Jul 25, 2013

Hi, I'm Aleshea. Hire me maybe?

This mornin' i'm headed out to a job fair. Can y'all tell how thrilled I am to have to drive over an hour away for this?!?! Don't actually answer that. Well, here are my thoughts on a Thursday.

1. It hasn't yet reached 9:30 am and I already feel as if I'm conquering the day ahead. However, it does seems a bit silly that I'm in my Pj's drinkin' my morning coffee wile doin' the blogs on my Mac. Y'all I feel so hipster. Well, as hipster as I can get here in my little Texas town.

2. When you call my house all hours of the morning, don't act surprised that my Madre is at work. Most abled bodied people are at work this early in the AM. Where you not at work when you called my house?

3. Coming to put floors in someone's house at 8 in the AM is not very nice. Especially when their alarm was set for 8:45 in the am. After all the drama and weeks of being confided to the dining room the least you could've done was let me sleep in.

4.  Congratulations to the Mens Soccer team on making the Gold Cup Finals. Can ya finally bring it home for once? That's not to much to ask!

5. Why can't these bills just pay themselves?

6.  Oh how I wish a job would just fall in my lap. I mean shouldn't I jut be able to wave the fancy piece of paper SFASU gave me and be done with it? Am I not the only one who thinks its awkward to have to sale my self to total strangers. Pretty sure my resume speaks for itself. 


Jul 23, 2013

Mo' Butter, mo' better, mo slipperier: Jalapeno Basil Chicken

Am I the only one obsessed with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and not in the least offended about how they make us down South look? Crickets... well I'll just continue to be the only one. Y'all know I love me some Honey Boo Boo and often have watch nights with Ride or Die. Well last week was the premier of the new season. My post title comes from the title of the episode. Yep, they were playin' around in butter. Y'all if I did half the things they do growin' up my Momma would of had my hide. This dish was inspired by the show. I didn't know what I wanted to cook for supper but after watching that episode I knew I wanted it to be healthier than normal. Heck, they ate/played in enough butter for all of Texas. Coincidentally we had no butter in the house when I cooked the meal. I walk in the kitchen and my sister is sprayin' butter flavored Pam on her rice because she figured it was the next best thing to butter. I found some chicken in the freezer and was like, "I can work with that." I'm not much for chicken breast so I wanted to "doctor it up." Y'all also know I have been obsessed with basil as of late and if there's a kick to the dish then I'm in. That's just the Cajun girl in me.       
8 chicken breast
1 tsp salt
2 tsp pepper
1 cup of Basil leaves
4 cloves of chopped garlic
4 tsp of Olive Oil 
Gouda cheese
4 Jalapenos halves
2 tsp Jalapeno juice
1 Preheat the oven at 450 degrees. 
2. Make sure you grease your Pyrex dish and clean your chicken. Don't want the chicken sticking or getting anyone sick.
3. Chop the basil, garlic and jalapenos. 
4.Add the salt and pepper to the mixture..
5. Cut an inch long slit in each chicken breast. 
6. Evenly stuff the mixture in the pockets you cut on the breast.
7. Cut a few pieces of the Gouda cheese and stuff them in the pocket as well. My pockets were overfilled so I crumbled the Gouda and sprinkled it on top.
8. Place each chicken breast in the Pyrex dish and close with toothpicks as needed. 
9. Drizzle the jalapeno juice and olive oil on the chicken.
10. Bake for 30-35 minutes at 450 degrees.

I paired my chicken with rice and Lima beans. No I don't like Lima beans. Yes, I still ate the Lima beans. Y'all enjoy one of the healthiest recipes I ever posted. Then go show Ashley and AFB some love.


Jul 22, 2013

Just go, just go! Someone's bout to get shot

 Hey girl hey! How y'all been while I was away. What was I away doing? Absolutely nothing but job hunting and Vacation Bible School. Anyway, I have more free time this week and hope to have a few beauties out. Currently I've been teaching myself jQuery and also hope to get back to producing more substantial content.

Obviously this is a weekend update for y'all. I spent Friday with "Ride or Die" at the Rangers game. Saturday was spent with the Madre pampering ourselves and most of Sunday was spent at church.

At the game on Friday as we were leaving Ride or Die was screaming, the title, those words from my car cause she thought it was about to happen as we were leaving. Everything turned out fine but it didn't stop the crazies from being out and about. I shall leave you with a few videos from this weekend. Lord have mercy I can be a hot mess sometimes. And don't you dare start Blessin' My Heart! . Y'all have a great week and comeback tomorrow for my Jalapeno Basil Chicken Recipe.

Y'all go say hi to Sami


Jul 8, 2013

Thursday, we put tattoos on rednecks while shoutin' 'Merica

Weekend Shenanigans with Sami
THURSDAY: Happy 4th y'all

SATURDAY: Deep Ellum is where we be

Thursday I helped my Momma's Girl Scout booth at the "Fireworks on Main" our town does every year. We brought information for parents who might be interested in Girl Scouts but we spent more time putting temporary patriotic tattoos on people. Y'all we saw more parents than anything. I was putting tattoos on thighs, legs,ankles, backs etc. Our booth was free so it saw a lot of traffic in we got quite a bit in donations. Plus my sister (the one with the side braid)  had the bright idea to sale our leftover water at two for a dollar. 

Friday I hung out at a friends apartment but did not take pics. They asked that I blog about our failed cheese sauce. The boy ran out of flour so they decided to use pancake batter to make a rue for the cheese sauce. It was a hot ol' mess, y'all! But the homemade pretzels were still good. 

Saturday we hung out in Deep Ellum in the afternoon and then that night we helped Ride or Die make baby shower invitations for a family friend. I'l have to ask her the blog name of the lady who originally did these so I can give her credit for the idea. What y'all do this 4th weekend? I hope it was a blast!


Jul 4, 2013

In order to form a more perfect union

                                                                                                                                                              Photo credit to  Collin Turner
While we celebrate this day give thanks to God that we live in a country that just happened to get it right. Heck, just look at Egypt. This day I pay honor to people like my bud Kory (in the back right of the picture) for making days like this possible. Thanks for giving him back Navy. 

Happy 4th of July y'all.


Jul 3, 2013

Daddy always said, " More room on the outside than the inside!"

Oh my goodness y'all. This morning I had a doc appointment with the seester. I was freaking out cause the doc was about to poke and prode me. But all is well. 

Y'all wondering where the title came from? This older lady in the waiting room couldn't stop farting as she got up to see the doc. Of course the seester and I couldn't stop laughing. Y'all, we were cackling we were laughing so hard. 

But really I just wanna tell y'all a story cause these things only happen to me. So this afternoon my Momma asked me to run some errands for her. She gave me the Girl Scout credit card as well as her debit card. Obviously I LOST her debit card somewhere in the mall. I call my Momma after retracing my steps all over the mall and the stores I went to, to see if I left her card at home. Of course I hand't and she's yelling for me to find her card so I can pick up dinner. I go BACK to Charlotte Rousee and what do I see in the back of the store. Yep, you guessed it; a debit card. I was so excited I was running in the store. I get to the back only to realize it ain't my Monma's debit card but some lady names Jessica. Only I would find some random ladies card as im looking for mine. I take it to the counter and they thank me for turning it in. As I'm leaving the cashier goes, " Thanks for turning in the card. That lady was freaking out. Maybe it will help you find your card " 

Whelp, it didn't. My Momma had to cancel her card and now I'm sitting in the hot car waiting for my sister to get off work. And yes I'm hungry cause I just spent over an hour in the hot sun looking for a red debit card. 

So that was my day. What y'all do today? 

Ohh, and thanks for all the prayers. The seester has been out the hospital for a few days and doing much better. 


Jul 2, 2013

And so I did cause royalty sparkles sparkled on me.

Cara Box late linkup time. 

This month I received a package from Ann Marie at Royalty Sparkles and sent to Madi from And so I did. Y'all see what I did there? *smiles as she stares at her post title* Y'all make sure and go show Madi some love. She just got her package from her Dads house cause she was on her honeymoon. Girl, I'm so glad you liked the package. I'm also glad it arrived safely. I was so paranoid since I knew you were soaking it up in Hawaii and that package would be all by it's lonesome. But I must admit:I didn't want all the pretty stuffing Ann Marie sent to go to waste so I used some of it when I sent your package.

Ann Marie, girl I got your package like the same day you sent me that email. To say I was in love is an understatement.

  1. Elephants are my absolute favorite. The fact that you wrote your note on the elephant was the best.
  2. I ate all the Twizzlers right after I took this pic. Notice that the candy is already opened in the pic.
  3. The suckers are about gone too.
  4. Yes, everything does taste better out of a Mason Jar
  5. Now I have to hide the Mason Jars cause my Seester is trying to get her hands on them for a project.
Welp, it's been real y'all. Off to do more productive things. I think I'll start by brushing my teeth. 


Jul 1, 2013

Girl is loud and country as cornbread

Time to follow the sheep-el and link up my shenanigans 

So I hear you Nosy Rosey wanna hear what I've been up to all weekend. Well, let me tell ya.
1)  Took Ruthie to Chuckie Cheese on Friday
2) Helped Bestran Numero Uno move. Now she will be living a hour from me instead of 6. 
The pic of her parking the truck attached to her Granddad's trailer is where the title of the post came from.
3) I went on a family walk through one of the trails behind the High School. You can check out the vids on Instargam.


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