Apr 30, 2014

Sometime no words are needed


What are some great shots you've taken lately?

Apr 29, 2014

Oh, just down Younder.


Today I am thankful for the beautiful weather God has granted us. I'm also sayin' a quick prayer for those who seem to be in the path of all these tornadoes. Y'all stay safe.

Where one place you wish you could be right now?

I still need questions for my girl behind the blog video. Let me know things you are dyin' for me to answer.

Apr 28, 2014

Word that begins with X say what...

Sometimes life is so chaotic that you have to stop and slow down so it doesn't pass you by. 
Me: Can I have a coke?
Waiter: Sure what Kind?

Here in Texas we call everythin' Coke. The only time you say a specific brand is when you want a Dr Pepper. And you never put a period after the r.
I love spendin' time down by the lake at lunch enjoyin' this heavenly drink.

What do y'all call fountain drinks?

How was your Monday?

Apr 26, 2014

T U V... W


The A-Z ChallengeA-Z Challenge is comin' to a close in a few days and I for one couldn't be more grateful. Y'all I had forgotten I signed up for the dern thing and in return was ill planned to do this. It didn't help that my site was down for like two weeks while I got things switched over with GoDaddy. Speakin' of that.. can we talk about how excited I am to be back up and runnin'? Well, I am.Anyways, Letters V and W are gonna be together cause I say so. V for vision and w for weekend since i'm writin' this on the weekend.

So, as y'all have seen lately I have been cleanin' things up on the blog and my social media sites. Trying to move in a new direction and re-encompass everythin' I want in this blog. I'm slowly workin' so that by mid summer I can move to self hosted. With some of the changes I'm doin', I wanna focus more on puttin' together a weekly newsletter and havin' that be how people stay in contact.

I say all that to say: ideas?
I wanna hear how y'all are doin'. Is your blog where you want it to be? Is it what you thought it would be when you started? How do you keep readers engaged and receiving new content?

I'm also workin' on puttin' together a little intro vid that not only introduces the blog but the person behind the blog. So if y'all have any questions or things your just itchin' to know about me, feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment lettin' me know.

Y'all have a fabulous Sunday. I'm to a watch party cause one of the Popes is gonna be made a Saint in a few hours. Apparently it's a big deal.

Apr 24, 2014

More uncomfortable than a hooker at church on a Sunday mornin'


U- Uncomfortable

I remember the first time I had Sushi. I was 18. A friend had a birthday party at the Hibachi restaurant in town. Her momma loved sushi so she ordered some for the table. I remember the nervous, anxious fellin' as I bucked up and tasted. Now, I wonder how I'd gone so long without tryin' Sushi.

My point is that many times we shy away from things because they make us uncomfortable. I can tell ya first hand that livin' in Texas people like their traditions and don't like change much. Another goal of mine is to change this. To be more open to new experiences. The other night I survived my first Dallas Junior League event and I am beyond proud of myself. I have never been a shy one but you put me in a room full of young adult who only want to talk about themselves and I'm more uncomfortable than a hooker at church on a Sunday mornin'.

What is somethin' that makes you uncomfortable?                                     

That's Fresh Friday #22


Welcome everyone to another week of That's Fresh Friday!
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Apr 23, 2014

What would your momma say


#SouthernEats- Celebration Restaurant

Celebration Restaurant has been a staple in Dallas since 1971. I had texted Sherry to see if she wanted to meet at Sonny Bryan for lunch. It's on the #TravelinTexan list. When she found out I hadn't been to Celebration, our plans quickly changed. But I found out late last night that my Momma used to take me their a lot when I was little. It was one of her favorite resturants. I just didn't remember.

The Restaurant is what I'd like to call down home cookin'. Food that gets in your belly and warms your soul. The kinda good your Granny would make. Well, I hope ya Granny makes this kind of food. Sorry, for ya if she don't. And no you can't have my Granny. Ok, maybe I'll share some of her recipes but that's all ya get.

The menue changes from dinner and supper. I ordered the chicken and dumplin's and man oh man were they blessin' my soul and my heart. Not even my Granny could make dumplin's that good. Wait, chicken and dumplin's is like the only thing my Granny can't make next to Pecan Pie. Well, Y'all get the point. Y'all know my sentences get all cray cray, makes no sense, and butchers grammar when I get excited about somethin'.

The restaurant is in a nicer part of Dallas close to the Preston Hollow area. Remember how I said Dallas is in districts? Well, now ya do. I loved the atmosphere of the place. The patio was gorgeous but we were unable to sit there because the wait was to long and we only had a short time for lunch. We opted to sit inside and it was just as lovely.

Celebration has been featured in  D magazine, Southern living, Texas Monthly to name a few. Y'all know those are some of my favorite magazines. 

We finished lunch off with some Apple Cobbler and Lord Jesus was it amazin'. Our waiter kept laughin' at us cause we can be kind of loud and full of life when we are in public. When the waiter asked us if we wanted ice cream on our cobbler I accidentally yelled, "Oh amen," when I found out the ice cream would be Bluebell. Y'all that waiter didn't know what to do with himself. He didn't know whether to laugh or be professional and pretend he didn't hear us. 

What's life if you ain't livin' it to it's fullest... But all that aside. You need some Celebration in your life ASAP.
And if you're wonderin' about the title: I was tryin' to steal Sherry's pickle. I was trying to use a fork to cut the pickle. She looks at me and goes, "Use a knife. What would your mother say?" We were both laughin' so hard and knew that would be the title.

Apr 22, 2014

Jay & Yvonne 8/49

Photographed in Texas
Consider this the eight installment of I am the South and the South is me: Southern Portraits: The Artist

Late! That's what I am. I like to blame it on my Southern roots or the color of my skin but that'd be to pretentious of me. They're waitin'. Of course they are... "What brought y'all to Texas", I ask. "A Greyhound Bus", he replies. I laugh nervously as he recounts his first night in Dallas. He slept on a park bench until he was arrested. The next morning the police told him they just wanted to give him a hot shower and food. They welcomed him to Texas but let it be known he couldn't sleep in the park. He looks over at his wife as she responds, "I'm a drive by Texan- from Georgia. I drove by and never left." I pause to write as Kasey Musgraves fills my ears. It booms from the speaker in the middle of the room. For honorary Texans, I'm pleasantly surprised by their taste in music. 
7-11. My head snaps up. 7-11 they repeat. It's where we met in 1984. Married 30 years and two kids later, the love they have for each other and life evident. I can't help but smile as I refuse the second cup of coffee and handful of Texas made chips & Salsa. 
And so the artist who proclaims: "Free speech. Free art; but it's not free", bids me farewell as I smile at their life, hospitality and love. 


We are Yvonne & Jay

We are the South and the South is us

Southern Potraits: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Also, feel free to read the #SouthernMade feature I did on Jay's Shop Bog

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