Jan 31, 2013

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it: "I Just Wanted to Glitter" Texas String Art

I have no musical question of the day. With this new job I have to find a better schedule for blogging and overall general fun. I love the job but now that I have two that does not leave much free time for anything.

Y'all know what time it is. My obsession time. It Pinterest time. Last weekend one of my good friends texted me and asked if I was busy. She felt like crafting and wanted someone to make the state string art with her. She was like, "I'm sure you don't have anything for your Thursday Pinterest Post." She was right. Good looking out Dougherty.

Dougherty graduated from A&M and of course she had to represent. Y'all know I've become obsessed with mint and there ya go. Shall we get started. 



  • Wood- ours was 8.5 by 11 cause that's all Hobby Lobby had
  • Nails- ours were 1 inch. Just remember the bigger the nails the more hammering that will have to be done and the thicker your board will need to be.
  • Paint- We got our paint at Home Depot. We had them mix tester cans for us and it only cost a few dollars. Now I have Mint paint forever and I'm excited about it.
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint brushes
  • Hammer
  • String and a picture of your state


Make sure you protect the space you are working on. Table also works better than the floor. Paint two coats on your board. Y'all make sure each coat dries properly. 


Cut a heart where you live or want to highlight  We made our hearts 2 inches. Tape the State how you want it on the board and you are ready to go (Why does Texas have to be such odd shaped and Dallas and such a random location?)

We started by nailing the heart down first. Make sure you get as flush to the paper as possible. We nailed one and then measured so that it was sticking out half an inch. You want the nails to be close but not so close that you cannot thread the string around.


Now you are ready to nail around the state. Do the same thing you did with the heart. This will take a while. We nailed for probably about an hour or two. Texas really is a funky and odd shape y'all. The whole time we kept making jokes because half way through I was so over this project and just wanted to glitter the mess out of something.


Now you are ready to take the paper out. I trust y'all can figure out how to do that. If you can't then log  of  my blog... run a lap, have several seats and hand over ALL your sweet tea. But seriously. 


Now you are ready to string that bad boy. Start wherever the heck you want but don't start where I did. You are stringing from the outside to the heart. You should wrap around one nail of the heart a few times before going to the next one. Mine came out kind of wonky because I'm OCD with numbers and was trying to have each one the same. (Yes, I was that kid in art class who got upset cause mine didn't look EXACTLY like the teachers)



Dougherty, good lookin' out and taking pics while I was working. Y'all I didn't know she took these pics. Excuse me for lookin' like a bum... wait, actually don't excuse me cause I was in my house. 

Finally after FOREVER I was able to throw some glitter on that bad boy. I think how I jacked up the string gives it character. 

Y'all I glittered the mess out of this puppy!

I didn't like the glitter. I might make a few more but I deff will not be putting the glitter on with the mint. I love how Dougherty's turned out.

Yes, I said now you are ready a lot. Yes, I said Dougherty a lot as well. Her actual name is Stephanie but in HS we had to many friends in our circle with the same name some many were called by their last names.


Jan 30, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!!! {Week 2}

So y'all know what time it is. If you are confused then y'all know I have a post for your reference. Just go here

Shall we get started...
I have been on a kick where I pin things that I want to try or do.

I want this and we need to figure out how to make it happen

One of my bestfriends just got he first post college place and I think I'm gonna make one of these for her door. It will be a C and I'll use purple and white instead. 
                                  Source: etsy.com via Aleshea on Pinteres

                         It's Duck Dynasty. Obviously I pinned it.
                          Source: youtube.com via Aleshea on Pinterest

I think I'm gonna make these for Momma for Valentines Day.

                                                             Source: thepaintedhive.blogspot.com via Aleshea on Pinterest

I didn't pin this but one of my bestfriends did and the caption said" birthday present for the bestie perhaps" Umm. yes please. Buy it for me NOW!

Source: rstyle.me via Stephanie on Pinterest

This look so yummy and I might have to try the recipe. It is Strawberry honey butter.                                          

                                                                                                 Source: cookbook-recipes.org via Dreamie on Pinterest

                                     YES! I hope this is real
                                                     Source: pin4fun0207.blogspot.com via Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates on Pinterest
                                          Get in my house.


Jan 28, 2013

If You Really Knew Me

                                       I saw Beth posted this and it inspired me to do the same.

... you would know that I'm not religious, I'm spiritual. (man made religion and religion will fail but Jesus is everlasting)

... you would know I'm terrified of escalators after an accident when I was three and they almost had to cut my foot out of one. And then when I was 10 someone pushed me head first down one that was a couple stories high.

...you would know I didn't find out the mangos were out to get me until I turned 22/23

... you would know that my DVR tapes Teen Mom 2 but I can't bring myself to watch it. I cannot handle their stupidity.

...you would know it REALLY annoys me when people say they live South of the Mason Dixon Line. No you don't. The proper saying would be "I live South of The Missouri Compromise Line"

... you would know that I really do get annoyed when people say Texas is not part of the South. (Especially people from Oklahoma, Kentucky & Florida)

... you would know that I don't want to
be in a box when I die. Put be back in the beautiful "Red Texas Dirt"

... you would know that I'm not impressed with you calling yourself a Southern Belle cause you more than likely ain't one. I'll show you Southern Belle and Old Southern Money. Just come to the wealthiest state in the South. (TX of course.)

...you would know that I want to open my own Southern/Texas/Low Country/Down Home Cookin'/Cajun Restaurant and some how title it JoeAnn's (Joe for Joseph. My daddy's name. And Ann from my Granny Annie-Lou

... you would know that as a child I hid in cabinets while eating Cheetos or peanut butter.

... you would know that I think children get me better than adults most days.

... you would know that my daddy died when I was 17. I came home from school on a Monday and I was so happy marching band practice was cancelled. My dad died on the living room floor while momma was on the phone with 911 and I stood at the foot of the stairs watching my neighbor try CPR.

... you would know that I'm serious when I joke Katy Perry had my life growing up.

... you would know that I believe I was born to test tradition and break cultural boundaries.

... you would know that I have a heart for children with special needs. Autism is my speciality and I love the beauty Autistic kids see in the world. (I use to be a caretaker of a teenager with severe and low functioning Autism on the spectrum.)

... you would know that I'm the "least politically correct" person you will ever meet but I will say something if you substitute the word retarded for something you don't like.

... you would know that I could live off Sweet Tea, Crystal Light, Shrimp and Twizzlers.

... you would know that if I call a number and it has an automated message I immediately press 0.

... you would know that I have metal rods in my back from my Scoliosis surgery when I was 16.

...you would know that I was a huge band nerd in HS and schedule my back surgery in the middle of the school year so I wouldn't miss marching season my junior year. (Hey it was a state year) Insert awkward pics of me that shows I was a band nerd. I had such a bad hair cut half of senior year(the last pic)

... you would know that I wore some hideous outfits in my younger years and my momma oughta be slapped for letting me out the house.

...you would know I love to take random pictures in Green Bean.


Mondays Hot Mess Post {Week 4}

So I guess this is my weekend update.

Here is today's Monday's Hot Mess Post/ If you don't remember the rules reference here

Is that not the most beautiful. This was my view on the way to work Friday morning. I LOVE fog. It's so eery and beautiful all at the same time.

On Friday there still wasn't much for me to do at work because they were getting me set up on all the equipment. When I showed up I was one of the first ones there so I checked the mail and faxes. They laughed cause I was like, " those are basic life skills and I got that." I spent quite a bit of time dirtying my fancy Banana Republic pants and cleaned out the supply room.

I've come to the conclusion that lawyers are book smart but have no common sense. They go to school for all those years and forget how to do the menial task. But I know they're happy for me cause now they appreciate those who do the task.

Saturday I did nothing but sleep ALL day. Then in the afternoon one my friends texted me and asked if I wanted to craft the state string art floating around Pinterest. She was like, " I knew you'd do it cause you need your Thursday Pinterest post." Gotta love my friends who comment/read and hel with ideas for my blog. Now only if I could get them hobos to follow. (I'll post a tutorial on Thursday)

Sunday was church as usual.

This was me Sunday night working in the Church Nursery

Sunday afternoon was spent at Chuckie Cheese. One of my Godbrothers kids turned two last week and had a birthday party there. (I don't post much about this Godbrother cause he's a deadbeat and in jail) Let me just say that I think CC is cruel and unusual punishment for a little kid. First off he is a nasty rat. Second, it is some creeper in a costume. Third, he scares the mess out of little kids. Plus he is just a hot ol' mess. 

I threatened to delete the bestfran on FB because everytime she post this giveaway on FB it comes to my phone and I don't know why. She is determined to win and posted it probably 20 times this weekend. I kid y'all not. 


Jan 25, 2013

Friday's Letter

"Sadie's Hawkins Dance, in myKaki pants. There is nothing better. Do you like my sweater?" 
Dear Thursday

Dear "Ride or Die"- Thank you for epic phone convos.

Dear Best Friend Numerous Uno and Duos- Thanks for the well wishes

Dear Fashion Bloggers- I envy you. I fail. This is what I call OOYD (Outfit of yesterday)

Dear Postage Meter thing- I made you my ish, Get used to it.  


Dear Paper Clip things- you are going to get me through work on Friday

Dear Me- You made it through the first day


Dear Sushi Lunch- Yum yum

Dear Kiddos- Loved your artwork today

Dear Formatting- What the actual

Dear Y'all- *squee* all the hugs, sweet tea and love to y'all


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