Dec 24, 2015

Glitz & Grits 3 Yr Giveaway

Glitz & Grits 3yr Giveaway

There's so much I could say that I won't. Simply put: thank y'all for a lovely 3 years here's to many more.

Posted by GlitznGrits on Thursday, December 24, 2015
There is much I could say, that I won't. Simply put: Thank y'all for a lovely 3 years. This is for, y'all.

Happy Holidays my favorite little Southerners.

Glitz & Grits 3yr Giveaway

Gingerbread House

By this point I was exasperated. Not a word I use often, but nevertheless it was the narrative of the day. I’m afraid I’ve become repetitive in nature. T’was days before Christmas and I joke to myself this blog outta be renamed, Glitz & Grits: A Southern narrative. As of late is seems to be the path.

I stand in the kitchen with three little ones, frostin’, gingerbread dough and candy everywhere. Rookie mistake I tell myself. You work with kids for a livin’. You outta know by now patience isn’t a virtue for little ones. I mentally slap myself as another piece of candy falls off The Alamo we made. I’d had no intention of bloggin’ or sharin’. I’d just really wanted to finally have a chance to finish this house. I sighed as I looked at the mess around me and each little one tryin’ to sneak another piece of candy off the house. I was to through. I walked over and reached for the pantry door. Grabbin’ the first fresh roll of paper towels I could find. I threw a few sheets at each little one and the cleanin’ commenced. I looked down and quickly realized the paper towel I was usin’ was SCOTT® Brand. I smiled to myself realizin’ the narrative had already been written. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped. 

Crush: I spend a lot of time at Dollar General. It's literally across the street from my house and they always have a good deal goin' on. We buy loads of tissue and paper towel from them as well as sweet tea. We can't forget the sweet tea. Dollar General now has digital online coupons. Y'all know I love me a good coupon. Y'all have heard my stories of how he loved a good coupon and would hold up a check-out line. I'd like to think if he was still around he would appreciate the coupons bein' sent to him and not havin' to cut them out. Y'all go download the app and get to get. I appreciate havin' an app to get coupons, find a local store etc. I'm serious y'all. I lived in Podunk middle of nowhere East Texas for a bit and just about the only store we had was DG. This wouldn't come in handy on my poor college student budget. 

Dec 16, 2015

Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore

Each day I wake, coffee in hand, I slowly open the shutters, careful as the light peers through as not to blind me. I continue around the house, openin’ each shutter, till the light streams so purposely through the slits its illuminates the worn wood beneath my feet. Barefoot I stand, a little longer than normal. This has become my tradition of sorts, my weekday routine. As common as the daily prayer I pray, a bit repetitive in nature I suppose. I’ve always been told I’m my father’s child, never one to break routine or fancy the mornin’, my love of sorts born from his soul.

His soul, a concept odd in nature these days, these days I spend wonderin’. Was his soul as strong as past, his routine as common, his coffee as strong, his purpose as grand? I suppose I already know the answers. Even long away, his soul never could be extinguished. I find much comfort in the solemn of my daily routine. Content to look out the window as the light the light streams so purposely through. Each sips a new found blessin’. I wonder if he found the same in his.
‘Cause “Daddy doesn’t pray anymore.”

And so the songs fades.. It’s truth still evident.

{AD}: Song Reference 

Dec 12, 2015

Texas Hash

"She was nine..", and so the story begin'. Momma had takin' a likin' to tellin' this story at holiday gatherin's, friendly functions church festivals and any other Southern social gatherin' she could get her bottom to. The story simplistic in nature had slightly changed over time with each re-tellin', but the sentiment still the same. Momma never was much good at tellin' a story. As the ages added on to my life I never saw the harm in her embellishments. I'd learned to love them; to embrace them. There'd so come a time where they were no more; where I'd yearn for them. I always found it odd when people would call Momma shy. Even now, she can talk your head off if you let her. I guess that's where I get it from.

"She was nine...” she would begin. “She spent spring break in Arkansas with a childhood friend’s family at the time share they owned. Durin’ the week she mentioned that I never cooked, that I didn't know how. That's if spaghetti was on the stove we knew Momma cooked it ‘cause that's all she knew to make, that her Daddy did all the cookin'. So, at the end of the year PTA banquet when they called me up on stage to get my awards they told everyone what she said and they handed me a cookbook. I was so shame"... Even now, to this day I don't ever recall tellin' Ms. Russo this story. But, I wouldn't put it past myself. I always was what I like to say, “The Mouth of the South”, always yammerin' on about one thing or another. Heck, I still do.

For years, Momma told that story with much pang; a twinge of embarrassment always evident in her voice as she’d recount the tale, but, now, now we’d laugh at how silly it all was. As if her ability to make the perfect casserole or plate of spaghetti made her less or more of a Southern Woman than my frans Momma.

Just today I reach in an old kitchen drawer and pulled out that book. No, not the gift the bless your heart book. The book. The one Momma got all her casseroles and pasta recipes from. The one we loved ‘cause if we saw a bow of spaghetti on the stove we knew Momma cooked it. Yes, I got out that book. Flipped the worn and frayed pages till I found the one I wanted. Gave it a once over. Once I was content I could recreate in my own way, I pulled out a cast iron...
16 ounces of Ragu sauce
1lb of ground beef
3 large onion chopped
1 large bell pepper chopped
1/2 cup uncooked rice
2 tsp of salt
2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp pepper

1. Preheat the oven to 350 F
2. in a cast iron or skillet cook the meat, onions and bell pepper until meat is brown and veggies are soft.
3. Take out the grease. I like two leave two or three tablespoons of it in the cast iron for flavor. 
4. Now add the Ragu sauce , rice, chili powder, salt and pepper makin' sure to heat real good 
5. Pour into a bakin' dish and bake for about an hour. 

Dec 9, 2015

Peppermint Brownie Sugar Cookies

I find the older I get, the more joy I find in the holiday's. A fresh sip of holiday blend coffee. A home-cooked supper. A lovely treat. Maybe it's the fresh Texas breezes or the chilly nights. The chance to stand barefoot in the kitchen never alludes me on those pre-holiday nights. The same can be said for this past week. Each whisk of my spoon another memory made.

I still remember the first time I tried my hand at homemade peppermint anythin'. It was a creme cheese peppermint frostin'. I still have the broken hand mixer to show and a heck of a story to boot. But this time, yes this time was much more well received.

Grandma, always did love Nestle. From her milk to her bakin'. So, I suppose it was en-grained in me. I suppose at the holidays I did, too.

1 unsalted cup butter
1 cups  sugar
2 eggs
3 cups of flour
powdered sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract

3/4 cup of flower
1/2 sugar
3/4 cup of 
2 tablespoons of peppermint extract
1/4 cup of milk
10 tablespoons of melted butter
1 tablespoons of salt
1 cup of bakin' cocoa powder
2 cups of Nestle semi-sweet chocolate morsels

Who doesn't love coupons.
Thanks Nestle. 
1. Preheat the oven to 350 F
2. Butter, eggs and sugar go in a bowl and need to be mixed
3. Slowly add the salt and flour and vanilla extract
4. Once all that has been mixed together, spread into a greased bakin' dish that is lined with parchment paper. Put in the fridge or cool place for about 15-20 minutes. 
5. While the dough is gettin' slightly hard and cold is the time to make the chocolate brownie toppin'.

1. In a bowl mix the flour. sugar, coca and salt. Now add the milk, butter and egg. Then add the peppermint extract.
2. Spread the brownie on top of the sugar cookie you made earlier.
3. Bake at 350 for about 25-30 mins

Finally melt the 2 cups of  Nestle semi-sweet chocolate morsels and spread across the brownie. Add crushed candy cane or peppermint. Let cool and y'all enjoy. 

Dec 4, 2015

A girl & her Chemex

The rain pattered again't the window as I sat in Hattie's enjoyin' brunch. The conservation came and went but my mind stayed occupied on the same. I'd seen that World Market was havin' a discount on Chemex. I'd wanted one. Yearned for one as long as I could remember. To taste that perfect pour over i'd do. To know I'd mastered the art. I'd become sort of a coffeein recent months. That annoyin' friend who knew it all and which local spots were the best.

I hurried to the store after Brunch content that I'd bought myself the largest size they had. Filters to match. As I waited in line to pay my mind was brought to a conversation from months earlier.

*phones rings*
Momma; " I wish you would get your account changed over so I don't have to see what you spend your money on. But, anyways I accidentally clicked on you and oh my goodness why do you spend so much money of coffee?"

Me: "I do not, as I wearily rise from the bed. If only she could see me"

Momma: *she begins to read off all the coffee shops I had been to in the last few weeks* She pauses before hollerin', "If you want coffee that bad wake yo lazy self up and go to the store. Get some coffee and a mug and go make that yourself."

She really couldn't acted annoyed or surprise I tell myself. After all it was her idea.
No.she merely shook her head when I showed her.

Content with my new chemex an accessories I set off to make my first batch of coffee. The first victim: a lovely bag of Bethesda CoffeeBethesda Coffee. Mexico Altura, a dark roast to be exact. I waited paitently for the water to cease boilin. I smiled as the coffee grounds bloomed and told me I was ready to pour. With each drip in the Chemex the aroma filled my small but mighty Southern kitchen. The aroma so delightful I'm sure Daddy could've smelt it all the way to heaven.

I'd  always been told that we were one in the same. I found that even more so to be true as the years dragged on and his presence faded. Left yet with but a memory. Memories of bein' a small child and sneakin' sips from him and Paw Paw. How I never much liked milk but he would indulge my curiosity and pour me a cup more milk and sugar than coffee. Yes, the aroma of the coffee brought me back. Daddy always did like his coffee dark.

But, the first sip. Yes, I was content in knowin' I did that, to an extent I guess I'd accomplished that. And for today, that'd have to be enough.

Crush: Obviously I'm crushin' on this here coffee by Bethesda Coffee. Everyone who knows me or knows the blog knows that not only am I all about Texas and shop local but just The South in general. If I can share a story, take a pic or spend a little extra showin' casin' my Southern Roots and Heritage than I will. It's what inspired the blog. And that rings even more true with the products I buy. If you followed me all summer I'm sure you grew extensively tired of all my Cold Brew Coffee pics.

Bethesda Coffee, comes from the lovely North Carolina. It's doesn't get more Southern than that, folks. I particularly love readin' about the owners and how they started the business and the personal letter they sent me. That kind of Southern hospitality get's my vote any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I especially appreciate the philanthropic work they do supportin' those less fortunate when you make a purchase. Y'all know bein' in Junior League has me all, "save the babies and give all the monies."

And I never realized Subscription boxes are the new it thing but I guess they are and I know I would love a box of coffee every month. Right here I have the Adventurer Sub for about 33 bucks. I think someone should gift this to me for the holidays. Heck. I could spend that much on a couple of lattes in a matter of days.

I hope everyone is havin' a fab start to Dec and in honor of that and this little space here hittin' three years last week I'm givin' away some coffee. Thanks for lovin' what I write.

Dec 2, 2015

Snapshots from Galveston Texas

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