Sep 16, 2018

Tex- Mex Buddah Bowl

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Nourish. Buddha. What do you call these tasty bowls? I've spent the last few weeks trainin': The plan to hike The Lone Star Trail. I've always heard that hustle is 80 to 90% percent your diet and the other 10 to 20 percent is your fitness. Health goals are one and lost in the kitchen. As I've spent the last month trainin' these Budda bowls, have become a staple in my diet. I love how versatile these Nourish bowls are and easy to add so many fresh ingredients.

Before we get into the Buddha bowl recipe that only took 30 minutes to make and is perfect for a weeknight dinner, your next campin' trip or even a school lunch let's talk a second about the picture featured above.


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I used Shipt to have all the delicious fresh veggies you see used in my Nourish Bowl shipped to my house and it was such a lifesaver.

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I live in Texas where the suns a litter hotter and we like meat at every dinner. Pre has been a great asset to my life on that front. Pre is an online meat delivery services that allow grass-fed beef right to my front door. Y'all already know if it's not beef then we don't want to hear about it in Texas. If someone tried to tell you somethin' else is BBQ or life, roll your eyes and bless their heart. I fully permit you. So yes, I am here to buy all the grass-fed beef online and save myself some time. The Pre brand meat that I used for this meal was the sirloin steak but received the 85%  Lean Ground Beef, 95% Lean Ground Beef and Ribeye Steak.

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Lundberg White Rice & Quinoa Entree, made with American grown grains was a great addition to these Nourish Bowls. I appreciate that the grains are not only organic, but the box instructions were not just easy to follow but convenient. My family loved the Lundberg White Rice in their bowls while I opted for the Quinoa. Quinoa as been somethin' I've been lovin' lately and eatin' more. You don't even have to wait for the water to boil.

Made Good
While I didn't use Made Good in the meal that I prepared, I am goin' to talk about them for a few sentences, because not only did everyone enjoy them in my house but I appreciate the message behind them. Some of you may remember that before I took this shindig aka blog on the road, I was an educator for seven years. I spent my seven years workin' in a part of the district that oversaw the afterschool programs in each school. The reason that is relevant is that I directly came in contact with snack and goodies that were from home on a daily basis. Not only are Made Good snacks organic snack, but they are allergy free which makes them school safe. The back of the packaging, list the eight most common allergies and ensure that none of the ingredients in the snacks have come in contact with those items. That is so much of a win in my book.  I cannot wait to purchase some more Made Good snack and take them on my next Girl Scout led campin' trip. The girls are goin' to love them, and they will be lightweight in their packs.

Now, let's get to this delish recipe, shall we...
I placed all the ingredients on a servin' platter and allowed everyone to fix their Buddha Bowl how they saw fit. I prefer Nourish bowls this was as everyone then gets what they want in their bowl and its a great way to get little ones to try somethin' maybe they wouldn't normally try. i'm already schemin' on how I could take this on my next trip. You can even make the bowls overnight and pack them the next day in a lunch. Now that is my kind of meal.

Feta Cheese
Black Beans

1. Cook your 
1 box Lundberg Rice Pilaf accordin' to the directions on the box. 
2. Cook your asparagus, black beans and corn in a separate pot or cast iron. 
3. While your veggies and white rice are cookin' you can chop your other veggies: onion, tomatoes, cilantro and avocado.
4. Now, it is time to cook your Pre Sirloin Steak. For my steak lightly seasoned the steak with a Texas made steak seasonin' rub we already had in our pantry and a clove of garlic. I lightly oiled an old cast iron and placed the steak in the middle. As the the steak began to heat I added a tablespoon of butter and slowly basted the melted the butter on the steak. As you can see we like our steak medium rare and it was very easy to follow the desired temperature instructions on the Pre package. Once the steak was finished we drizzled a few drops of lime juice on the steak.

Sep 7, 2018

Camping 101: Campfire Pizza

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English Muffin Camping Pizza

I can still remember the excitement 9-year old 'Leshea had as she fumbled over a campfire at Eisenhower State Park ready to make mini English Muffin Pizzas. As an adult, that fateful lesson learned campin' still with me today.
Girl Eating Oreos
Girl Eating Oreos

In this installment of Camping 101, I give y’all English Muffin Pizzas or Campfire Pizzas. These little pizzas were such a favorite of my scout troop, and I know you'll love them on your next outdoor trip. For this tutorial I decided to make two types of pizza: One for the adults and the kids were allowed to build theirs how they liked.

English Muffin Camping Pizza
English Muffin Camping Pizza
English Muffin Camping Pizza

The touch of the Colman's Prepared Mustard added the kick need to this beautiful camp meal. This Texas weather decided not to cooperate, and we ended up cooking them on my pocket rocket stove instead of a campfire, but they still turned out beautiful.
MSR Pocket Rocket Camp Stove
Tillamook Cheese

English Muffin Camping Pizza
English Muffin Camping Pizza

We still have a few more weeks of Summer so how are y'all addin' a punch to the last few weeks? What's your favorite meal to make campin'?

Colmans mustard

Colmans Mustard

Colmans Mustard
Colmans Mustard
Colmans English Muffin Camping Pizza
English Muffin Camping Pizza

Y'all remember to click ----> for a great Ibotta deal.

English Muffins
Turkey Sausage
Sharp Cheddar
Cajun Seasoning
Camp stove
Cast Iron

1. Heat cast iron on your camp stove or campfire.
2. While your cast iron is heating chop your meat and veggie.
3. Saute the meat, veggies and seasoning in heated cast iron .
4. Spread sharp cheddar cheese on english muffins.
5. Add the meat and veggie mixture to your pizza and cook for a few minutes or until the cheese is cooked.
6. Top with Colman’s Prepared Mustard and enjoy.

Sep 4, 2018

Lake Texoma Cross Timbers

Eight miles. Eight miles is what it took for our souls and feet to become. Eight, Eight the same age I was when I first discovered nature on a Scout campout. Many years have passed since that first cold campout lost in the woods of East Texas with no gloves. I still look back at the trip with fond memories. 

Eight miles. Eight miles, what I am to have my scouts accomplish. Some time back nature came callin' again. It whispered to me, told me it missed me. Nature asked me why I'd abandoned her so. So, I set out to reclaim what was once a past childhood time: to enjoy backpackin' again.

The plan: take a small group of local girl scouts on their first backpackin' trip and show them the outdoors is nothin' they need to fear. In return: trainin' for The Lone Star Trail in Sam Houston National Forest. 92 miles. 92 miles, the longest footpath in Texas. Fall would be our hike.

We set out to the border of Texas and Oklahoma.

Lake Texoma Cross Timbers Trailhead to be exact. 8 miles. 8 miles would be the star of our trainin'. The start of our Journey. We'd scope the trail and report back.

Eager to begin our trek to test the trail before we took the scouts we set out. We made quick work of the first three miles Eager to have a breeze off the lake to guide our path. We reached the Marina a few hours. We made quick work to Lost Loop where we planned to make camp. Supper was a hearty stew that we scarfed down no problem. 

As the dark of the night set in so did the animals and doubted... Did we belong in nature? No one we passed looked like us. Was that a coyote? Did you hear that rustle? The night spent restless and awake dragged on like a soap opera. Middle of the night broke as we woke to animals and people jostling around our tent. I prayed. I suppose it's all I know to do at times and eventually slept overtook.

Morning broke and lounged. Listened as the animals scampered away from the daylight. Looked at the dew that dripped off our tent. Mornin' camp routines proceeded, and we packed up camp. We'd seen enough of the trail to know what we'd present to the girls and parents at the backpackin' interest meetin'.

We hiked the mile back to the marina eager to see a friendly face and fill our now empty water bottles. We spend hours makin' friends and gatherin' information before we hiked our way back to the trailhead where we'd make camp for the night. 

Laughter and giggles encompassed us far before sleep ever did.
We hit the highway back into Texas, full hearts and hungry bellies.
Faithful Cicis came into view. Carbs we told ourself. Carbloadin' is what we did because not only does Cicis have the best price of Endless Pan Pizza, you can order the new Baked Pasta to-go.

He smiled as he handed me containers of pasta. Back so soon he chuckled. See you next week I hollered. We got many miles to go.

Follow along as I help some local scouts train experience their first-time backpackin', and I train to hike the Lone Star Trail this Fall.

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