Feb 25, 2015

Ice Meggedon 2015

White junk is fallin' from the sky. How do I make it stop? See pic from last years nonsense here

Feb 23, 2015

#SaturdayDownSouth 2.22.15


"So do you celebrate..."
*Stops me mid sentence*
"I already know what you are gonna ask. You wanna know if I celebrate Chinese New Year cause my family is Vietnamise.
"Yes, I sheelpy reply."
"Yes, he responds. We call it Luna New Year.

Dallas will always be my hood. No matter how far outta the city I live I'll always find myself longin' and wanderin' back. This past weekend was no exception. I spent much of Saturday explorin' the arts district for the Chineese New Year Celebration.

So February here's to your. As your days dwindle may spring be ever near.

How was y'all's weekend?


Feb 10, 2015

#SaturdayDownSouth 2.7.14


Enjoy a few scenes from my weekend down south

Photos: The United Way of Greater Metropolitan Dallas celebrated 90 years this past weekend. Blake Shelton and Usher performed at the benefit concert. This pic was taken while Blake Shelton sang home. But my favorite moments of the concert had to be when Usher sang some of his old hits, Blake sang Old Red and then All my Exes Live in Texas and all the stadium sang along.

A quaint little coffee houses and quaint little towns are my absolute favorite. I've now become a regular at a local coffee house down the road in the next town over.

In Dallas we know how to brunch. It's that's exactly what I did this past weekend with a few of my girls from Junior League. We brunched the mornin' away.

After brunch we spent the mornin' seein' how we could help Dallas at the Community Involvement Fair. We happened upon Dan Bailey, the kicker for the Cowboys. He signed autographs for us and took pics with us.

The night ended with a celebration for the birthday girl. We had dinner at Nick and Sam's. We were standin' by the bar when we saw Tony Romo, Murray and Whitten eatin' with their significant others. Tony Romo called himself tryin' to blend in but it was so easy to spot him 'cause he was the only one in the nice restaurant wearin' a hat. After dinner we left and ended at a place down the road. JJ. Barea was their and he did a much better job of blendin' in. Ha.

I hope y'all all had fabulous weekends. I'd love to hear about them in the comments or on social media.

Feb 6, 2015

I'm going back down south now

A jumbled excerpt from my journal:
Did I really just off road to get in here? And man that front porch is massive and swoon worthy. My boots move as the worn wood creaks beneath my feet. Each person greeted with the same smile and Texas charm. It's as if all the locals a little left or right of center have found a home. A safe haven out here in the boonies, the stix, 25 miles from Dallas. Are you a coffee snob he ask? No, I reply. I'm just tryin' to shop more local. Can my daily Starbucks run really make me a coffee snob? The Barista smiles. I'm welcomed in the club.  
10-31st of January shall be known as the lost years. To uninspired to daily journal. I sit here in a local coffee shop house journalin'. I like to think I'm a creative one. But's what's crativity really. All relative to the beholder. Man, I just b.s'ed that sentence like a pro. Makes me think back to my Philosophy of Politics Class fumblin' my way through a post on Aristotle or Plato. Heck, even Socrates. I bonded with the Barista over coffee and cameras. A sweet camera recommendation the apple of my eye. I know I will frequent this place again . Heck, I had to off road to get here. Kings of Leon echos in my background. A lady I can't yet remember her name greets me. She's from church. Elderly. That's neither here nor there. My thoughts jumbled beyond belief. The smiles. The friendly faces. This is the first time I've itched to write in ages. I mean itched to write. Hmmm, looks like camera boys writes. A young couple walks in dressed up. They married this mornin' and came to celebrate with the locals. Everyone cheers and congratulates. I love this place. But, why did I sit by the door? My cold is gonna mature with this draft I'm catchin'. AHHH, I love Kings of Leon. and this latte. I wanna know so much about this place. but I'm so distracted.  This is my favorite Kings of Leon cd. Now, I wanna binge listen before work. But alas I put the pen down. Sat my goodbyes. Thank the bearded man for the free hot chocolate. Leave to continue my day. Inspired more than they'll every know.  

Feb 5, 2015

I am my Father's daughter

The cold set in like an unwelcome visitor. Foreign to us all here in the South. I'd taken to a daily mornin' cup of coffee. I'd say it kept my soul revived but that'd be the simplest of responses. Even admittin' my daily habit wouldn't be enough. No, I am my Father's daughter, no matter the weather. He'd have a cup and so would I. The  older I become, the more likeness I find. No longer here to share is guidance. I find myself lookin'for him in the littlest of things. In my mornin' coffee.

In my bowl of Gumbo. The smell filled my nostrils as I walked through the front door. My bags dropped to the floor, as I rushed in the kitchen. There it sat waitin'. Waitn' as promised. A huge pot of Gumbo and a rice cooker full of rice. Well, maybe my family in the Southern Louisiana would say, "I know y'all shame, That ain't but a swallow." But to me, it was a sight. The gumbo warms my tired soul. The winter does that to you sometime. The settin, the kitchen, I grew accustomed to long since gone an outgrown. In it's place shiner and new. But, the warmth, love and taste remained the same.

Until we meet again spring.

Feb 4, 2015

Oh, USA!

Big thanks to Campusbookrentals for sponsorin' today's post.

Holy, long time no see. This past weekend I was at Jerry World, that's what us Dallas lovers call it, for the HS. International Bowl. The USA was versus Canada. Essentially kids from all over the us who are the best represent the US. Two high school kids from our town made it and everyone was ecstatic. We walked in as the National Anthem were bein' sung. So we had to wait to be seated. As soon as we sit down we realized were were in the Canada side. Oh, this wasn't gonna do. After a few minutes we quickly decided we needed popcorn and to find where the Americans were sittin'. We wait in the short line for popcorn and then decide USA has to be sittin' on the other side. We make our way and find new seats only to realize this time we are in front of the family of the Canadian QB. And when I tell you that Momma was hollerin'. USA, was gettin' the taste slapped outta they mouth and their behinds handed to them. Those Canadian fans were cheerin' so loud. I was gettin' frustrated with them and the refs. I started chantin', "that we were the real winners cause are kids get to stay in America."

All that got me to thinkin' and I made a joke with one of the boys. I told him aren't we grateful that we do live in America and not somewhere else. That we have access to all these great things. I mean I know Canada isn't a third world country but y'all get the point.

But, let's be serious for a second. Some people have it rough in other countries. Heck here in America many are not as fortunate. I think that's one of the reasons I love operationsmile.  I personally know people who've had clef lip palate and have been helped by organizations like Operation Smile. The money that is funded into the organization help these children get the medical care and surgerythey desperately need. If you are wonderin' where the fundin' is comin' from I'm about to tell ya. Campusbookrental books partners with them. How does campusbookrental partner?

 If you rent your text books with Campus Books  you saving 40-90%, receiving free shippin' to and back but they are also flexible and you can write in your textbook. Plus why do you want to buy a book in a subject you will never need. But I LOVE that they donate to operationsmile.org and save some lives. So it's like your giving to charity with each book you rent. And once your done head on over to www.RentBack.com. Basically you then rent out your textbook to other students and make money. All that works for me. 

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