Mar 14, 2016

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Mar 13, 2016

Grapefruit Agua Fresca

Scarletts Grapefruit Agua Fresca

I can still remember summers as a kid. The Texas sun beamin' on my face. Daddy worked nights so summers were especially fun when we'd get to lounge around the house with him all day. Every so often we'd convince him to take us to a local fast food joint. He never much cared for Tex-Mex. How he survived in Texas all those years I'll  never know. But, the local Tex-Mex joint was always our jam. Daddy, never complained and always obliged with a smile. Guess, it was the parent in him.

On days it was far to hot to live or exist in Texas we'd be more excited than usual. The local fast food stop had an array of agua fresca choices to chose from. We'd beg and plead till Daddy shook his head and caved.

Even now as an adult I haven't quite grown out of my love for a good agua fresca on a warm Texas day. These days made even better by my love for fresh Texas ingredients.
limes Grapefruit Agua FrescaAgua Fresca GrapefruitAgua Grapefruit Fresca
Agua Fresca GrapefruitGrapefruit Agua Fresca
Big thanks to my fav grapefruit: Scarletts Texas Red Grapefruit for sponsorin' this post.Sweet Scarletts box

2 limes
Sparkling Water

1. Squeeze your grapefruits until you have 4 cups worth. I squeezed mine by hand but if you have  juicer that works as well. It's ok to get a little pulp. A little pulp never hurt anyone.
2. Squeeze in the two limes and stir
3. Add ice to a few glasses. Pour the grapefruit drink and then add sparkin' water to your likin' per glass. I added about 1/4 per glass.
Try Sweet Scarletts, the sweetest Texas red grapefruit. Check out the Sweet Scarletts Facebook page for more from the reddest, sweetest, and best grapefruit you’ve ever tasted.

Mar 3, 2016

Southern Girls Guide to March Madness.

Y'all the best time of the year. #MarchMadness is upon us my frans. I'm more excited than a hooker in church on Sunday. Ok, maybe that ain't a grand analogy since I'm sure they would be sweatin' more than they excited. But, y'all get the point. Here in The South, we're all about sports. You either watch, cheer for them or played them. It's just what you do. It's a part of who we are. We usually care about H.S. and college sports more than we do Professional. There's just somethin' about watchin' a kid rise to the occasion and make a name for himself and his school. No better way to see this than in #MarchMadness. With all that said, it has come to my attention that many ladies are confused about where to begin and what it all means. They are just too scared to admit it. So I thought I'd help y'all out just a bit. Here's Southern Girls Guide to March Madness. After all don't you wanna be able to keep up a conversation with your husbands, daddy's, brothers, boyfriends, etc. for the next month.? Let's start with the basics, shall we
  1. What does #MarchMadnes stand for?
    1. #MarchMadness is the College Basketball tournament. Same as a playoff, that consist of 64 or 68 teams dependin' on how you look at it. 8 teams will play what they call play in games. Those are two days before the tournament starts. Those four teams that win are officially in the tournament. 
    2. #MarchMadness also known as The Big Dance. If I say, "I've got my dancin' shoes laced and ready to go" That is what I'm referencin' 
  2. Selection Sunday: 
    1. You've probably heard this term thrown around more times than you care to count and if you follow me on social media than I know, you saw me writin' about it. Selection Sunday is the Sunday at the end of Championship weekend. Small/mid-major teams like the school I attended can only send one team to the tournament. How are they chosen? By winnin' their conference championship. Bigger name conferences who can send more than one school have what they call an auto bid. They win their conference Championship, and they are in the tournament. 
    2. The remainin' teams are chosen via a committee on Selection Sunday. It is announced in prime-time via CBS. A teams seed as well as who they will play is shown. Throughout the segment clips from the teams waitin' to hear their fate is revealed. 
    3. Speakin' of seed. That's the same thing as rank. Dependin' on the strength of schedule (or how many ranked teams in the AP poll you beat/lose to) or just be a school like Dook or Wichita St. Why they just won't call it that I'll never understand. Guess it's cause a man made all this up.
  3. Brackets:
    1. The bracket is probs the most significant thing of the tournament. People antagonize and mull over them for days. There are even things such as bracketology where the so-called experts give takes and what if's. The President also gets in on the action. 
    2. When you print out your bracket, it will be divided into Midwest, West, East, and South. The teams are ranked within those regions. So you will have four one seeds etc. all the way down to 16.
    3. Games are played in rounds of Big Dance 64/Round of 32 /Sweet 16/ Elite 8/ Final 4 and then the championship.
    4. If you want to compete for money like the big Capital One challenge you have to submit your bracket online. Most do three brackets. Your real bracket. What you think could happen and what you wish in all your wildest dreams would happen. Sometimes it can be easy- such as pickin' the higher seed. Other times not so much. And that brings me to the final piece.
  4. Brackets Busters: 
    1. They happen every season. It's also the reason no one has ever won any of the challenges. It's nearly impossible to get a perfect bracket. Two years ago Florida Gulf Coast shocked the world, and only two perfect of brackets were in tack. 
    2. While teams are ranked, it doesn't matter in the end cause everyone starts with a clean slate. You gotta survive to advance, and anyone can take it. Even the little guy.
    3. In the last three years, a five seed has lost to a 12 seed 66% of the time. It called the classic five v 12 match-ups. Stories have been told about it and legends have been born from it. Heck, last season my team was a 12 seed, and we came back with 3 seconds left to tie the game on a 4 point play. After being down 10 points at the minute mark and just now as I wrote this a 14 seed beat a three seed and shocked the world. 
  5. All else fails:
    1. Tell everyone you think Kentucky is gonna take it all. They are undefeated. Coach Cal is a beast. He doesn't know how not to put a team together. Kentucky has the most championships. But only two teams have a chance of giving them a run for their money: Wisconsin & Arizona. Mention that, and you'll look knowledgeable. It's always ok to hate on Duke. Everyone hates on Dook. They expect it. 
    2. But the most significant rule of #marchmadness: "You stop cheering for your bracket when there is a big upset in the making!"
So I hope this helped all y'all Southern ladies. Now, go forth and own #MarchMadness. Impress all the guys in your life. 

Mar 1, 2016

Captain Obvious

I can still remember the first time I voted.I filled out an absentee ballot and then mailed it in. The millennial in me had all my friends take photo after photo to post on, FB. The album still proudly posted on FB has more than 20 blurry photos of me all proud to do my civic duty. I look back now and laugh. Why, oh my why. Why was my grown self wearin' pigtails? Why did I think that bag was cute? Why was I cheesin' extra hard at the camera.? The why's never stop.

With Super Tuesday and FB havin' the memories option I am reminded of these moments in life. Many times I look back and cringe. Other times, like today I smile. I always was one for the political fasset. Much of this election cycle has been spent with frans and the delightful yet hilarious commentary they provide. Almost as hilarious as Captain Obvious. He's declared he's 'literally" runnin for president and his social media commentary has me rollin'. He's bein' sponsored by Y'all, know I love them and can't wait to use them to help book some travels this summer and cross all them items off the #TravelinTexan list.
Why we never started that podcast I'll never know. Probably cause we ain't as funny as our Momma's lead us to believe. But, I digress.

But, let's get serious for a quick bit. Y'all remember to vote today if you are one of the 13 Super Tuesday states.

I guess not much has changed. Today I'll walk into my pollin' place, cast my vote and then post all about it on FB. Guess it's just the millennial in me.

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