Aug 31, 2015

Summer Instagrams; Hello September!

September is by far one of my favorite months. And not just cause It's my birfday month. I love the cool weather, the Friday night lights, Saturday tailgates. I indulge in pumpkin and pecan galore. Summer, you were a grand little buggar. Until next time.

Aug 24, 2015

Maple Holistics

Ya know, one of those disclaimers where I promise all opinions are my own, I won't giveaway your info without permission and I'll disclose all affiliate links. 

Excuse me while I tell y'all about my quest not to be ratchet. So, I don't know if I've mentioned it often but I'm on a continuous quest not to be ratchet. HA! Holy repeatin' myself but I gotta keep y'all's amusement. I know y'all are all, "gurrlll if ya don't get to the point!" So I will.

A few years back I decided to go natural with my hair, I don't mention it much cause I 'm not as fabulous as those bloggers who've mastered the art of natural hair. It takes work and knowin' your hair/diet etc. One of the main reasons I decided to go natural is cause I was diagnosed with Psoriasis of the Scalp. Trust it sounds worse than it is. Basically, my scalp is dry and itchy. I'm not talkin' dandruff dry. I'm talk like real dry, itchy and flaky and not much can be done. The biggest thing doctors recommend is a change and diet. I saw the no spicy food and was to through, y'all. To through. *pause* By natural I mean I try and keep chemicals off my scalp. So no Perms/Relaxers etc.

While on the  quest I have been unsuccessfully goin' through products that will not make my hair drier than it already is and or tangle it or leave it to greasy. For a wile I was usin' this Tea Tree oil but my hair stayed a mess and I was always shame so I stopped buyin' the overpriced product. Enter Maple Holistics. When they contacted me I was brushin' my shoulder off and feelin' all fabulous. And then my Momma goes, "Maybe they saw that ratchet head. Felt bad and wanted to help." Thanks Momma.  Well, they told me about all the natural products they sold and I was curious.

All I told them was no Mangoes (on account of them bein' out  to get me) I may or may not have mentioned I love Tea Tree Oil. Well, they sent these lovely goodies my way while I was away takin' care of Grandma Johnnie. I'd been itchin' to try them. Wannabe pun intended. So, as soon as I got back home I did just that. I mean I couldn't go get sworn in as a Dallas CASA lookin' the way I was lookin'.

Lemme tell y'all what I love about this shampoo and conditioner. I love that it was BPA free. I also love how yummy it smelled. I know that's odd but work with me y'all. But, I especially loved how my hair wasn't drier than normal or as tangled. If y'all only knew how much of a problem that normally is for me. Especially in this Texas heat, I ain't tryin' to scratchin' all day but I also don't wanna be lookin' like a drowned rat.

So this is what I'mma need y'all to do. Go show Edumuch some love as a thank you for partnerin' with Maple Holistics to send me all the products. Then go show Maple Holistics.

Aug 23, 2015

Samuel Waller 10/49

                                                              Photographed in Greenville, Mississippi

Let this be the tenth installment of "I am the South and the South is me: Southern portraits." Portrait ten: A man I call my favorite person.."
"My fingers fumble as the phone rings in my ear. I casually wonder what he's eaten today. Has he eaten? What will I talk about other than Cowboys. He answers, his accent thick and slow. Slow as molasses. As sweet at the Magnolias in Mississippi he grew up with. I cut him off before he can begin. "Happay Birfday Paw Paw, I yell!" I imagine him to wince as he thanks me. He never did quite understand my enthusiastic nature. A familiar sound strains the back of my ears. I pause before askin' him what he was doin'. "Listentin' to I am Redeemed the hymn", he responds. "We sang that at church this mornin", I pipe back. For someone never much amused unless the Cowboys are on his little ol' TV, I swear I can hear the light and smile in his voice. " I did't do much today but leave the house for church", he rambles on. The church I know to be the light of his day. Little bitty church, big ol' steeple I think. The same church he was baptized in. The same church my distant cousin pastors in.  The conversation haults... he wants to know if I've put his birthday in the internet yet. "Not, yet Paw Paw. Not yet I reply." He stops me many times in the span of minutes. I never was quite good at lettin' him get a word in I think. He wants to know if I saw the pictures of Momma's childhood home that recently burned down. 
The conversation halts. Now is my chance I think to myself. "Paw Paw, I begin." Where you alive durin' WW2?" I catch him off guard. "Yes, But I was little don't remember much. '35 I was born. Daddy didn't have to enlist. He raised us 9 kids and was a farmer. He got a waiver." I strain to listen. His accent thicker than usual. "Leon my older brother, he was in the Korean Conflict." I chuckle. Did anyone still call it the Korean Conflict? 
I pause, a bittersweet feelin' rushes over me. My whole life I'd wanted to know Paw Paw's age- his life. I'd call him every birfday and he'd say, "I'm Sixteen today." He was private like that. Never shared much. He'd finally told me what I wanted to know. In not so many words. My smiled faded. Always wonderin' was half the fun.
I imagine I'm a child again. As the days of, " no no no I love you more. No you hang up first. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS flood my soul.  
And so the A man I call my favorite person clears his throat as if to silently acknowledge we'd reach this point, as I pass the phone.
 I am Samuel 'Baby Boy' Waller
 I am the South and the South is me. 
Happy 80'th Birfday Paw Paw.  

Aug 11, 2015


Thanks to Yoplait for sponsorin' this post.
It's been forever and a day since I did a Down South Post. For all the new frans around this blog let me explain. Usually I do them on Saturday sometimes durin' the week like today. It's where I show y'all things I'ml  lovin' or what I used to get through the day. I felt today was perfect to do one.

I was lookin' back on my first DownSouthSaturday post and I cam across this line: "As Ellie King Ex's and Oh's played in my head all weekend. Where did I even first hear her at? Who really cares? Elle King should be heard by all. What y'all do this weekend? What songs are stuck on repeat?" If that's not a lesson on never givin' up I don't know what is. Since that song is just now makin' it's way to local radio. And I know y'all are wonderin' what I'm listenin' to now. Southern Style by Darius Rucker.

Photos: My new Vera Bradley Shopper Tote/// Maple Holistic Shampoo and Conditioner- More on this good stuff next week /// My new Influence earrings/// Cold Brew Coffee. I know y'all seen all my post on social media about all the different ones i've been tryin'/// Yoplait  Plenti Yogurt. It be all up in my belly. 

Current Obession: Y'all should know by now I've been takin' care of Grandma Johnnie and stayin' with her. If you haven't seen all my social media post, I don't know what you've been doin' with your life. I feel like i've been runnin' ragged this past week and a half watcin' her and rotatin' with family in between work and other obligations. Grandma Johnnie needs round the clock care and direction. But as bestfran reminded me last night, "If you've lived to 86 I think you earned gettin' to do what you want." Plus, I've had loads of fun.  I was recently introduced to Yoplait Plentiful Greek Yogurt and I have fallen in love. What I really love is how it already has all the good stuff, whole grain oats, pumpkin seeds and flax are already in it. It has been a great pick me up as I've been runnin' this past week or so. I also love how few calories etc it has in it. Evn Grandma Jhonnie could enjoy this with her daily breakfast.  Y'all know Instagram is another thing I'm lovin' as of late. Follow Plenti Yogurt on  Instagram and get all the latest and greatest.  

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