Feb 27, 2013


 Linking up with some of my FAVORITE bloggers for #SorryNotSorry
Here are a few things I'm NOT sorry for.

#SorryImNotSorry That I don't get fashion bloggers. Stop taking pictures of yourself wearing more brands than a department store.

#SorryImNotSorry That I make jokes about all y'all in blog land who call yourselves Southern Belles. My "Ride or Die" is pretty much a modern Belle and she's got y'all beat by a mile. You just think you're a Belle.

#SorryImNotSorry That I sat in the Sonic parking for 15 minutes last Thursday, waiting for it to hit 2pm, before placing my order so I could get the happy hour specials.

#SorryImNotSorry That I will judge you If you say your from the South but you's y'all wrong. I don't care about the rest of your grammar.

#SorryImNotSorry That I make fun of the states: Kansas, Oklahoma & Alabama on the reg. I'm from Texas. It's what we do.

#SorryNotSorry That I think the current administration in the White House is a bunch of idiots who are our of touch with reality. Socialist and Communist ideas didn't work then and they won't work now.

#SorryNotSorryv That I LOVE Alana

Just a few things I'm not sorry for on this Wednesday morning.

Feb 25, 2013

MHMP {Week 8}: The Southern Wedding Addition

Don't stop believin'

 I love weddings. Especially Old Southern Money ones. 

One: I put on for city. On, on for my city
Two:Lunch with the Bestfriend Numero Due
Three: Saturday I helped my bestfriend Casey with a wedding reception she was coordinating. 
Let me explain:
The bestfriend works for Old Red Museum  They are the history of Dallas Museum. It is downtown in the old court house. We make jokes because most people forget they are a museum first and for most or come looking for Dealy Plaza. Dealy Plaza is where JFK was shot and there is now an entire museum dedicated to him as well as a plaza. The museum is in the building he was shot in on the same floor.
Dallas is one of the top places to have a wedding and we get a ton of out of staters who come here for their wedding. Dallas also has the highest average in the state of what people are willing to spend on a wedding. it is over $30,000. The Old Red Museum is ONE OF the top places in Dallas to have your wedding and or reception. The Top of the museum overlooks downtown and it is gorgeous. Literally the majority of the revenue generated by the museum is from the weddings and receptions. The museum is ALWAYS in D Wedding (Magazine focused on Dallas Weddings. One issue is 8 dollars. Told y'all we do Old Southern Money better then y'all) The bestfirend knew someone who went to school with the bride and groom. She was in over her head and she offered to help coordinate towards the end. Y'all, it was the cutest wedding reception EVER! Belles, you really NEED to get on my level. I saw enough pearls, Jack Rogers, Lilly Dresses, Bow ties, Texas Beer, and big hair to last me a while. I swear it was as if every girl flipped through the Spring Lilly Catalog and bought their dress for the wedding/reception. Jim Lee catered the event and that in itself was AMAZING. If y'all didn't know, which I'm sure you didn't, they are like the TOP catering company in Dallas. The food ain't cheap but it is so good. They are known for their fried Mac & Cheese Martini bar. (Only in Texas) Her cake came from Pinini Bakery and it was soo gorg. (another top bakery in Dallas.)

I LOVED the Oscars and now have to see all the movies. I'm glad award season is over until the Country Music starts doing it's awards. Award season is tiring.

Feb 22, 2013

Dear Green Bean:

The top pic is from two Christmases ago.

Dear Green Bean: You weren't just a car. You were my baby. Probably the most expensive thing I owned next to my college education. I still remember waking up on that warm spring day freshman year of high school. Daddy came in the house all excited and Momma was catchin' a case cause Daddy let the sales lady talk him into buying you. He was just supposed to be getting quotes and test driving a few cars. I  was so excited when Daddy said, " get dressed and I'll let you drive her." Green Bean I was more excited than the devil on Halloween. I whipped around that parking lot like I was a NASCAR Driver. Then junior year of high school rolled around. Daddy died and you became ALL mine. You had some problems with your battery then but I didn't care cause you were mine. Soon came college and you had to say in DFW cause you were not safe enough to make the journeys to East Texas but that was still ok cause you were ALL mine.  College came and went. You had LOTS of problems between 2010-2013. Some my fault and other because you were a cheap ol' thing. Spring of 2012 rolled around and you turned 10. I was beyond excited for you and we celebrated by tearin' up some back roads behind my house. That big ol' Jeep crashin' into you Spring of 2013 is what finally did you in. I will miss you ol' friend. I cried when I had to come say goodbye and clean you out. Just thinking of all the fun times and memories shared with family in friends. The man at the collision center thought I was crazy when I asked for the original key back and gave him the spare. I wanted something to remember you by. Plus that was originally Daddy's key and it wasn't about to follow you to the chop shop.You were the best first car ever. You can never be replaced but just know that when  I buy your sister it WILL NOT be another KIA!

I love you Green Bean and I shall miss you dearly. HA, especially since you were paid off and cost me nothing. Not even gas or insurance (thanks Momma)

So, as y'all can see Green Bean is no more. She's at the collision center now, waiting to be chopped to a million bits. I can't really afford a new car but I have no choice. I was trying to wait until summer but circumstances had forced me to starts making arraments months earlier. I turn in the rental car tomorrow morning and then I will be car-less. (Gah, I feel like an Obama reject who wasn't promised the handouts they voted for.)

I really want a Jeep Wrangler.  I have for a while. I can just see myself down a back road near my house, Ashton Shepherd cranked up, windows down and jammin' out. Lord knows I can't afford a Wrangler and the gas makes it not practical for me. It barely gets 20 miles to the gallon. Gas is almost 4 dollars here and on a good day I drive upwards of 100 miles and some days more if I have to pick up the seester or go to church etc. 
I really LOVE the Jeep Patriot and might be able to swing that if I budget right. It is almost 16,000. But I still fell like I'm doing to much with that car. I just really want a Jeep y'all..The other day I did a search for the cheapest cars of 2013 and here are a few possibilities. 

2013 Nissan Versa


2013 Nissan Versa S – $11,990

2013 Ford Fiesta S

 2013 Ford Fiesta S – $13,200

2013 Ford Focus S


2013 Ford Focus S – $16,200

My family has never owned anything Ford but I hear great things. Most of my friends are Ford people and they swear by them. My Momma has had many a Nissan over the year and loves them. I have driven her Nissan and just don't like the way it feels when I drive it. I'm small y'all. Barely 5 ft 3 and that means I have to sit as close to the steering wheel as possible. Momma really wants me to get the Nissan pictured above. It's a great price for me and she likes it.I really liked the Hyundai the rental agency gave me. It is a 2013 and I have NEVER driven anything that nice. Y'all don't know how confused I was with all the bells and whistles the car had. But after gassing that car up the past two weeks there is NO WAY! That little baby is a gas guzzler and that was a huge turn off. I just don't know. This is a big purchase and the decision can't be rushed. But I also don't have much time. I NEED a car. As soon as the insurance sends that check I am a headed shoppin'!

Y'all help! What are some cars or brands I should look at.... I have been trying to stay under $15,000 but depending on the car I might make an exception since the insurance gave me a little more than I thought they would. But I deff know I will not go over $20,000. I can make a few scrafices each month so I can afford the monthly note but I refuse to give up my sweet tea runs. What good is a car if I can't afford to have an open cup of sweet tea in the console. 

I also want the car to be Green so I can call it Green Bean Junior. But really it's blazin' hot in Texas. Dark cars are a no no in the Texas summer and light cars get dirty to quick when that Texas Red Dirt hit's it. That is the real reason I would like to stick with a green car. 

So anyways. 

Goodness y'all, who knew keeping a blog could be so therapeutic. Rather y'all read or not I get to get things off my chest. Thanks blogger.

Feb 21, 2013

Yo God... it's me, Aleshea! I'm listening!

All the sweet tea to Jesus cause he keeps blessin' me even when I don't deserve it. I know I don't normally get to religious or political on here but I shall today. Check back tomorrow for the funny.

Ever had one of those moments where God just put you back and your place and says, " Girl lay off the sweet tea and chill. I got this. How you gonna tell me how to do me? I'm God and I tell you"? Well, I did last night. God hurt my feelin's but in a good way. By now y'all all know that Green Bean (for the new followers that's my car. Yes, I named her after my favorite vegetable. Cause she's green like a green bean) is no more and the girl is tryin' to sue me. (I'll go into more details in tomorrow's post) I have to give the rental car back tomorrow. I've already cleaned Green Bean out and after tomorrow night I will be without a car. I've been pretty sad all week

So last night I was driving home from the after school program and I really got to thinkin'. Normally I'm listening to one of the local Country Stations but last night all the stations I set on the dash were on commercial except the local Christian Station. All of the sudden "God's Been Good to Me" by Crystal Lewis came on and I was like ouch God.... that hurt!
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
I don't always say the right things
Boy I try
I don't always live
My life the right way
But God is faithful to forgive me
When I fail or fall
I am unworthy of it all
Still He keeps on givin'
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
My God has given me
More than I ever dreamed
A precious family
And friends who care for me
Why should he love me so
Oh, that I'll never know
I am unworthy of it all
Still He keeps on givin' to me
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
It would take hours and days at a time
For me to sit down and write down
All the things
He's done
Let me say this that
Its nothing I've done
But its the grace
He gives freely to everyone
Tell everybody
Tell everybody 'bout it
Tell everybody
Everybody 'ought to know
I immediately started singing and was like yeah, I guess he has been good. You see I've never been much of a person who worry's or stresses out. I figure whatever happens happens and ultimately God is in control. There's an old sayin' I love that says, "Give all your worries to God. He'll be up anyway." I'm serious y'all. Plus ain't nobody got time for all that.
Well, this past week I have been stressed and frustrated ... Yes, that's the right word... frustrated. More than anything I have been frustrated. Yesterday was the icing on the cupcake. All I wanted to do was crawl under my covers and veg out on American Idol for the rest of my life. Well, after a few minutes this Jesus Culture song come's on and I'm all "*Sniff, sniff* Amen, Praise baby Jesus " .
Higher than the mountains that I face
Stronger than the power of the graveConstant through the trial and the changeOne thing… Remains [repeat]Your love never fails, never gives up
Never runs out on me [3x]On and on and on and on it goesIt overwhelms and satisfies my soulAnd I never, ever, have to be afraid
One thing remainsIn death, In life, I’m confident andcovered by the power of Your great loveMy debt is paid, there’s nothing that canseparate my heart from Your great love...
By Jesus Culture 
That is when I look up and see a green light but no one is moving because a Firetruck is trying to get through. Next thing I know three guys walk past pushin' a stalled vehicle. By this time I was like, " STAAAAAHP! I'm listentin' I GET it." The point is I've been really blessed in life.Yes, there have been hard times and struggles but he's never NOT provided a way so why should now be any different. Who am I to question God. He is the great I am and how shameful and disrespectful for me to think any less of him. It can always be worse and sometimes I need to be reminded of that.

So, God, I heard you loud and clear. I'm listenin' and I shall tell EVERBODY!

As the song I sing with my three and four year old on Sunday says,
  "I'm in the Lord's Army. Yes sir. I'm in the Lord's Army. Yes sir. I may never march in the infantry.  Ride in the Calvary. Shoot the artillery. I may never zoom over the enemy but I'm in the Lord's Army."

I just wanted to get that out there. Goodness, I feel so much better. Now, I just need to see about getting a new car and to work next week. Y'all check back tomorrow cause I'm gonna post a few car options I'm looking at. Y'all can help me decide.

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Let Them Eat Cake

Feb 19, 2013

That One Time I Was an Actual Food Blogger

So this one time I tried to be a real food blogger. This was the end result

Texas Tuesday: This Is My Town

 " Nah, nah, nah, nah: This is our town. Where I was raised..."
After I picked the Seester up from work yesterday, we rode around town  takin' pics. More like I drove and she rode. She took most of the pics. Neither one of us our photographers. 

Princess of the Panhandle

Feb 18, 2013

Monday's Hot Mess Post {Week 7}

RIP Mindy McCready girl. Make sure you sing for my Daddy!
The day has only half begun and I'm already depressed. I've been tryin' to file my taxes for days but they keep getting rejected. I finally called the IRS and they are tryin' to say I didn't file last year. I almost lost it on the phone with that lady. Not only DID I file last year but I OWED a TON of money. SO what the heck did the IRS do with the check I sent them last year. It sure was cashed. And then earlier today I called the Collision Center to see about Green Bean since State Farm hasn't called me and Ramone tells me State Farm TOTALED Green Bean. They want the rental back by Friday. State Farm won't answer and I can't get anyone on the line. I have three days to figure something out. Time to start prayin'! y'all. I have NO money for a new car. This is not ok.

Despite all the nonsense mentioned above, the weekend was a pretty nice one. Between Church/Friends/Shopping it was a nice weekend. This weekend was one of my Bestfrans. James, Birfday. We spent friday night at "The Point" (My town is off the lake. One of the boys I grew up with lives in a house off the lake. Some years back his dad built a huge fire pit down by the lake so people could hang out on the weekends.) 

One: "You can see it from the river to the top of White Pine Ride, burning like a summer sun, a bunch of rednecks getting half lit. There's mud-covered trucks and suv's cranking Hank and AC/DC. At the bonfire, out in the sticks, country backwoods, homegrown hicks. Bonfire, dance a little jig, hold up your cup and take another swig, won't go to sleep till dawn, party right down till the wire at the bonfire."
Two: Beautiful
Three: Texas Forever! If you don't know what his shirt is then run a lap and have several seats
Four: Yes, I was wrapped in a blanket at the bonfire. It was colder than Jesus out there. (Doughery is behind me and "Ride or Die" is in front of my. There were TONS of other people but as always I fail to take pics. I didn't even get a pic of or with the Birfday bot. Shame shame.) 
Five: We hooked bluetooth up to the speakers and when this song came on James started singing and acting a fool. He was standing on the ledge of the fire. You see, James has been engaged more than once and this song is SOOO him. He even had one who refused to give back the ring. 

Here's to a better rest of the week.

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