Dec 31, 2013

Heath Bar Sugar Cookies


Everyone else is all, "bye 2013" "Here are my fav pictures" "Here's a list of things Imma pretend to stick with" and I'm all, "COOKIES!" 

Y'all 'member a few weeks back when I was bakin' up a storm and told y'all I had made the most delish cookies? Well, I do and now I'm gonna spam the recipe. I wanted to post this right before Christmas but that nasty lil flu I got said other wise. Y'all I really would punch babies for these cookies. That's how good I think they are. Ok, maybe I wouldn't literally punch a baby but y'all get the point.

I came up with the idea for this cookie after someone commented on my Heath Bar Cake. She said, that I should try Heath Bar Sugar Cookies. I asked her for the recipe but I don' think she saw my comment. Side note: that's why y'all need to stop bein' no-reply bloggers. So I can properly interact with y'all. After I didn't hear back I figured I could figure it out. I knew how to make sugar cookies and figured I could just add Heath Bar to them. So that's what I did and this was the result. SOOO, good y'all don't even know. 
Yep, get to nom nomin'!

1 cup butter
1 cups  sugar
2 eggs
3 cups of flour
powdered sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract

1-2 cups Heath Bar bits

1. Preheat the oven to 350 F
2. Butter, eggs and sugar go in a bowl and need to be mixed
3. Slowly add the salt and flour
4. Once all that has been mixed together, fold in the Heath bar bits.
5. Make small balls and place them on a pan/cookie sheet. I coated mine with Pam.
6. After I smoosh the balls, I like to dust them in powdered sugar.
7. bake for about 10-12 minutes or until they are ewwy gooey. Don't bake to long or you'll break your teeth trying to bite into a Heath bit. The smaller the cookie the quicker it cooks.

Dec 30, 2013

You know you're a blogger when:

Ever have that moment when you realize you're a blogger and you've been sucked in. Whelp, I had that moment Saturday night with James. I was doin' my regular scheduled facebookin' when I came across the #EmptyShelf challenge. You are to empty a shelf on your bookcase and then take a picture of it. Then throughout the year every time you read a book you add it to the empty shelf and take a picture. Y'all know I was hooked. A chance to read the many stacks of books I have and have people help motivate me. Well, I knew I just needed a new bookshelf so I could participate. Actually, I've have been cleanin' and purgin' my room and I needed a new bookshelf before I saw this challenge. The problem I'm havin' is it need to be black and it needs to be able to hold my small tv on top. I went shoppin' around on Saturday but I could find anything that would work or everything was crazy expensive. So at the last minute I decided to go to Ikea with James cause you can always find somethin' at Ikea. Well, if you saw my post on Twitter than you know I didn't leave with a shelf but I sure left with tons of dishes that I can use for food bloggin'. That was the moment I knew I was sucked it.

James was babysittin' so with had to bring her with us. She kept yellin', "'Leshea why you like to take so many pictures! 'Leshea where you go? 'Leshea come on I'm hungy!" Y'all I spent more time takin' pics and filmin' than I did lookin' for a shelf. When we got to the end of the store Jame kept havin' to stop me from throwin' random dishes in the cart. I tried to buy bamboo salad bowls until James reminded me I had no interest in salads until I saw the bowls. I'm tellin' y'all Ikea had to be founded my a blogger. Everything is so pretty and photographs so well.

Dec 26, 2013

Quack the halls


And I'm back. You see, what had happened was, I got the flu and have been like a little baby. Naw, I never get a flu shot and naw I don't wanna hear your opinions on it. Yes, I'm terrified of needles. Movin' right along. I feel so out of practice typin' this post. I had a fabulous cookie recipe planned for Tuesday night and obviously it didn't get published. Maybe It'll still grace you with it's presence. Y'all I've been in the house for days. Even yesterday when everyone came over for Christmas dinner I was hidden under the covers. I felt so rude but it is what it is.

So these two pic are the only two pics you gonna get from my Christmas. I spent much of the last two days in my Duck Dynasty Onzies. Ask me if I care your opinions of the family and their remarks on certain people. I'mma tell you I don't care cause I drink at pro-gay Starbucks and anti-gay Chick-Fil-A. If I like it I like it. And we have a pic of me with my new camera. Whelp, I'm off to finish my tea and do all the cleanin' I never did.

Dec 21, 2013

We're in the kitchen, trainin' the next generation.


Saturday, December 21: Only photos. We wanna see what the holiday spirit looks like from your part of the world.
Vision of sugarplums dancin' in my dreams . Hmm, is that how the song/story goes. After the #icemageddon we got a few good days of gorgeous weather. The type of weather people outside of Texas are jealous of and wish they had. Well, that didn't last long and now were back to the cold and wet. Why can't we just stay like Florida. I wouldn't mind half naked people in December if it meant we had warmth year round in Texas. I want my warmth back. I knew I would be sayin' that sooner rather than later. Beucause of all the wonky weather we've had this season, it doesn't really look like Christmas around here. Instead we've had to think outside the box and make our own Christmas. We have deff been making our own Warmth + Love in my house.

This weekend Ruthie graced our presence and we have her till tomorrow. Tomorrow they're openin' the brand new nursery and we decided to contribute to the party the kiddos are havin'. There are a few other church kiddos at the house practin' the Christmas play with my aunt. Ruth is so excited that she helped make all the cupcakes that she won't stop askin' the little boys if she'll see them tomorrow. I don't think she realizes they go to the church as well.

So these pictures are what the holiday spirit looks like in my house at this moment. True to our Southern roots, we're in the kitchen, trainin' the next generation. <!-- end InLinkz script -->

Dec 20, 2013

You put the Fruit Punch in then you stir it all around


Friday, December 20: Quick, we need new drink ideas. Send your favorite holiday drink this way.
Well, look at me tryin' to be all food blogger and take pin worthy pics. No, I'm not braggin' on my photo skills. If you haven't noticed, I don't even dare mess with the functions and that's why you can always see shadows and all that junk in le pictures. By pin worthy I mean up right pics that fit in the box and are more likely to get pinned that way.

Moving right along shall we. This drank right here is one of my favs. It is a must at all of our holiday dinners and parties. This year we didn't have it at Thanksgiving and my feelins' were seriously hurt when I got to my God Mothers house and saw that lemonade was supposed to substitute. Growing up the seester and I would fight over who got to make the drink when we would come.She swore that mine wasn't sweet enough. Don't know how that could be considerin' we made the same thing. As I got older and could do more in the kitchen, and she still couldn't - did I mention we're 5/6 years apart dependin' on the time of year- drink duty was regulated to her. If we got luck and a fancy glass was pulled out for us to drinnk out of then we really thought we was doin' somethin'. Y'all know you couldn't ever tell me nothin' as a kid when I got somethin' in my head or got excited about somethin'. This drink doesn't have alcohol in it but you could surely add some if that's your thing. But don't goin' doin' that if you gonna have kids drinkin' it. I sure as heck ain't gonna be responsible.
Ginger Ale
Fruit Punch
1. Cut the Oranges and Lemons and place them at the bottom of the pitcher. The amount you use will depend on how you want your drink to taste. 
2. Pour three parts Fruit Punch, to three parts 7UP to three parts Ginger Ale. When I say three parts I mean three equal parts depending on how big or small your pitcher is. 
3. Fridge till it's cold and then enjoy at your next holiday function.

Dec 19, 2013

Hippy to the hip hop

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Gimme them cookies for I have yo babies


So, we gotta talk for a momento. Today is sort of like my TBT post. You know, the ones people do every Thursday. Well, today you 'bout to get one of those in the form of a Christmas post.

It was Christmas of 92. Hey I should start singin' Summer of 92 and change the lyrics to that. Anyways, back on track. It was Christmas of 92 and my Momma was beyond pregnant. Ya see, I was to have a little sister. Well, actually I thought it was gonna be a little brother and I was excited about that. My Momma tells the story that I begged and begged for a sibling and Le Parents finally decided to give me one. Ok, now I'm fibin' on that part. Y'all I can remember bein' in H.S and my Momma picked me and a fran up from band practice. I don't know how the conservation turned to this but she looks back at us and goes, " Condoms don't always work. Take your sister for example." So, yes, my sister was an accident. Wonder if she knows this? Back to the story. Is was December 22nd and I was actin' a fool. At the time my Momma was the director of the childcare I attended. Someone decide3d to give us Christmas Cookies as a gift. On the ride home I started hoopin' and hollerin' cause I wanted some cookies but my Momma told me not before dinner. Y'all I acted a plump fool. I was five, sue me. Apparently I was fallin' all over the floor and everything. I ended up gettin' a spankin' but it did nothin'. My Momma says they would spank me and I would just yell, "So, that ain't hurt. Y'all need to do it harder." I then remember my aunt giving me a few pop with this huge red belt but I still kept screaming and causing a commotion. Right after this is when my Momma tried to restrain me. I ended up kicking her really hard in the stomach. By this time my Daddy had had enough and he locked me outside the house. I remember him sayin, "If you gonna act like an animal then I'll treat you like one." Y'all I was terrified of the dark at 5 years old. Needless to say, I shut p real quick and they let me back in the house. Yep, you guessed it. A few hours later my Momma went into labor at 7months thus bringin' my sister, Alyssa Diamond into the word on December 23rd 1992. And no, till this day I still ain't get them cookies. And yes my name is Aleshea Dominique. Ask her why she gave us similar names. Rumor has it my Daddy wanted to name my sister Francesia (sp) but my Momma said, "hell no."

My Momma begged the hospital to let her come home on Christmas. I was stayin' at my God Mothers house and I remember walkin' in all excited to see my toys and what Santa had brought me. My Momma tells the story that when she asked if I wanted to see my new baby sister I replied, "No, where my toys?" And, yes, I didn't get them toys till late.

Growin' up my Momma loved to remind me of this story when I was in trouble of fightin' with my sister. She would always joke that I should be nicer to her cause I could have really caused some damage. But lookin' back now she thinks she would have gone into labor anyway cause we were both born at  about 7 months. I might have been closer to 6 months.

Y'all remember in yesterdays post when I said I would get joint presents with the sister. That's what the top pic is. She always got the short end of the draw having a birfday so close to Christmas. I remember that year my Momma forgot to set aside a present for her so she took a joint Christmas present and let her open it. Ha it was fine by me cause that meant we got to watch the movie before Christmas. 

Yep, that's all I got.

Dec 18, 2013

This.. is... how... we... do it...


Y'all ever look at others holiday traditions and be all, "ohh girl this a hot mess. To bad my Momma raised me betta than that and I can't say it out loud?" *Crickets* Whelp, guess it's just me. Problem is that sometimes I forget my tact and have a problem controllin' my word vomit. I would like to say I'm like Cady but that's isn't the case. Usually I'm all Karen, and sayin' stupid ish like, "If you're from Africa, then why are you white?" Then one of my Gretchen frans will be all, "Oh my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white." Ok, I think y'all get the point. So holiday traditions: we gots a few and I'mma 'bout to give ya the skinny on them. Wait, why do people say that phrase?

1) I've mentioned before that my seester was born two days before Christmas because of me. I tell y'all the story tomorrow. After the seester was born my Madre decided she wanted to do somethin' special; thus the ornament collection. Each year my seester gets a new ornament. My Madre would always write on the back of it what year it was. As the seester got older she start pickin' out the ornamets. Hence the random Hannah Montana ornament from a few years back. They arn't hung on the tree anymore but they are still bought.

2) I know some people open their presents on Christmas Eve. For us we would always go to Christmas Eve Service. Y'all know I mentioned that it's my favorite. After service we would come home and be allowed to open one present and then a joint present. We always got a few presents from Santa that we would have to share. They were usually movies and things of that elk. As we started to get older we knew what we were gettin' cause we would make a list. I cam remember opening one present the night before and being upset because it was a jewelry box that I still own. I begged and begged to be allowed to open another Christmas present cause I was so upset that that is what I opened. Of course I wore my Momma down and she caved. And yes the second present wasn't any better. A student gave me some chocolates and I've already opened them and can't stop eatin' them. Didn't even wait till Christmas Eve.

3) As for Christmas day traditions we had one main one: We would wake up early and then comb our hair and brush our teeth. A few years my Parents let us stay in our pj's to open presents but most of the time they didn't and we always got ready for the day before we opened gifts. Talk about torture as a child. Then we didn't play with out toys, we cleaned to house and got read to heady to my God Mother's for Christmas Dinner which is really like a Christmas lunch.

I think my family is just odd. The Christmas tree was always put up the day after Thanksgiving and came down the morning after Christmas. My parents never saw the point in leaving it up longer since Christmas was officially over. Our outdoor lights always came down on New Years afternoon.

Y'all got anything y'all do for the holidays? Link-up and tell me or let me know in the comments? Always: Be love, Give love. Oh and look for the Be Love Give Look project coming to Le Blog in the new year.

Dec 17, 2013

Mac and cheese is a vegetable yams ain't


Tuesday, December 17: Dressin', Ham, Mac & Cheese? What a must at your holiday feast. Maybe we wanna try something new.
 So let's talk for a memento before I give y'all these two recipes. Y'all know I have mentioned many times over that you betta be able to make a proper casserole if you plan on bein' a Southern Woman. Growin' up I always heard that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach as cliche as it says. Wait, what does that have to do with Mac & Cheese other than being a cliche quote? Anyways! Mac & Cheese is one of those dishes that is just a staple in every Southern home. One of my favorite singers, Lauren Alaina, put it like this when people asked her about her weight loss" "I just started eating better. Here in the South Mac & Cheese isn't a side dish it's a vegetable." Can I get an amen from all the Southerners reading. Ok, lemme stop cause y'all get the point and I've used references to the South and the word Southerner far more than it should be allowed in this post. This dish right here is a MUST. A must at all holiday dinners. Y'all I will hold up the meal and make everyone wait till the macaroni is finished. My God Mother usually makes a separate batch so I can have some to take home and eat on for days. The secret to gettin' it so cheesey the the cheese sauce I'ma 'bout to teach y'all.

1 80z bag of Macaroni noodles
4 Tbs flour
1 & 1/2 sticks of butter
2 80z blocks of butter; Colby and Sharp Cheddar
2 & 1/2 cups of milk
bag of shredded cheese. preferably at least an 80z

1.  Do I really need to tell y’all to preheat the oven at 350? Well, preheat the oven y’all.
2. Cook the noodles to your liking. If you don't know how to cook Macaroni noodles than y'all bigger fish to fry and shouldn't be readin' this post. 
3. While the noddles are cookin' we need to make the cheese sauce. Heat two cups of milk, flour and about 3/4 of each block of cheese.
           4. In a pyrex dish or whatever you bake in, keep in mind it needs to be large, cups up the half stick of butter and spread it around the dish.
5. Add the drained Macaroni noodles. And then pour the cheese sauce on tops. Now add the half cup of milks in there.
6. Sprinkle the top with some of the shredded cheese.
7. This will bake for a good while and you will need to check on it here and there. Stir every time you check on it and add more shredded cheese. 
7. Finally, you will slick up the last of the block cheese and layer it around on top. Let it bake until the cheese melts and forms a top of the macaroni.
This will make a lot but if your like us an always have a lot of people over at the holidays then you are probably gonna wanna double the recipe. We usually do. Also, when you heat the milk and cheese make sure to chop up the block cheese and don't just add it all at once. Slowly add it as the other cheese begins to melt. Y'all know I always say patience when be a cook in the South and this applies as well. Over all the cook time will depend on your oven and how much you make. I would so deff don't cook longer than an hour. If you are constantly stirring and adding cheese then it should cook for about 30-45 mins. Y'all enjoy and scroll down to see the next must have dish.

What can I say about Yam's other than they are that inappropriate blog word, Amazeballs. Sunday night I made this for a dinner party and when I set them on the table my friend Antonio asked how I wanted to eat them. I was confused and he goes, " is this dessert or part of the dish?" I was like," It's like dessert but we eat it with the meal" I'll say it again but y'all know we know how to mangle the nutritional value out of veggies. If you ask my Grandmas how to make these they'll tell you to just keep addin' the sugar and then argue over if you should add nutmeg and cinnamon. I add both and then pretend I didn't as not to get them started. At my college graduation party Bestfran Numeo Due ate these and it blew her mind. She kept making jokes that white people don't eat their yams like this. HA! My aunt got a kick out of that. My family from Southern Louisiana came and did all the cookin'. That's the best part of being part Cajun/Creole I get the best of both worlds at family gatherins when they are around.
Sugar! Lots
1 Tbs Vanilla flavoring
1 Tbs cinnamon
1 Tbs nutmeg
1/2 sitck butter
1.  Do I really need to tell y’all to preheat the oven at 350? Well, preheat the oven y’all.
2. The cook time will depend on the amount of Yams and whether you use can or fresh. Fresh Yams take longer to cook. Don't tell my Granny's but I used can to save time. Thank goodness neither of them know much about the internet let alone how to turn on a computer. 
3. I used two 8 oz cans or the equivalent of about 4 yams. If the Yams need to be chopped then do so and place them in a pyrex or baking dish.
           4. Cover them with about two cups of sugar, nutmeg, vanilla flavoring, cinnamon and the butter. Make sure to cut up the butter. If you use canned then make sure to pour out some of the juice before putting it in the dish. Add a little water whether you use can or fresh. You don't want to much cause this will make it's own juice.
5. Not than you can over cook Yams and that would be a hot mess.  Just make sure to check on the constantly and stir every time you do. I cooked these for about 30 minutes. 

Dec 16, 2013

Cop lights, flash lights, spot lights


"Don't be tardy for the party!" Anyone else start singin' this song when they saw my post go up all late? Well, we can be frans if you did. And no I don't watch that show anymore. It is a bigger mess than Kim's weave.  You see what had happened was.... we ain't put up no outside decorations. I could lie and say it was the weather but I won't. We never intended to put up anything. All we did this year was buy a new door hanger and there is a standing stuffed reindeer by our door. All the fancy blow ups, lights and junk my Momma swears she need every year is chillin' nicely in boxes in the garage.

Since we didn't put up much this year I decided to ride around town and get some pics. To bad most people had the same idea we did. I was talkin' to my aunt about it and she thinks it's the economy. I think it's that plus a combination of the ice storm. People just didn't want to be bothered this year. I was able to get a few snaps that you see above. Is it the same where y'all live? Has light turnout decreased? Like literally no one put up lights. Even the famous houses in town that play music and draw the media every year Skipped out.

Dec 14, 2013

On the night before Christmas

Saturday, December 14: Dust off that Bible. We'll wait and pretend you din't have to look for it first. What's your favorite biblical account of the Christmas Story and why since it's in different books of the Bible.                              
This pic was taken in 2011 at The Christmas Eve Service my church has every year. Probably one of my favorite services we do. I love how quaint and intimate it is. Sometimes church can get very impersonal and showy. This service is always a great time to strip everything back and focus on the real meaning of the season.

Growing up when I thought I had a little talent, I would always be in the church plays actin' and singin'. Mind you I am no actor and can't sing to save my life. I can remember playin' a lamb and one year feelin' all important cause I was allowed to be the Angel Gabriel. I got to tell Mary that a son would be born onto her. I was so excited you couldn't tell me nothin'. Y'all don't even know. The Bible in itself is a great piece of work. Wait, that sounded a hot mess but you get the point. The fact that they would go to Bethlehem to have a baby is a feet in itself. First can you imagine being preggers and then havin' that baby with all them nasty animals. I love animals. I really do but y'all know it had to be hot and funky up in there. And she ain't even have no medcine. But it's all right cause we'll just blame Eve for eatin' the apple. Heck, I blame everything on Eve. Mmmm, if you don't know what I'm talkin' about then I'mma need you to read your Bible more. Anyways, back to the point. And then all them people wanna come in and see baby Jesus. Man, Mary had to be a downright mess. She just gave birth in a stable no less and people wanna crowd around see the Son of God. I know she was thinkin', "Chil please!" But obvs Mary isn't like that. But my favorite part of the story was always the three kings. The fact that they weren't the least bit skeptical and followed that star to Jesus amazes me to this day. I would have been loosin' what little marbles I have and thinkin' the devil was out to get me. Maybe that's my problem.

But in all seriousness... I am extremely grateful that Mary brought baby Jesus into this world only to give him up some so many years later. After all he is the reason for the season.

Dec 13, 2013

Dear Santa, This is my grown up Christmas list


Friday, December 13: Open a new blog post. Close your eyes. Pretend you still talk to Santa. Open your eyes. Start writing. What would you say? What would you tell him? What would you ask for?
Dear Santa,
      Hey girl hey! Wait, can I say that to you? I feel like I should be quoting the lyrics to "Grown up Christmas List" that Lauren Alaina recently redid. I should be all grown and say something like, "do you remember me, I sat upon your knee, I wrote to you with childhood fantasies?" Hmmm, instead I'll just ask that you bring some extra cheer to those still felling the chill from the ice storm. Saw on the news this morning that people are still having a rough go of it and many schools are still close. I'm sure the kids are excited and the parents are exhausted. Texas is so big that's its crazy to think that people barely an hour from me still have ice everywhere. But I'm sure you knew how big Texas is on account of all those presents you deliver.

    Speaking of presents... what ya wanna bring me? In my older age I haven't gotten to picky. We could start with an answer to all the job applications i've been filling out. I'll even add in a please and thank you. I always love how you brought presents early when I was a kid. They would be under the tree weeks before Christmas Day. They would say from Santa and Daddy always said you would deliver some present early so you wouldn't miss anybody. It's been quite a few years since I've written you so I just wanna say thanks for always eating my cookies. It's crazy that you and my Dad had the same handwriting. I never noticed till I got older and looked at some of the notes you left me. I never did apologize for snooping that one year and finding the dollhouse and the leggo set you left me. Consider this my apology. Oh, yeah, and the time I snuck open the barbie doll and my Momma woke to me sitting under the Christmas tree trying to give it a relaxer. She about had my hide and I know you had wished you could switch me to the naught list.

Hey, wanna hear a funny story? I just know you love funny stories, Santa! At work today a student was doing something she shouldn't and my boss caught her and than made a statement that she sees everything. The student then looked at her all shocked and goes, " Your like Santa!" See, I knew you'd get a kick outta that. Also, At church on Tuesday I played the kids a Veggie Tells Movie that told the Story of Saint Nick. You'll be pleased to know that many of my nursery babies now know it all.

Whelp, I think that's all I got Santa. I can't stay up like I used to. My eyes always droop to soon. So, I guess this is my grown up Christmas list.

P.S. I never did thank you for bringin' my little seester two days before Christmas. Even if it was my fault. I can appreciate it now that I'm older.

Aleshea Dominique

Dec 12, 2013

I wonder..... What Christmas in Heaven is like

Thursday, December 12: If you ain't drunk off Holiday music then there must be somethin' wrong. What's your favorite holiday song. You must have a go to tune. Hey that rhymes. 
I hope y'all have been safe and warm so far this holiday season. It's still dreary here in North Texas. Last night driving from work, I was praying  cause there was still ice on the roads in some parts. I was on the toll road for a bit and I couldn't figure out why I was the only one in my lane until I came upon all the ice. I don't know how all y'all Yankees do it but my hats off to you. I'm trying to get this post up real quick like. I'm babysitting for a family friend. I do it from time to time. I spend the night and then take the kids to school. This morning two of the kids woke up before me. I was promptly greeted with Sponge Bob playin from the living room tv.

But, back to staying warm. The pic above features some of the things that have helped me get through this dreary weather and being trapped in the house so many of the days. I'm surprised family members or the neighbors haven't gotten annoyed with all my holiday music. I have always loved the classic when the holiday's come around. 'Mary did you Know', always brings a tear to my eye. And Pentatonix does a version of, "Little Drummer Boy", that brings a whole new meaning to spiritual and talent. But the past year or so I have really gotten into Country Christmas music. Who doesn't want to bop their head to, "I sure do like this Christmas cookies... baby."

Last year Scotty McCreery put out a Christmas album and I've been playin' the heck out of it. It has all my favorite classics but it also has two songs that are originally his. His song Christmas in Heaven is so beautiful. Last year I bought the cd but had yet to listen to it. I was skypin' with Bestfran Numero Uno when I heard it. Y'all that was a hot mess cause I couldn't stop cryin' on camera. Y'all know I'm always wonderin' about Heaven and what it's like. I wrote a few weeks ago about the family friend who died and his glimpse at Heaven. There's a line in the song where Scotty says,
Is the snow falling down on the streets of gold  Are the mansions all covered in white Are you singing with angels "Silent Night" I wonder what Christmas in heaven is like
When I start to feel sad I try and think of this song and it makes me feel better. This holiday season the song makes me smile a tad more cause I know now my dad has a friend and heaven and he's probably havin' fun showin' him What Christmas in Heaven is like.

Dec 11, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year


Wednesday, December 11: Photo-dump. We wanna see those indoor holiday decorations. We know some of y'all's houses could rival any Southern Living or Coastal Living Magazine any day of the week.

Over the last couple of years we have really slacked on our holiday decorations. This year we didn't even put up lights outside. The lack of decorations hasn't made it harder to get in the holiday spirit and for that I'm grateful. Growing up we had a very eclectic Christmas tree. It was like Christmas took a vomit on the tree. Said tree was also unnecessarily huge. After my dad died we started downsizing. We also decided to have a purple and gold tree in honor of him. Purple and gold were his fraternity colors as well as his favorite colors. I just always use that excuse when people come over and ask why are decorations are dark and dreary. Last year we decorated the table up real nice and it looked very Christmas-y. Maybe I'll get around to doing that again. The cold has really just made me want to do nothing but be lazy and sleep.

There ya go. Now I wanna see your houses. And don't forget to use #12dc hashtags so we can find and promote your post easier.

Dec 10, 2013

Heath Bar get in my belly


Tuesday, December 10:  It's OK! It's the most wonderful time of the year and you're allowed to cheat. What's your favorite holiday dessert.
So, I'mma cheat just a bit. The dessert that is a must have at all holidays and special occasions is my Grandma's Caramel Cake but I've already posted that recipe. I'm postin' my next favorite dessert my Granny makes and that's her Heath Bar Cake. I've never been a big chocolate lover but y'all don't even know how much I love this cake and want it in my belly daily. I can remember back in High School we had a prom after party at Ride or Die's house and we munched and munched on this cake. In the South food is how we show are love for one another. I know Ride or Die loves this cake and ALWAYS wants my Granny to make her some. I know she'll be pleased. I also have another fran who stalks my blog for the recipes and gets excited when I post another of my Granny's recipe. So here ya go my love. Stay warm in DC. Anyways!

Can we also talk about the nasty unsweet tea in this pic? I just needed something to add to the pic. I saw some tea in the fridge and my Momma swore it was good. I decided to try some after I took all the pics and OH MY GOODNESS I was gaggin'. Normally my Grandma makes this like a sheet cake but I didn't want to do that. Sunday night I'm havin' a dinner party with a few friends. I decided to split the cake in two so I could have one for us and one to take to the dinner party. They're in the freezer now and I pray they don't get eaten by Sunday. If they do I might have to catch a case and act a fool on the family member that does so. I'm sure this post is a bit of a hot mess and y'all just want the recipe. Y'all I'm tryin' to focus but I'm so distracted by the show Best Funeral Ever. It is filmed in Dallas and I can't even begin' to tell you about this show. It's on TLC and you just gotta watch. I should be mad that this show makes us look a hot mess but I'm so entertained I can't be upset.

I'm also finally excited that the weather is startin' to let up and I'll be back to work today. Ironic how I'm excited to get back to work. Note: don't follow the directions or ingredients on the back of the box.
1 Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Cake Mix 
1/2 cup cake flower
2 cups  sugar
4 eggs
1 & 2/3 cups of water
2/3 cup of vegetable oil
1/2 Tsp vanilla flavoring
12 oz cool whip

1/2 jar of Miss Rich butterscotch caramel
Heath Bar bits

1. Preheat the oven to 350 F
2. Add everything but the cool whip, butterscotch caramel and Heath Bar bits to the cake mix.
2. Once the cake has been mixed bake it for about 30 minutes or until it is done. Check it a few times but not to much cause y'all don't want it to fall. Make sure you grease the pan.
3. Allow the cake to cool completely.
4. Spread the butterscotch caramel on the top of the cake. Then add the cool whip. Finally add the Heath Bar bits on top. I used dark chocolate and toffee bits. You can get them in the baking isle already chopped.  
5. Cake should be placed in the freezer before serving. You should also keep it in the freezer when not eating it to help preserve the cool whip.
Ya know my whole, "all the world needs is a good meal ans jesus?" Now ya swe where I get it from. My Granny. And yes desserts  count too. Y'all enjoy and remember to spread warmth and love today. Happay day two of  #12dc. So what's your family's much have holiday dessert tell me in the comments are link up with us.

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