself some new running shoes.

Happy Fathers Day from these ladies below!






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