Aug 29, 2013

Yo Cara, can I get yo number?

Yep, yep, yep! It's Cara Box time y'all. Y'all know we're supposed to post each month on the goodies we get and I have failed in that endevour. So consider this my July and August post. I'm also excited that Cara Box is going to stop being monthly and only a few times a month. I love that cause now I can continue to participate.

First picture come from my girl Ashley. I really like her and her blog. Her wee one is also just the cutest ever. The theme was nautical and she did such a good job. I really love the socks and cups. My sweet tea never tasted so good. I also love the magnets and they are a great addition to our collection on my fridge.

The second picture  comes from Heather. Home girl was on top of it and really got me some things I love. Which reminds me that I need to email her back and let her know I received my package. Yep, ignore my blogging out-loud. She gets my EOS obsession. I don't think she realized how much I love me some Lee Brice so thanks for the cd girl. And yep them Twizzlers are already in my belly next to my coffee and sweet tea. If you wanna see what I got Ms. Jennifer than take yo nosy but here. Well, there y'all go. Come back tomorrow for my tutorial with my favorite thing ever... Mason Jars. Also I will be taking part in Jenni's Blogtember challenge. Button is on my sidebar till the end of September and I'd love if y'all joined me. I had so much fun with her Blog Everyday and May challenge and wanted to try this one since it wasn't as intensive. I haven't yet decided if I will do all twenty days but nevertheless I am excited for it to start on Sept 2. Now excuse me while I go finish Big Brother. Man what people will do for a little bit of money. Oh and I'm linking this post with Kaitlyn. Gah, I'm letting my self diagnosed ADD show.

Aug 27, 2013

Tell the truth and shame the devil this morning.

As I laid down to write the long overdue post Bekah tagged me in it really got me to thinking on a few things. Or maybe it was the Armageddon movie playing in the background.

1. If I could give any advice I guess it would have to be the quote that has stuck with me since middle school-"The me I see is the me i'll be" Sometimes I wish I remembered the lady who spoke this at a Ladies Tea when I was in the 8th grade. I would love to tell her how much her words have impacted me to this day.

2. The past few weeks have been a real struggle and I have had to continually check myself. Britt said it best in her post yesterday when she quoted 1 Peter 5:8.

"Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8 
 After I read her post I went to read more of the chapter and it had me in tears. The scripture goes on to say that the suffering won't last forever and you are not the only one going through. God has great plans and he gets the last word. I can't control everything as of late but I can control the way I react to things. I refuse to allow the enemy to take my joy or be glorified through my actions. Girl, Thanks for reminding me of this cause I really needed it. Of course the sermon on Sunday was also something I needed to hear. I may not of thought so while I was listening to it struggling to stay awake in the third row. But as I went home and contemplated over what the pastor said I realized that the Good Lord was telling me not to let the Chaos overtake my life.

3-4.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I used to be a caretaker of a girl with Severe Autism. Special Needs children have always had my heart and for a short time I thought I wanted to be a Special Needs Teacher. Lately I have been inspired by the things around me. In the after school program we have a boy with Austium. I am not quite sure of his diagnosis but I would categorize him as mild on the Autism spectrum. Coming back to work and seeing is smile is inspring. Picking apart the way his brain works and the joy he gets on his face when he figures something out is amazing. Or the millionth time he's said, "... but Ms. Aleshea I have to tell you something" and I already knew what he was going to tell me.

5. If you don't know by now the bloggers I stalk read daily, and would love to meet in person, then you really ain't that observant. Bekah and Brit always seem to inspire me for different reasons. I'll leave it open ended at these two for now.

Now excuse me while I finish watching Armageddon and cry that Ben Affleck is the new Batman. Gah, what where the producers thinking?


Aug 26, 2013

Teacher Daddy got home late and that's why I'm late.

In honor of the first day of school, here in Texas, and my first day back at the after-school program, I thought I'd grace y'all with a few pictures of my former self. Y'all already know that I will probably never show pictures from my 6th grade to middle school years but y'all can enjoy a few of these goodies. 

  1. The first picture is me on my first day of kindergarten. If you remember this post where I tell y'all about that day and the 6th grader who split her lunch on me.
  2. To bad I didn't know some girl was gonna ruin my dress and make me cry.
  3. This is another picture of me in kindergarten. It has no real significance except I wanted to show y'all that my Momma really did put big bows  in my hair as much as possible. 
  4. After a couple of week they had everyone tested. I scored above most in my class and was then moved to am advamced kindergarten class where we did first grade work.
  5. Was I not the cutest Valentine ever? Wait, don't answer that. 
  6. Momma outta be slapped for letting me go to school like this. Nevermind it was my first day of 1st grade. My are my knees so ashy and why is my hair flyin' all over my head. Y'all I have so many why's that have yet to be answered.
  7. I'm guessing I dressed myself in this pic and that is why there are no bows and plaid on my first day of second grade. 
  8. I remember this picture well. I was in the third grade and on the schools basketball team. It was my first Mavs game. We lost but I got to meat Jason Kidd. 
To all those going back to school or have little one starting school, enjoy! And yes the title of my post is actually something I told a teacher. When I was younger we only had one car for a bit. My Daddy worked nights and came home late one day. Of course this meant I was late for school. Yes, I told the teacher a version of this to get out of being tardy. Still talkin' my way out of things to this day. :)(:


Aug 22, 2013

PSST! Let's TGIF this link party

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Most Viewed 

Why Menu Plan? by Disorganized Musings. My husband just started menu planning this week and I feel like we saved money, and didn't resort to ordering pizza twice in one week because we couldn't make up our minds! There are a lot of great tips in this post, so check it out!

Rebecca's Favorites:

Make your own Drawer Slides by Pneumatic Addict Furniture. Now this is a tutorial that could really come in handy, I don't know how many times I've had to deal with broken drawer slides, but it's a lot. This is one you definitely want to pin to your Household Tips & Tricks board on Pinterest!

Death by Vanilla by This Silly Girl's Life. We've all heard of Death by Chocolate, but this Vanilla take sounds pretty sexy too wouldn't you say? I love Vanilla, especially desserts that use real vanilla products like Dana did! 

Kat's Favorites!

Peanut Butter Captain Crunch Cookies by Spoonful of Flour. These cookies brought me right back to my childhood! Captain Crunch is at the top of my favorite cereal list, so when I saw they were put into a peanut butter cookies, I was so happy! I am definitely making a batch in my near future!

Free Printable Day Planner by My Love for Words. I love to think I'm organized and nothing helps me to get organized better than a cute, colorful planner. This printable is so cute and just he motivation I need o start writing more stuff down; it's the only way I ever remember anything!

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Aug 21, 2013

It's one hot August night, y'all.

 Did you know that almost 70% of fire departments in the United States are volunteer? 85.5% of the fire departments in Texas are manned by volunteers. Heck the fire department in the next town over from me is volunteer and that ain't even that small of a town. This past weekend I went to the 7th annual Hot August Night. It is an event put on by the town of Sulpher Springs and Hopkins County. The county houses 12 fire departments and all 12 of them are volunteer. Hopkins County is a small county of about 35,000 people about an hour from my house headed into East Texas. The majority of the population comes from the county seat of Sulpher Springs. Everything else is small unincorporated communities. Bestfran Numero Uno is a High School Agriculture Teacher in the county. The whole community shows for this event. There were firefighters, young and old, everywhere. Can we say Yum?! I went to college in East Texas so I knew quite a few volunteer firefighters. It was always humbling to sit in class with a student my age who did things like this at night.

The events starts with a Barbecue Cook-Off. All the different fire departement as well as others in the community enter to see who has the best brisket and chicken. The winner got a trophy as tall as me. Y'all that trophy has survived a few fires itself. The winning team also won a smoker that some of the local FFA kids built. The smoker was so big it had to be put on a trailer and hitched to the back of a truck. I loved how nice everyone was and all the free food we got to eat. The night ended with a benefit concert at the Civic Hall where they show animals/ have roedo's. All the money made is divided between the fire departments.

As great as the benefit was, we came for the concert and the main attraction- Colin Raye. He's a professional Country Singer who had his hay day in the 90's and early 2000's. Man, Colin still has it and can sang. When he sang Joey+ Rory's Josephine I about died. One of my all time favorite Bluegrass/Country songs. I think I was singing the loudest in the arena. Maybe because it is not that well know of a song. But the biggest surprise of the night was the opening act Jason Cassidy. He is a Texas Country singer and i'm now in love and jealous of his wife. Y'all he has a fiddle player. A flippin' fiddle player. Y'all probably didn't know that I've always wanted to learn the fiddle and banjo. Heck if I can learn to play the flute than I dang sure think I can learn that. Opps, look at me blogging out loud again. Anyways... People always ask me why I never know these new Country Artist and I'm like if y'all knew they country they played here in Texas and what I listen to you'd understand. Well, now you do.

But, all this got me thinking about the things I'm thankful for. Y'all I'm super thankful for people like the volunteer firefighters who risk their lives everyday. They run into buildings when everything else is running out, including the roaches cause the heat is so strong. They work for free and get it done with limited supplies. Thank a firefighter next time you see one.

Oh yeah, of course this is my Texas Tuesday post on a Wednesday... again. And my grateful post with Sarah


Aug 20, 2013

But you see we never called it Pop

Whelp, I don't have much of a story to go with this recipe. I just really like lemon pepper popcorn chicken. Y'all know I still have a Paula Dean complex and fry more things than I should. If you want to make this dish healthier than you can always cut out the salt. You could also bake them at 350 until they are brown. You can even change up the seasoning for a different flavor. Sometimes I'll make a garlic batch for my aunt or a plain batch for my Momma. Y'all enjoy and go show Ash and Jess some love.

3 boneless chicken breast
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
Cooking Oil
Breadcrumbs (I use toast)
1 table spoons of flour
1.  Heat the cooking oil in a skillet. A little less than a cup shall do.
2. Cut the chicken in little bite size pieces
3. In one bowl have about a cup of buttermilk. In another bowl have about a cup of flour. In the last dish have about a cup of the breadcrumbs as well as salt, paprika and lemon pepper seasoning to taste.
           4. Coat the chicken in the four 
5. Now coat the chicken in the buttermilk.
6. Coat the chicken in the seasoned breadcrumb mixture
7. Place in the hot grease and cook until brown. 
8. Repeat the steps until all the chicken is cooked. Remember to not cook so many pieces at once because grease looses heat quickly.


Aug 16, 2013

Monday December 8th 2003

They gave me a clean bill of health. 10 yr Scoliosis appointment was a success. 
"Ok so as most of you all know sophomore I had back surgery to correct the curve in my spine. So for those who don't know I was diagnosed with scoliosis the end of freshman year and I was told that my curve was so severe I would need surgery. My curve was at 60% and it was pushing on my heart and lungs... basically it was killing me slowly... I had the surgery December of my sophomore year... Well today I was watching this show called surgery saved my life and they had two extreme cases of scoliosis on the show.... This girl was 10 and had already gone through 13 surgeries and this boy in Africa was 15 and had a cure that was in three places 140% each and he was told if he didn’t have surgery he would not live to see 20. At first I freaked out because I saw exactly what they did to my back... I never fully understood the risks and what happened. They gave me a movie to watch but of course I did not watch it because it was to boring.
*****DON'T READ IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE***** See the scary part is that you are working so close to the spinal cord that any false move or too much multiplating and I could be paralyzed. Some would say ok then why have the surgery but the downside is if I didn't have the surgery I would have probably not lived to see my adult life. Basically they broke my back and then took out bone were my back was curving. Then they took metal rods and screwed them into my back at the top and bottom on the left and right side and manipulated my spine until it was as straight as it could get without paralyzing me. Then they cut out part of my hipbone and used it to fuse my back together were they had broken my spine and were they had screwed in the rods. Ok so basically this was a 9-hour surgery that only took 5 hours and I did not need blood afterwards... I was also able to go back to school in 2 months.... I was able to walk in three days…. (Needless to say it was only a few feet but hey you don’t know how bad those few feet felt like miles. I could bend at three months and by August of junior year I was back on the marching field with the band
I remember when I was told I would have to have surgery I was angry because they had caught my cure at the later staged and it was to late fro a brace.... I also prayed every night that God would heal me and I would not have to have surgery… Well watching this show made me really thank God.. Yeah they caught my curve late but at least I only had to have one surgery... and hey I can still walk... yeah not the best but hey I can still walk. They told me it would take 9 hours and I was done in 5… They said I would need a blood transfusion of 4 bags and I didn’t… I have had no relapses and so far they say I will not have to have any more surgeries so in a way I can say God heard my prayers and he answered them…maybe not in the way I wanted but he answered them.
So watching this show made me realize how blessed I am… This year I am going to continually strive to praise God in everything that I do because it could always be worse… So thank you God for guiding me through one of the most difficult things in life and seeing me through. Yeah I get back pains like you wouldn’t believe but hey no more complaining for me cause I am going to be thankful… but hey I can still go take some medicine cause my back is killing me at the moment…God Bless 
And just remember there is always someone wore than you."

That was a letter I wrote on Facebook Sunday, January 7th 2007. Yesterday I had my ten year check up and to say I was nervous is an understatement. Turns out there was nothing to be nervous about but it didn't stop me from being nervous. Rereading that letter was a great reminder of a promise I made to myself and The Good Lord. It's also a great reminder of where the Lord has brought me. I know he's not done and I can't wait to see what he has in store for me.


Aug 15, 2013

"Writers keep writing what they write"

*Self what do all these childhood pictures Leshea posted have to do with anything? Don't tell me she put them in here cause she read somewhere that you should have a pic with every post and that's all she had* Calm your jets cause y'all know it is what you were thinking. Whelp, Texas Women Bloggers is doing a 'Get-To-Know-You' once a month link-up and I thought I'd participate in the first one. These pictures are perfectly me. As a child I could always be found in the kitchen weather it be eating or trying to help cook. I was also know for a pose that I still do to this day when a camera is in my face. Most days I don't even realize my face is scrunched in and pointed upward until someone points it out. Wait, what did that really have to do with the questions they provided and did any of that really make sense. Oh well, you still can't "Bless My Heart", take away my sweet tea or tell me "Oh Hell No!" We'll just move along and answer said questions before I have to shower and start my day.

1. What part of Texas do you call home?

I have lived in the Dallas Fort Worth area my entire life sans the 4 1/2 years I was in college out in East Texas.
2. How long have you been blogging?

I have always dabbled on the internet. I've had a Live Journal, Xanga etc account. I even had a Blogger blog back in like 2008. I would say those were just me being emo and letting out my frustrations. I started this blog in November of 2012 and started seriously blogging after I did Jenni's Blog Everyday in May Challenge.
3. Why did you start blogging?

A few years back I found a food blog via Pinterest. I remember reading and thinking I can do this. All she post is mostly salads and has like 50,000 followers. That is when the idea started. For a while I was only reading Tumblr blogs. I got together with Bestfran Numero Uno and was like lets start a food blog. We both really love to cook. Me more so than her. We were going to post all our favorite Southern/Texas recipes as well as tips for people. After about a year we became stuck and fizzled out. I was more interested in posting and she became to busy. I started to realize Tumblr, as great as it is, wasn't really the platform I needed. I love to write and it's hard to get people to read/follow when you're not just posting gifts. For months I researched Wordpress vs Blogger. Self Hosting vs free hosting. I cam to the decision that Blogger would be great for someone like me just starting out. Would you believe people started following after I stopped posting on Tumblr. When I moved to blogger I was still mostly posting recipes. After a few months I started to find out about Lifestyle blogs and I haven't looked back. Besides I don't know if y'all know this but it's hard work being such a niche blogger. Buying food/taking pics/ writing the steps becomes a lot when your doing it three plus times a week. That and my fam would always complain dinner was cold because I would take so long plating and picture taking.
4. When we visit your blog, what can we expect to discover?

My blog is a reflection of me and all the things I love. If I wanna write about the stupid thing a kid told me while at work then I will. If I wanna cry that Jesus hurt my feelings and put me in my place then I will. Heck if I wanna tell you someone farted then I will. All things I have written about and have no shame admitting, btw. No but seriously you can find topics that range from anything you would encounter in your life.
5. How did you come up with your Blog Title and what is its meaning?

When I was on Tumblr I still had the tagline to my blog- "Glitz n Grits ... addin' a little glitz to your grits" This is a saying I heard growing up when I was in the kitchen. It just means adding a little jazz to the monduane. My Daddy and Grandma were always trying to go the extra mile in the kitchen. That and I love me some cheese grits. 
6. What do you love about being part of Texas Women Bloggers?

I would deff have to say the friends and connections I have made along the way. Heck how else would I have met girls like Crystal and Amanda. They also do a Texas Tuesday linkup that I love but always seems to do on Wednesday. *Self, you really need to work on that* Opps, excuse me while I blog out loud. If your new around here than you may notice I do that from time to time. 
7. Who inspires you to blog?
I think everyone you meet has a story to tell and I'm always interested to hear said story. I can always find something I enjoy about a persons blog. I also read far to many blogs and should really be more productive with my time. But I would have to say there are two blogs that I drop everything for when they post. Heck sometimes I stalk their blog. Ok, maybe I stalk their blogs daily. That would have to be Beka and Britt. Beka and I were Cara Box partners a few minutes ago and we always joke that we were destined to be Bloggity frans. I love that girl and the fact that she will listen to me ramble via email like we've known each other for ages. As for Britt not only did she design my blog but she's amazing. I found her months ago after she left a comment on a blog post of mine. It was love at first site. The fact that she knows I stalked her blog and still welcomes me with open arms is amazing. Seriously y'all should check out her work. I'm always in awe of how she can make a whole post from one picture or the creative things her brain comes up with. Her photography is also to die for.

I guess no list would be complete without Beth and Syndey. Neither of them post as regulary as they used to but both were my first bloggity frans and I can't leave them out.
8. If you could pick a favorite blog post from this past year, what would it be?
I think I'll cheat and just post a few of my most popular. Check 'em out if your interested. 


Aug 14, 2013

Cajun pictures are worth 1803 words

#CajunsInvadeTexas Our pictures are worth more than a thousand words because the Louisiana Purchase was in 1803


Aug 13, 2013

Unlock that honky tonk. Go turn them neons on

So, it's no secret that I love Country Music. Heck much of the things on Le blog is centered around Country Music. Bestfran Numer Uno , on the right of me, got a new teaching job and moved about 45 minutes-1hr from me. So much better than the six plus hours she was living outside of San Antonio. For months we've wanted to try Toby Keith's Bar and Grill and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Fast forward to us driving out to Dallas, Bestfran Numero Duo, on the left of me, lives an hour in the other direction. We get there only to feel like tourist. You see they were literally dropping people off via shuttles from the airport. We were told the wait would be almost two hours unless we wanted to sit at the bar where they would only serve us off the appetizer menu. We politely declined and left. There was no way we were going to wait there when their only rating averaged less than 45% between a few different websites. We went to a near by Tex-Mex restaurant for dinner. This restaurant happened to be right by Cowboys Red River. For those who don't know, Cowboys Red River is apart of the Cowboys Dance Hall family; better know as a Honky Tonk. while I was there I saw quite a few things that were not ok. So here we got y'all- my 10 Commandants when visiting a Honky Tonk.

1.When the elderly man tips his cowboy hat and ask you to dance you always say yes. Chances are he's not a cray cray creeper but a lonely elderly man who really just wants to dance. 

2. In the words of my cousin, " Don't no one wanna see your 'ta toot ta too'!" I promise you will still be just as desirable with clothes that don't make your Paw Paw blush.

3. Don't wear boots with shorts or a dress that aren't meant to be worn with shorts or a dress. If the top of your boots are a different color than the bottom they ain't meant to be worn with shorts or a dress. STAHP IT. 

4.  If you bought your boots at a retail other than a Western Store than don't wear them to the Honky Tonk because it just makes you look stupid. Meaning if it's not a cowboy boot leave it on home. 

5. Just because you can make up a line dance to anything doesn't mean you should. 

6.  Follow the direction of the dance hall floor when dancing. There's nothing worse than a person bumping into someone because they can't dance side to side in a circle.

7. Ladies, your partner should be leading you across the floor. Take his lead and follow his style. 
8.  It is never cute or ok to be sloppy in public. 
9. Just because we live in Texas doesn't mean your hair has to be 10 feet high and your outfit look like you stole all the rhinestones out of hobby Lobby. We know you don't do that nonsense normally. I promise it doesn't make you look more country. You just look like a Dolly Parton Wanna.
10.  Just because you wanna dance on the bar in hopes of being on the camera doesn't mean you should. Get yo butt down.

 Now, maybe just maybe we'll  make you an honorary Texan. Remember to have fun and say hi to Crystal & Amanda.


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