May 22, 2015

How to host a Bridal Shower Brunch


Thanks to Custom Soda Labels  for helpin' make the event fabulous. 

Anatomy of a Southern Brunch Bridal Shower

In Dallas you never need an occasion to brunch. Brunch is our love language. Our culture. A way of life for those East of the Trinity River. I once heard this quote: "Dallas... where I fell in love. Started my big girl job and brunch became my favorite meal of the day. No, brunch isn't just orderin' breakfast late on a Saturday or Sunday mornin'. It's a palate of new creations. A brunch without Mimosas isn't a brunch at all. It's an unfortunate late lunch usually between the hours of  9am-1pm.

Weddin' Season. Yes. weddin' season is also a thing of the South. Our weekends are spent brunchin', minglin', vacationin'- celebratin' love. A few weekends back I did just that celebratin' one of my bestfrans and her upcomin' marriage. A brunch bridal shower. Would you have expected anythin' less? In case you needed a reminder on what I call Weddin' Season
Down here we like to call Spring 'Weddin' Season'. I promise you will never be in short supply of weddin's  or events to attend. It's far to hot to get married in the summer. Not that it doesn't happen. My parents were married in the summer. I have a cousin who married in the summer. It's just not as common. Don't even get started about fall weddin's. Here in The South we are all about football. Friday night football high school football. Saturday mornin' college football. There is no time for weddin's. No seriously, I have a childhood friend gettin' married in Spet. and everyone thinks she's crazy. One of my bestfrans had a cousin get married last fall and the family almost didn't go cause they were worried the weddin' would be the same day as the Texas-OU game. Y'all see we don't play around here."


Before any good brunch you need to find a location big enough to hold everyone. Whether it be a restaurant or a house. We rented a house in a couple towns over that my family just loves. Gorgeous porch. Kitchen, as well as many rooms and a lovely fireplace for decoration. It was the perfect place to hold 30+ Southern Ladies. 

Guest List:

You never need an occasion to brunch. The more the merrier. Make sure invites go out within' enough time for guest to send regrets. Also, make sure you have included everyone. It's not uncommon here in The South to invite your once childhood bestfran twice removed.


This has to be my favorite part of Brunch. We know how to eat and then some in The South. Before we had any plans we had sample menus. Our menu included donut fruit skewers, cupcakes, mimosas, coffee, sweet tea, yogurt bar, buttermilk biscuit bar, deviled eggs, shrimp and grits as well as chicken and waffle skewers. Light finger foods are a must. If you have nothin' else make sure you have enough Mimosas and you are golden.


Next to the menu this is my favorite thing. Personalizin' things is a must. You just need to get cute and creative. It can be as little as the mason jars we served drinks in that everyone got to take home or the mani pedi mason jar kits to even the tables and wall decorations.

But, my favorite thing we had had to be the custom soda bottles from custom soda labels. I think they really made the table. We got a pack of six. We placed two on the fireplace with the letters Let's Brunch in between and the other four on the food table. I was so excited for bestfran to see these cause she didn't know they were comin'. The best part was it was all hassle free and one less thing off our plate. I went to custom soda labels, picked out the design I wanted. I went with the pink labels and text cause it matched our theme. Then I picked a grapefruit juice cause not only is it bestfrans favorite but it matched. It all shipped to my door within 5-7 days. That's what I'm talkin' about y'all.You can even customize your own labels with pics, water bottles etc. The options are limitless. The prices are affordable as well. I also loved that they had designs and styles for every occasion imaginable. This had to be bestfrans favorite part next to the chicken and waffles. She now has them in her new house on a shelf and doesn't plan on drinkin' them anytime soon. 

Now, I wanna hear from y'all. Is Brunch as popular where y'all are?
Have you ever hosted a Brunch Bridal Shower?

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