Nov 26, 2013

I'll love you long after you're gone gone gone


Yes'm, I'm back with another sappy post. Well, we'll see how sappy it is once I'm finished writing it. I told y'all last week that Brent, a good family friend/second father died. This past Saturday was his funeral and let me tell y'all how much of a cluster that was. I took my seester. Ya know, the one I hardly talk about. Originally we were just going to pay our respects and view the body. When we got to the church, Brent's son greeted us and wanted to introduce us to EVERYONE. My seester new many of the family members there since she was very close to the family and like another daughter to Brent. Poor Blake was so flustered most of the time that I had to take over and introduce myself to many of the family members. Most knew of us and that we were neighbors with Brent for all those years but they'd never actually met us. Ms. Peggy showed up and bless that woman's heart for bein' so strong. I started to tear up when she told us about his obituary and how we were included as honorary children. I was touched by that. About this time I left to find a bathroom. Y'all I come back to find a few of the old neighborhood kids that are all grown up now I might add sitting together. A few were sittin' by my seester and my seester was in a ball sobbing. Oh my goodness y'all. Imagine a quite church and this girl cryin' so loud. It was a mess and when I tried to hug her and calm her down it made it worse. I was good most of the funeral until my seester lost it again when we went to see the body for the last time.

Before I forgot to tell y'all; I sat next to Ms. Maddie. She was an older black lady and siitin' all by herself so I sat next to her. It turns out Brent delivered her mail to her everyday for over 30 years. Y'all not only  was this lady a hoot but she is the widow of Crazy Ray. If you don't know who Crazy Ray is then I'mm tell ya. He was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan is was considered the unofficial mascot. In 46 years he had only missed 3 home games. He would show up at the games in western get up and not only pump up the crowd but did magic tricks and sold things to the kids. I worked at the old Cowboys Stadium for a short time and had seen him once. As someone who is a huge Cowboys fan I was honored to sit by her. My Momma told me that Brent used to always brag he delivered mail to them.. Y'all it was hard not to smile when you're sittin' next to a lady who starts yellin', " Baby you got a safety pin? My titties poppin' out and I don't need these men lookin'. Ohh, look at me. I said I was gonna behave if they let me out!" You try keepin' a straight face after that.

When the funeral was over I was prepared to go home. I didn't have a jacket and didn't really wanna go to the grave site. Well, Ms. Peggy came up to my seester and her fran who was also like a daughter to Brent and invited us out to eat with the family afterwards. Yes they paid. Yes I ordered something cheap. How can you say no to that. Especially when they include you in not only the obituary but the funeral speech. Wait, can we talk about The South and how we love to celebrate life. Not only was this funeral long but there were to pastors presiding and two sermons.

We ate lunch at one of Brent's favorite Mexican restaurants. Chips and Salas are a must in Texas. But, y'all  I write all this to tell y'all THIS story. One of my sisters frans wanted to hear the story of his death. Y'all I was good the whole funeral until Ms. Peggy told me this:

The Nurse came in to his hospice room and gave him his last bath on Sunday. At the time we didn't know it was his last bath. The nurse said he kept looking up at the ceiling and raising his hands. Later that night I was sitting with him and he look at me and said, "I'm goin' home." I asked him," home?" He replied, "home home." I said, "oh you mean heaven. What do you see?" He said, " I see rows of green grass. I see daddy under a tree pickin' pecans. " Then he looked up, raised his hands and said I'm goin' home as he took his last breath.

Y'all by them time I'm a mess in the middle of this restaurants. Ms. Peggy embraces me in a hug and goes how can I be sad. Then she told me she was gonna pray for me and the family.  I haven't stopped thinking about what Ms. Peggy told me. I don't know about y'all but stories like that not only give me hope but make the long and rough days bearable. Maybe this story will help you through those days.

Nov 25, 2013

GlitznGrits + Bekah's Resolve= 12 Days of Christmas linkup

Sometimes I doodle on paper despite the fact that I can't draw in the least bit. Don't mistake being artistic and creative for being a drawer. Other times I'm to lazy to fix the coloring and just post the unedited scanned image. HA!

Hey girl hey! Is that annoying yet? Well, to bad. Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a link-up. Pss! Don't act like y'all don't like link-ups. Ya know the song, ' 12 Days of Christmas?!?1' Well, this link-up was inspired by that song. Teaming up with my favoritest blogger eva... eva I tell ya. We bring you the 12 Days of Christmas Link-Up. It's a good thing Bekah loves Christmas as much as I do. We give you #12DC

Here's what you do:

1. There will be a link-up option at the bottom of each post Bekah and I post throughout the twelve days.
2. Grab that lovely button we slaved over and spread the love would ya.
3. We give ya the prompts:

Monday, December 9: Tell us all about it. We wanna know what Christmas means to you.
Tuesday December 10:  It's OK! It's the most wonderful time of the year and you're allowed to cheat. What's your favorite holiday dessert.
Wednesday, December 11: Photo-dump. We wanna see those indoor holiday decorations. We know some of y'all's houses could rival any Southern Living or Coastal Living Magazine any day of the week.
Thursday, December 12: If you ain't drunk off Holiday music then there must be somethin' wrong. What's your favorite holiday song. You must have a go to tune. Hey that rhymes. 
Friday, December 13: Open a new blog post. Close your eyes. Pretend you still talk to Santa. Open your eyes. Start writing. What would you say? What would you tell him? What would you ask for?
Saturday, December 14: Dust off that Bible. We'll wait and pretend you din't have to look for it first. What's your favorite biblical account of the Christmas Story and why since it's in different books of the Bible.
Monday, December 16:  Do you live in a homeowners association? Is their a random neighbor that insist on having the best lights in town? Or maybe you have the best lights in town. Well, here's your chance to show them off.
Tuesday, December17:  Dressin', Ham, Mac & Cheese? What a must at your holiday feast. Maybe we wanna try something new.
Wednesday, December18: We wanna hear all about your holiday traditions. Is there a special place you go? Is there a special thing you do?
Thursday, December 19: I'll take nothin' but a memory. Quick, who sang that? Anyway, we wanna hear all about your favorite Christmas/Holiday memory. Ready. Set. Go.
Friday, December 20: Quick, we need new drink ideas. Send your favorite holiday drink this way.
Saturday, December 21: Only photos. We wanna see what the holiday spirit looks like from your part of the world. 

See y'all Monday, December 9th, for #12DC

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Nov 21, 2013

Fresh Friday hoppity hop.

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Nov 20, 2013

I will break down the gates of heaven, a 1,000 angels stand waiting for me

Ever had one of those weeks where life is tryin' to take your joy but you are fightin' back and refusing to let it? Well, that's been my life this week. On Sunday a good family fran passed away. I wrote about him back in September and how we went to go visit him and asked y'all for prayers. I held off writing this post because I was sad. It still saddens me but now, not only have I put everything into perspective but I'm doing much better. Because of his acceptance and faith I know he is in a better place and has no more pain. Mostly, I ask for prayers for his family. Mainly his children and mother. I mentioned back in September that he was our next door neighbor for years. He youngest daughter and my seester grew up together and were bestfrans. She stayed with that family for a few days after my daddy died. They were the ones to pick her up from school and break the news. By they I mean his ex-wife. Brent, the family fran who died, was there before, during and after my daddy's death. I don't like to rehash the actual death much but Brent was the one who gave my daddy CPR while my momma was on the phone waiting for the paramedics to come. Not only was my dad dyin' but he was coughing blood everywhere. Brent, didn't miss a beat and just kept on with the CPR. I'll be forever grateful to him for that. Brent's mother really needs prayer. Her husband died at the age of 53 from cancer. She was his caretaker and provider till the end. Brent would have been 53 in a few weeks and for the last 2 years, Ms. Peggy, Brent's mom as been his caretaker and provider. Ms. Peggy is one of the strongest women you will ever meet.

I'm also somewhat jealous that Brent not only gets to go to heaven but he gets to see all his lost loved ones who join us in our faith. A while back he told me that next to his father my father was his hero. Whenever he was feeling down or wanted to give up the fight he said that he would think of how hard my dad fought his entire life and it would instantly give him strength. Well, y'all know that mad my momma cry for days and days. The title of my post comes from the song Run to You by Pentatnoix. I don't know about y'all but that is gonna be me when I get to Heaven. Even in Heaven I know I'll be actin' a plump fool. I also have so many questions. They say that when you get to heaven there will be no more pain and suffering. There will be no sorrow. So does that mean we won't remember our lives here on earth. Cause I know remember mine would make me happy and sad. And if that's the case then how would we remember our family members when they finally get to Heaven. So many questions I want answered.

 But, this week I have been tryin' to remind myself there's beauty all around. I'm surrounding myself with the things I love this week. Above are just a few of the things.

Nov 19, 2013

Me: It's pronounced "fuh". Her: They misspelled it then.

It's been forever since I posted a recipe. Calm yourself cause today ain't that day. I'm broke and ain't in the mood. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't tell people that are be tagging myself in at the nail salon. You know those ladies always be tryin' to upsale and conn you into something. But I did try Pho for the first time last week. It's food related and therefore quailfys for Tasty Tuesday with Jess and Ashley. Now that we got the necessary links outta the way, shall we get to the funnies? I say we shall, so we shall. Did that even make sense to y'all. Pause why don't y'all count how many times I wrote y'all in a post. I hear it's an unnecessary amount. I've been told that I'm somewhat outrageous in public. But in a good way if that makes sense. If it doesn't than just pretend it does. People are always tellin' me I should have someone filming my adventures. I say my frans are biased and I'll let y'all be the judge of that.

Let's preface this with the shortest history lesson ever. Growing up my hometown wasn't that big but over the last few years wave have almost TRIPPLED our populations. It's crazy y'all. We ain't a small town anymore but we still act and feel like one. We were just named by some online publication, "best small city to live in." You can imagine the town is going nuts. Almost as nuts as when we were a finalist a few years back in the "All-American City Award" or ranked 10th best small city by CNN money. Now that i'm older I can appreciate these things but growing up not so much. As I mentioned yesterday majority of my town is off the lake. We have to main bridges that cut through town. If you are on one side of the bridge near the HS and say I live down yonder on the other side people know what you mean. My side of town is the smaller side where is mostly houses. Our town is a true bedroom community. The other side is where majority of the "things" are. Growing up I didn't mind driving across the bridge but people on that side of town wouldn't drive to my side. Why is why we have two of almost everything. May not seem like much to you but it is to me when you can drive through my town in less in 10 minutes. Well, I guess that wasn't a short hometown lesson.

So last Thursday Ride or Die, Sherry, came over so my seester could do her hair. She finished early and we decided to go get lunch. We mumbled and mauled forever on what to eat. I mentioned that they built a Pho/Yogurt place. She started loosin' her mind with excitement and then proceeded to tell me that she didn't know where said place was because she doesn't come to my side of town. Bar in mind this restaurant is like 10 mins max from her house. This was probably just her excuse so I'd drive us. So as where driving the five minutes to the restaurant this conservation ensues:

Aleshea: Let's go to that "fo" place.
Sherry: You mean pho?
Aleshea: That "po" place.
Sherry: It's pronounced "fuh"
Aleshea: They misspelled it then.

Then we get to the restaurant and my mind is blown because I thought Pho was just one kind of soup. I didn't realize there were options. So after I finally make a decision we get the soup. By this time the waiter is intrigued because not only am I unintentionally actin' a fool but I'm loud like always.The waiter come back over all concerned because Sherry is laughin' so loud and hard the whole restaurant can hear.What happened you might ask. This Twit post shall let y'all know.

"Apparently I'm the only one who dips my Shrimp in Sriracha Sauce. The waiter laughed at me. I thought that's it was there for.And yes I'm eating this Pho soup thing with a fork. Can't take the Texas girl outta me. That spoon was tooo hard and I gave up."

The waiter than comes back and politely shows me what the Sriracha was for and how to properly add it to my Pho with the spices. SOOO good y'all. Y'all don't even know. I must have Pho all the time. But this trip wouldn't be complete without one last twit while we were in the restaurant. Y'all before we left I was screaming this:

"Sriracha in my eye and it burns"

Ohh, let me tell y'all how much it burned. I didn't realized some was on my hands when I rubbed my itcin' eye. And do you know the drank they gave me did not sweat in the least bit. I couldn't even cry it burned so bad. By this time this two older white ladies came in and sat by us. Needless to say they were amused by me as well. But don't worry cause I left a nice tip since that waiter had to put up with my nonsense. By the time we left they had a couple staff members sitting by us. They were tryin' to pretend they were meeting or some nonsense but I know they came over so they could watch us actin a fool'

So I guess the moral would be that Pho is good. I'm not cultured. And actin' like a child always makes for fun times.

Nov 18, 2013

Who said, "it's better to give than receive," anyway?


How you doin'? Wait, don't answer that. Ever heard of a rhetorical question? I kid, I kid! I do hope hope all is well with y'all. Woke up to see that Cara Boxes were being posted today. To say I was excited was an understatement. Means I can push back the rest of my post by a day and then I have material for a week. If you're late to the party then I suggest you get your life together and get with it. I'm even more excited that Kaitlyn switched things up and decided to make this a quarterly link-up. Saves me money and allows me to participate more often.

I know I'm supposed to take pics of all my items and then post for the world to see but I didn't and y'all can just get over it right now. I love all the items I was sent but I wasn't able to get good pics of them. Shall we start with the lovely Alisa. She was assigned the task of stalkin' my hot mess of a blog. Can I tell y'all how awesome of a job she did. Well, I'mma tell y'all anyway. Alisa did an awesome job. So awesome that I needed to use the word awesome four times in the same paragraph. Obviously I took far to many pictures of my favorite item in the box. y'all know my obession with wooden spoons. Alisa took note and not only included one but decorated one. Y'all I about lost my mind when I saw it. Yes ma'am. Alisha, girl, if you read this I want you to know that, that wooden spoon is my favorite item I've received in a Cara Box yet and I've already added it to my collection sitting in my monogramed mason jar.

We can't forget the other items she sent me. The note was the sweetest and really did put a smile on my face. I'm so glad you noticed that I love chevron and I'mma rock that bag until it falls apart. I spend some time down by the lake on the weekends. A kid that I grew up with lives by the lake. Wait, the majority of my hometown is off the lake. Anyways, some buddies I know built a hangout down there. If I hang out with them this weekend I'll try and take pics. There always fussin' at me cause i'm always fussin' the fire isn't enough and i'm cold. Now I have the pretty pink fleece you sent me. So, James, if you read this, like I know you eventually will... YAY! The necklace you made is the cutest and I've been needing a photo album.

Now, I sent my Cara Box to Abagial. I'm so thrilled she loved everything. Girl, is from NC and I'm jealous. I'm also jealous of her photo skills. She is a professional photographer! Whelp, that's all folks. Before you click away make sure you click all those pretty pink links and show the ladies some love. Then you can comeback tomorrow and hear about my trip to the PHO place. It was a hot mess if the world as ever heard a hot mess.

Nov 14, 2013

My, my, my, my, oh give me love

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 My, my, my, my, oh give me love. Can we just sing this song and pretend that I haven't been absent for almost a week? Can we pretend that this photo has significance and  it isn't because I didn't have a photo of anything else? And, yes, I'm listening this is amazing album while writing this. Actually, everything in this picture are the these that have helped keep me sane this past week or so.

Well, I'm back and I hope y'all didn't miss me to terribly. Gah, I'll just get to it and tell y'all what I've been up to while I was away. I promise y'all it isn't exciting in the least bit. Last Friday I got in a wreck. Well more like a Chevy Silverado plowed into the back of me and then caused me to plow into the car in front of me. I'm ok but my car not so much. The boy that hit me didn't have much damage. He did have a big ol' truck that really is Silverado Strong. And yes I tweeted that to them right after the accident. My frans think it's funny since Silverado is the one who is always sponsoring me. The lady that I ran into doesn't have any damage. People keep asking me what happened and honestly I don't even know. One minute I was sitting at a red light and the next minute something hard and heavy hit the back of my car and I flew into my steering wheel. No, my air bags didn't deploy. I was finally able to drop my car off at the collision center and was given a rental car. I hear it's gonna cost a pretty penny to fix my  car but I don't even care cause the boys insurance is paying for it. I'm all good but for the last week  I have been annoyed, inconvenienced and trying to get it all straightened out. 

Really that's all I've been up to. I'm trying to get my life back together so I can be back full force Monday. Oh, wait, yesterday I tried to meet Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty but it was an epic fail. He was leaving as we got to the Walmart. They said he would be there till 8:30 but he wasn't. People were so mad. HA, only me!

So what have y'all been up to while I was away? Also, you can read my guest post on Bekah's blog today. 

Nov 7, 2013

Guess I'm still hopin around cause every Friday I'm fresh.

We're back again with another week of That's Fresh Friday presented to you by myself and the amazing ladies of Southern Girl Blog Community!
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Nov 6, 2013

If you think about it, it really is just a left turn


Yes, I've been in hiding; snuggled under tons of covers watchin' endless videos of Alex and Sierra from the XFactor. Beautiful is all I can say about them and their music. Can you honestly blame me? The weather here has been dreary and awful. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago I would have been all excited that I saw my first Carhartt on someone. Here in Texas, you know the cooler weather is settin' in when people bust out the Carhartts. I might have even given you a nod and smiled with my sweet tea that it has been rainin'. You see, here in Texas, especially North Texas, we have been in a drought for the last two and a half years or so. The lakes are dryin' up and Texas is actually runnin' out of water. It's bananas 'round these parts I tell ya. We are actually voting on bills that will spend billions of dollars to try and help remedy the situation. Wait, did anyone else start singing the Jason Marz song. Ok, moving along. I should be happy that we are finally gettin' some rain but I know it won't even put a dent in our problem and I'm already over it. Rain is so rare here these days that when it happens it's as if people don't know how to act, drive or heck even freakin' live. Needless to say I'm already over fall and want my warmer weather back stat. Ha, check back with me when we've reached a zillion days of 100+ weather and we'll see if I'm still singing the same tune.

I also have another confession to confess before I get to the 'goodness' of this post. I said my blog wasn't about to become a PSA for Chevy. Well, I lied but that doesn't mean you can call me a liar. How can I not give them some credit when they gave me tickets to the Triple A Texas 500 Nascar Race. Yeah, you can continue to be jealous. I also got to meet Taylor. Taylor blogs over at pinkheelspinktruck and also helps run the Texas Women Bloggers Network. I walked up and Ride or Die goes, " Were sittin' next to the lady with the big camera." I immediately recognized her and was soo excited that she knew who I was. Y'all know my life is a perpetual state of fangirlin' so this was no different.

So, before I leave y'all with picture overload I guess I mention a few more things. This was my first NASCAR Race. I originally invited my buddy Cameron. I think I've mentioned before that he is obsessed with racing. He also talks the most amazing pics and I planned on using him. He was bummed that he couldn't go and last minute Bestfran Numero Due couldn't go either. That left Ride or Die because James was like, "uhh no." It's so funny cause Sherry doesn't keep up with sport unless it's Baylor. I may not follow NASCAR closely but I did know about this race and how important it was. This who weekend was race weekend at Texas Motor Speedway as that fought for the Sprint Cup. As a Sprint user I was upset my signal kept failing. But that's a story for another day. She kept tellin' everyone apparently my first race is an important one. I don't even think she realized that one of the pit crew guys from RAB Racing liked all her pics on Instagram. Of course I did and proceeded to fangirl immediately. Jimmie Johnson who was driving the number 48 car won. We could talk about the fact that he is a gorgeous man but I'm sure Chevy would rather me tell y'all that he drives the Lowes Chevy car for Hendrick Motorsports. Can we also mention how far this place is. I knew it was in the Fort Worth area but oh my goodness gracious it took over an hour to get there. DFW is big I tell ya. As I was driving I was like 'this is it. That's huge!' We ended up on the wrong side of the track but Sherry was wearing Baylor hat so the man let us drive through where it was blocked off. Thanks Bud, you effectively saved us 40 dollars in parking and we greatly appreciate it.
Some of the kids at work who are into racing kept trying to give me tips for the race and I probably should have listened. My ears were ringin' so bad when I got home. I'm a naturally loud person but that was on a whole other level. I could also do a whole other post on the people of NASCAR. Man. y'all don't even know. Oh, and if you saw me at the race I promise that wasn't dip. It was shredded jerky in chew form. Big thanks to Sherry for takin' all the pics. I provided the transportation and free tix and her job was to take the pics for my post. I told y'all my frans love that I'm a blogger. They love all the perks they get. If you'd like to see all the videos/pics myself and others at the race posted just type the #SilveradoStrong onto any social media platform and walah.

But, seriously, are her glasses not awesome. Welcome to Texas. And yes I have a wallet that has that logo on it.


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