May 31, 2013

That one time I stalked Brad Maule

Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

*R&B songs plays lightly in the background*
All though we've come to the end of the road... Am I not the only one who had this song in their head when they wrote today's post. And true to my form today's post would be up later than my normal ones.

So story time shall we?

If you didn't know then you know now that I'm a huge fan of soap operas. General Hospital is one of my favorite shows.  I remember visiting my Mom Tea in Louisiana (dad's momma) and she would watch her soap operas. She would bribe us with ice cream if we took naps during soap opera time so she could watch her stories in peace. Of course we obliged. Southern Louisiana is blazin' hot in the summer and we lived for that ice cream everyday at 2pm. I watched soap operas some in middle but only here and there when I was home from school and nothing else was on tv. I was a huge fan of Kirsten Storms (The girl from Zenon)  and she joined the cast of days of our lives. Sophomore year of H.S. after I had my back surgery I missed school for a couple of months. My grandma (Momma's  Momma) came to stay with me in the day while my parets were at work. Y'all know  she watched her soap operas every day. That is when I seriously became a fan of soap operas.

Freshman year of college someone told me that Brad Maul retired from acting. ( He was on General Hospital for over 20 years. Y'all I cried when he died) He decided to move back to East Texas and teach at his Alama Matter... SFA! He wasn't on campus a whole lot so it was rare if you saw him. Sometimes I would drag friends to the Theatre building to help me stalk and see if he was there. Obviously we had no such luck or their wouldn't be a need for this post.

Fastforward to Sophmore year of Coellege. I think I'm stylin cause now I get to start takin' some upper level classes. I walk in that first day of International Politics thinkin' I'm gonna teach this proessor something. Boy was I wrong and I dropped the class before the end of the day. I was freakin' out cause I need to add another class by the end of the week so I would still be considered a full time student and get my FA. The ONLY class open that fit in the time slot I needed was a radom beginner flim class. I signed up for it quick fast and in a hurry. (for a while I wanted to make historical movies)

I emalied the two professors non stop becaue I knew I would be startin the class a week late and wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything imporntant. Y'all  I didn't even pay attention to the names of the joint professors who taught the class.

So I walk into class all excited and ready to, "do that thang!" Boy was I in for a shock. Over walks Brad Maul. He shakes my hand and goes, Hey Ms.________ so glad to finally meet you. Y'all I about lost my sweet tea I was fangirling so hard. The other 9 students in the class are lookin' at me like I'm crazy. I was like do y'all know who he is. I cried when they killed him off the show. Needless to say the other kids had no idea who he was or why I was so freakin' excited.

And that's how I became friends with a celebrity. Y'all were legit friends. We have FB convos on the reg. He was even nice enough to act in my groups final project. And when I decided to drop everything and go to the Spice Girl Concert he just told me to have fun and not worry about school.

Y'all go back #backthatazzup with Whitney

Weekend Love by Spice Girls on Grooveshark

May 30, 2013

My dear, We're slow dancing in a burning room

Day 30, Thursday: React to this term: Letting Go 

I will let you in on a little secret... I think that eyes are the windows to the soul and that scares the heck out of me cause then that means people can see me and I don't like that at all. I have spent my whole life building walls cause life has stabbed me in the back one to many time. And it was just easier to build my walls and hide behind them. Thank you for helping me come to realize that you can’t run from life and you can't shelter your self from it.... you have to keep going. It will hurt sometimes and I will stumble but I have to know that in the end I am me and no one can change that. I am learning to let go and just live life. I think looking in your eyes was the hardest because you cared that much (lol) and you made me see how afraid I was. I have decided fear is not a way to live your life. It is always hard when you have that one friend that is bold enough to step out and show you your flaws and not hid them like everyone else. I hope that in my new life at college I can have many friends like you who will help build me up so I can become a better person. You know how to make the small things important and you appreciate everything. I know you didn't know you did this for me but you did and I honestly thank you for it.
Last night I went through my old external hard drive and found some precious this.  What even was I doing at 17/18/19. What even is this pic and those glasses.

Letting go: I'm letting go of the girl who wrote that back in 2006. I don't know when she crept up on me but she has no place here now and it's time that she go. 

Consider this my goodbye that was long overdue and never sent. 

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May 29, 2013

I'm Just a Musical Prostitute My Dear

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post

Today's post has been the one I was most excited and frightened for. I've mentioned on the blog before that I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what they pin on Pinterest, what they carry in their purse and what music they listen to. If y'all haven't noticed by now, I am passionate about music. Summing my life in five songs is darn near impossible. Heck, most of my post titles are song lyrics or quotes by singers.

Maybe it's the fact that I played instruments growing up. Ok,  maybe I only played the flute and pretended I could play the piano and guitar but y'all get the point. I've thought over songs for days now when I saw this prompt. I just kept thinking how the songs I leave will be all that's left to judge me on. Yes, I vote on American Idol, XFactor and The Voice weekly. It's no secret that Country music/ TX Country is my favorite genre but that doesn't mean I don't like or appreciate all genres of music. OTH introduced me to many a song back in the day. I can think back to my middle school days when  I would lock myself in my room and jam out to Sum 41 cause I felt they were the only ones who got me. Or Sara Evans "Born to Fly" because she understood and wanted to get out of her small nowhere town too. That I fangirled like a pro in my early H.S. years at many a Christian Rock Concert. I can still remember my paw paw sining "Momma's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" when we visit him in Mississippi. Or the first Country song I fell in love with and hooked me on the genre. Time McGraw, "Don't take the girl"

I could tell you that the first time I heard "Slow dancing in a burning room" by John Mayer I cried like a baby. That may or may not be because a boy at the time had me listen to the song. And then I could go on to say that I may or may not have developed a love affair with Stone Sour because of the same boy. I can't listen to Dashboard Confessional Stolen without being creeped out cause a boy I  knew all of a few day,s and didn't feel the same way about, dedicated this to me. Or I could tell you that I'm such a huge Spice Girls fans that I dropped everything so I could see them in concert when they had their big reunion across country. Or that Lauren Alaina's deubt album could have been the soundtrack to my H.S. years and Jana Kramer's debut album could have been the Soundtrack to my early College years. Or that I cried when Kellie Pickler started following me on Twitter. Maria Mena tweeting me darn near gave me a heart attack and Marty Roe will leave his wife and sing me to sleep every night.

Nope, I won't tell y'all none of that. Instead I'll just leave five of my all time favorite songs and be sad that the prompt doesn't call for more.

Old Memory by Ashton Shepherd on Grooveshark

I could listen to Ashton Shepherd ALL day for the rest of my life. I listen to this song on repeat for hours.
Like a Stone by Audioslave on Grooveshark

Chris Cornell is my ish...

Your Glasses by Maria Mena on Grooveshark

Y'all probably didn't know who Maria Mena was. Now you do.

How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood on Grooveshark

How Great Thou Art Jesus
Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas on Grooveshark
Just Carry on my Wayward Son

Really you could just post anything from:
The Civil Wars, Alexz Johnson, CCR, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Ray Lamontagne, Pistol Annies, Pearl Jam, John Mayer, A Fine Frenzy and I would be ok with it.

But if they ever find my cold lifeless body in an alley somewhere with nothing but my Iphone, these are the five songs I don't mind being judge on. I hope the killer would then be gracious enough to delete all other song history.

MD- TX- NY: Who doesn't love gifts

Bam! Here is my Cara Box Link up
Bam! I love Bekah at Bekahsresolve and all the gifts she gave me.
Bam! We were destined to be bloggity frans
Bam! Go check out Samantha at Hooah and Hiccups and see what I sent her. 
Bam! I adore her and the strength she posesses being a Military Wife.
Bam! Go visit Ms. Kaitlyn at Wifessionals to see what everyone else got and how to sign up and receive amazeballs gifts. 

Bam! I'd promise I will never make a post using amazeballs again but that would be a lie since I said I'd never  use bam! again and clearly I am. Nope, no taking away my sweet tea, "Blessin' My Heart" or tellin' me "Oh Hell No" today. 

Bam! The gifts.


Tea! If I have to explain that then you should get off my internets...
Old Bay Seasoning! Y'all can I put this on pork?
Licorice! So I can eat them in peanut butter
Fancy Bath Stuff! So I can smell clean while prunin'
Big Ol' Book! Cause it's under Rory's Radio. DUH!
Fancy Smanchy Note! Cause great notes are great. And dirty floors are dirty. 

Sleep it is mine. 
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May 28, 2013

When the Cicadas Cry, they Lull the South to Sleep


Day 28. Only pictures.

Dude while in the cab of his pickup: Did you say gun it?
Sherry: HELL NO
He guns it anyway.

Hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day. I sure did. Sun and fun is my motto.
I know the rules were to just post pictures but I have to break that for a second.
It has come to my attention that some of y'all did not take a look at my blogging pet peeves rant from day. If y'all did then we still wouldn't be having this problem. If you think I'm ignoring you I promise I ain't. Half y'all who keep commenting to me are no reply bloggers. Fix your ish so I can actually connect with you. Pretty sure half the emails I responded to last night went to no no land, never to return or receive a reply. Hot mess situations are a hot mess.

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May 27, 2013

Superman don't need no seat belt: My Letter to y'all

Day 27, Monday: A letter to your readers 

Dear Y'all,
This is my letter to you. I know y'all are like daggum, if she relates another childhood picture to these prompts... well, I don't even know. I know she lyin!' 

Y'all it has come to my attention that I haven't been quite honest with y'all. I feel that I must write this letter and bear my true soul before we can finish this blog friendship any further. 

I, Aleshea Dominique, am addicted to Superman. Well, addicted isn't quite the word for it. You see growing up I couldn't wait for Tuesday nights to I could watch the show with my daddy. In High School we'd each watch Smallville from our respective rooms, with the doors open, and then yell back and forth to each other. It always annoyed my Momma and she never understood why neither of us couldn't just walk the 20 feet and watch the show in the same room. The picture above is me watcin' Superman with a family friend. I darn near cried last night cause I couldn't find the other picture that included my Daddy. I loved to watch the show on that lovely bean bag. I know, I know, you are wondering how I know for sure that is what the picture is. Trust me I know. I also know that I used to take that pink headband and wear it on my eyes like Geordie in Star Trek. He was my favorite character in Stark Trek The Next Generation. 

On Friday I went and saw The Great Gatsby. I outwardly fangirled when they showed an extended preview of Man of Steel with Henry Cavill. Welp, now that you know my secret. Thanks for loving me anyway. I shall leave you with some really old photos and youtube videos of me fangirling over superman. 

But in as much seriousness as I can muster: Thanks for the love. It always amazes me that people care about what I do in Texas or that someone has laughed or been inspired by my words. And if you arn't inspired then to freakin' bad and no you can't have your reading back.  Remember to go set the world on fire and NEVER forget the people who made today possible. 

Aleshea Dominique

If you missed Saturday's creeper story or Sunday's article her you go.
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May 26, 2013

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Day 26, Sunday: Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd like.
Left: At a Girl Scout Swim Party  Right: In Austin at my Gold Award Ceremony 2007

I wanted to get this post up earlier today but I was sick. No joke y'all, I almost threw up all over a lady at church. I didn't make it to the bathroom but at least I missed her. Hahah, my shirt was not as blessed. I debated and said a prayer on how I wanted today's post to go. I had a Boy Scout article that was much more controversial but I said a prayer and decided against it. I guess it makes me lame that I pray over some of my blog post. Oh well. Maybe one day I will start makin' waves and pissin' people off with the topics I blog about. But today is not that day.

I've mentioned before that I am very active in Scouting. We shall leave it at that. Well in Girl Scouts the highest award you can earn is your Gold Award. It is the equivalent of a Boy Scout becoming an Eagle Scout. For my Gold Award Project I hosted a family fun day back in 2006. To gain entrance to the event families had to bring items that could be made in care packages for the troops. We collected enough items to make 650 care packages. I wanted to post pics but they all are a hot mess and I don't really have any pics of the actual care packages.

So, Aleshea, what does this have to do with the prompt Jenni gave us? Well, you see, the article I have is about the troops. I was reading Megan's blog the other day and she posted a link to the article. I LOVED the article and wanted to post it for today's topic. I know that recruits come from everywhere but sometimes I joke that more of them come from the South. Y'all don't know how man frans I have that went and joined the Military. It's like that have nothing else to do around here so the go into the Military to prove themselves or find themselves. True Story. Heck the Navy just gave me back one of my bestfrans. How rude of them to keep him overseas for so long.

The link I am providing is from Yahoo and it is entitled "Soldiers' portraits before, during and after war" Y'all check it out here.

Day 26 of 31 is safely posted.
And if you missed yesterday's nonsense about the creeper check it out here.

May 25, 2013

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all

Day 25, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget (good or bad)

This is the outfit I was wearing when this story took place. I live in the South. People are always trying to tell me something about myself. I never minded when someone wanted to tell me I had a nice smile or that when I talk it sounds like I'm laughing.  As of late people always ask me if I'm really black. I'm like last time I checked I was. Welp, this story includes none of that. I don't know if it really counts but I'm going to use it anyway.

Working at a law firm in the morning allows me to come across some very interesting people. One of those people would have to be the USPS delivery guy who comes in about once a week. I think it's best if I just retype the text convo I had with my bestfran James and my Ride or Die and let y'all decide. Y'all it's important to note that this boy is a creeper, has braces and slicks all his hair down like he's still in a black 90's boy band. This happened in about a timespan of two weeks at the end of April.

Me: "Ugh why won't creepy people leave me alone. This boy supposed so be delivering our mail. Not trying to get my phone number."
Sherry: "LMFAO WHAT?!?!"
Me: "Girl he got me and caught me off guard. He was like you look young to work here. How old are you. My dumb self goes 25. Then he has me sign. Of course he give me a ghetto pen so he HAS to ask my name. Then he goes, " now you Gonna give me yo phone number. I laughed. Waved my hand at him like I do my kids and said boy bye and walked back towards the copy room. I left him standing there smiling with his braces."
James: "Are you wearing your hair down? Lmao" (That's a running joke between us cause I always have my hair up except for my H.S. Senior pictures)
Me: "Haha nope. I literally did him like my kids at work and when he asked for my number I waved my hand at him and went boy bye as I was walking off. Haha he had braces" 
James: "Lmfao this is why we're friends"

A week later

Me: "Ugh, creepy postage man is at it again. He told me if he was a flower and I walked by he world break away from his steam. I cut him off and walked away. Bwaha who says that." 
James:" That man wants one thing and I'm willing to bet that you cannot help him with that lol"
Me:  "Yes sir. I was down the hall doing something. When I came back to the front reception area( that's where they moved my desk since we're moving soon and it wouldn't make sense to give me an office yet. Plus now I can be the buffer when people come by) he come up to me joking and goes you supposed to be at the desk. I asked if he needed me to sign. He said no June already did it. (She's the secretary near me) that's when he then told me that nonsense. I cut him off and walked away like I had work to do. I walked in the kitchen and pretended I was doing something so the other lawyer near by wouldn't look at me stupid. Then had a LOUD conversation with June about postage just so he could hear me and leave. Ugh.  James, who says these things. Besides they fact that I'm NOT interested. If I wasn't at work he'd get a piece of my mind.
James: " Lol I have no idea who says those things

So that's something someone has said that stuck with me

May 24, 2013

...Best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

We've reached the home stretch and I for one am grateful. Y'all I didn't know one could talk about themselves this much. I've come up with three of my worst traits. But really I think it depends on who you talk to.

  • I am the worst at being serious. I'm usually laughing at an inapporiate time or doing something I shouldn't. The other day  girl at work got stuck on the monkey bars. She was crying hysterically but I could not stop laughin', y'all. Did a I think it was funny; MAYBE. But to the point that I was laughing; NO. I just couldn't help it. If I'm in an uncomfortable situation I'm probably gonna laugh. I remember coming home one weekend in College and my Momma threathen' to smack me cause I was causing a scene in build a bear. I couldn't stop laughing at somethng. If you get me with the Seester in the same room then all bets are off and you don't know what you gonna get.

  • I talk far more than a person should. I also talk really fast. If I meet you I'm probably gonna act like were best friends. I've never been one for small talk and I ain't shy in the least bit. As a child I was always being told to slow down. Heck even as an adult I get told that. I didn't grow up with a traditional Texas accent. I did however pick up words and sayings. I always annoyed my aunt cause I cut the ending off my words. Example: fixing to is fixin' to. Or I'll say ain't etc. Those things angered my Momma and aunt to no end. I blame my daddy. He had a thick Cajun accent and some rubbed off on me. Yes, I'm that person who will talk during a movie or explain all the back information during a scene. Deal with it. It's just hard for me to be quite.

  • I have a hard time saying no. In the South we always joke that it's not ok to say no. People can ask you to do something but really they ain't asking and you know you have to do it. I guess it's a good thing to help people out but sometimes you can stretch yourself to thin. Around here you you say yes sir and yes ma'am when people ask you to do something. That doesn't work well for someone like me who puts the PRO in procrastination. I would write 10 page essays the day they were do in college. And yes I got good grades on them. I remember getting a low B on an essay in college and my professor writin' on there, "I know you wrote this today and didn't proofread it. Just think of what you could have done" Apparently I'm a good writer and have a way with words. I just need to proofread over my writing more and work on a few grammar issues. Maybe I should have taken all those professors advice. Who knew

Day 24 of 31 is over. if you know where the title of my post comes from and the love hate relationship I have with this book than let's be frans. Tell me all about yourself.
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May 23, 2013

Remember the more ratchid you are the more famous you'll be

Day 23, Thursday: Things you've learned that school won't teach you

So, what has life taught me:

Life has taught me that the more ratchid you are the more famous you'll be. People love to watch others whose lives are a train wreck. They're gonna talk about you anyway. "Give em' something to watch."

Life has taught me to always show kindness towards others. You've never and you might be the only positive thing that person encounters all day.

Life has taught me that "the me you see is the me i'll be" Stop trying to be like everyone else because they're already taken. 

Life has taught me that Please, thank you, yes ma'am and no sir will get you a long way in life.

Life has taught me to take water more and sweet tea less. 

Life has taught me that life moves on. There is always gonna be someone worse off than you. Don't wallow in your self pity.

Life has taught me that if I don't leave my house by 7:33 am, I will be stuck behind a John Deere Tractor and the 7:53 train that runs through town on my morning commute to work.

Life has taught me that it's not what you know but who you know. Always do your best and never burn bridges along the way. You never know when you'll need someone later in life. 

Life has taught me that Texas will always be hot and to just deal.

Life has taught me that I'm stronger than I could have ever imagined and worth far more than I could have ever dreamed. Life says, "Aleshea don't settle for anything less"

Day 23 of 31 is not as ratchid as life.
Yay Lisette

May 22, 2013

So you're a blogger... you fancy, huh?

Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)

For the past few days I have been emotionally drained. I decided that I wanted to keep today's post lighthearted and fun. There were a few different things I could rant about and I didn't know which direction I wanted to go. I decided not to talk about the "controversial" topics I normally do in my everyday life. I went with fun. I'm either about to win all the blogging awards or loose them and a ton of followers. Oh well, here we go. This is directed at no one in particular. Here are a few things I see in Blogland that are a hot mess.

  • No Reply Bloggers why are we still worrying with you? Fix your email nonsense so people can actually respond to you. How do you know your a no reply blogger? Simple! You've never gotten an email responding to your comment on someone's blog.

  • Stop responding to comments via your blog. Ain't nobody gonna see that comment. Reply to the email.

  • Stop linking your blog to your PRIVATE Google Plus account. How in God's Green Earth am I supposed to check out your blog when you comment on mine and it takes me to your private page.

  • Stop the madness with this, "I'm a 20 something blah blah blah" I've mentioned this before. STAHP! You are either twenty or you ain't. Put your age or don't.

  • Also stop this nonsense where you tell me to grab a glass of something and stay awhile. How bout I not and pretend I did. I don't know how clean your house is and what you put in said drink. For all I know your sweet tea has only one cup of sugar. Y'all know y'all don't really drink that much wine. And if you do than maybe wee need to start checking your Amanda Bynes Complex.

  • If I follow you it's cause I like you and the content you post. It's such a slap in the face when all you do is spam for more followers. Umm, hello... can you just appreciate the followers you have. What are we chopped liver. I for one think chopped liver is nasty and would prefer not to be one. Numbers mean nothing to me when I never see them commenting on your post.
  •  There is nothing wrong with a good link up or giveaway bui every freakin' day is TOOO much. I followed you for your content. Why would I want to follow all these random blogs I ain't never gonna read. 

  • THIS is probably one of my BIGGEST blogging pet peeves. I think it is the history nerd in me: STAHP, saying you are from below the Mason-Dixon Line. Technically the Mason-Dixon Line established a boundary between Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Just say the state you live in, the region. Or better yet don't post it at all.

  • Put a daggum search bar on your blog. It ain't that hard. How you expect people to get to know you if they can't search for things on your blog.

  • STAHP with all the yellow please and thank you. I know I personally don't wear it cause it makes me look like a banana and bananas are nasty but let's be truthful. Can't nobody see all that nonsense.

  • While we are on this subject, cluttered blogs need to go bye bye. God forbid you have one less sponsor on the side of your page. It's not like we notice them amongst all the side nonsense anyway.

  • And what's with charging people so much to sit on the side of the sidebar. Someone explain this to me. I've never paid for a sponsorship. I'm not against it but I also don't see why people need to charge so much. All the sweet tea I could buy with that money.

  • If I want to follow you on your other social media sites I will. Stop trying to make fetch happen via giveaways and such. It ain't work in Mean Girl and it won't work in blogland.

  • What's with callin' your significant other Hubs? STAHP it. It doesn't make you look cuter. If he doesn't want his name posted then maybe you shouldn't be posting about him. Ask him what "code name" he wants to go by. But for the love of my reading stop with hubs and hubby.

  • Calling your animals fur baby or yourself a fur momma is stupid. End of discussion. My best friend did it on FB and she has been put on notice. 

  • Stop giving your followers stupid pet names. As a follower I do not like it. 

  • Why are about me sections written in third person? We all know it is you writing it. Unless you are running a business STAHP! We know it's your own little corner of the interwebs and your are trying to get through this crazy thing called life. You don't need to remind us via your about me section. 

  • That brings me to my last point. Write about whatever you want. Godforbid you deviate from the "Lifestyle Blogger Schedule" Once in a while. Write how you see it and what you feel and the fans will come along the way. Also, stop trying to be more Southern etc. I'm convinced that some people "set up pictures." How is it your title is one thing but then your post NEVER reflect that. False advertisement and I want my reading back.

Welp, those are a few of my blogging pet peeves. What are yours? 
Yes, I say ain't, STAHP and y'all a lot. Miss me with the complaints.
As my sister always says, " you throw a rock in the crowd and the first one it hits gonna holler."

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May 21, 2013

He's Just an Old Memory, That Don't Remember Me

Day 21, Tuesday: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

Here are a few of my favorite post. Enjoy

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Because it my most viewed post

Taco Tuesday: Fish Tacos
The Texan way to eat/make tacos

Friday's Letter: The "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That" Edition
Ain't nobody got time to be sued
Take it Back: The Hair Bow Saga
Pretty sure my Momma did hair bows better than yours

Ain't Nobody got Time for a Whore Bath
In rich places no less

Friday' Letter: Dear DART
My open ended letter to it establishment and its people

Day 21 0f 31 is just a memory
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May 20, 2013

He never promised that the cross wouldn't get heavy

Day 20, Monday: Get real. Share something you're struggling with right now.

So y'all know I don't like today's topic, right?!?! I feel like I've already addressed this in the "Lot in Life" post. I've never been a big fan of talking about myself. Knowing this fact, why I turned my recipe blog into more of a lifestyle blog I'll never know. I am proud of myself for continuing to post even though I've been sick. All the sweet tea to me. But, seriously... I'm on a sweet tea sabbatical. My body has been over heated and under hydrated. Hence why I'm sick. So no sweet tea for me for a while. Gah, we'll see how long it last.

Anyways, sometimes I struggle.
I struggle to drink a glass of milk.
I struggle to wake up in the morning.
I struggle to take the glass of water over the glass of sweet tea.
I struggle to keep my gas tank above E on a regular basis.
I struggle with relating to kids more than adults
I struggle with acting my age and not being serious enough in life
I struggle to read my Bible daily
I struggle to park backwards
I mostly struggle with finding my purpose in life.

Wait, those ain't deep enough you say...  Here's my empty hand and here's all the fracks I give that this post is short and uninspiring.

Day 20 of 21
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May 19, 2013

5 x 1= 4 of 'Em

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them
Insert pic of me at Christmas with some vintage Southern Living Cookbooks I got.  I fangirled like a tenny bopper at a Bieber/TSwizzle Concert

So, I do a lot of reading and scouring the internet. My Momma used to tell me, "If you spent half as much time doing productive things than you do on the internet and social media you'd be in business!" Let's recap a few of my favorite website/blogs that I read on a daily basis but don't necessarily meet today's prompt  Bourbon and Boots Back Down South The Rules Texas Monthly Gun and Garden Southern Living &TMSG

Welp, on to the actual prompt of the day. Here are my favortie bloggers in no paticular order.

First we have Ms. Whitney Pants. If you've never read her blog then you're doing it all wrong and need to get your life right. Girl, be havin' me laughin up my sweet tea. But more than that she is real and honest about things. She can get emotional without making you feel emotional.

What can I say about Sydeny! She is hilarious as well. You wanna meet a REAL country girl than look no further. She  was one of the first blogs I started following. She was also one of my fist followers. I feel like we are connected. She's always blogging about the lies post-grad brings. She never fails to make me say, "Girl you need to STAHP!" And she's roommates with the rents. That's my kinda girl.

Beth blogs over at Shug in Boots. This Carolina girl is a true Southerner. She never fails to amaze me with her wisdom. I also love how she isn't a cliche lifestyle blogger and does what she wants when she wants.

Kaitlyn, blogs at Put a Bow on it. It turns out we attended the same college for a short time before she transferred and knew some of the same people. I love the everyday light hearted feel her blog has. 

If you haven't noticed most of the blogs I follow are along the same lines. I think that is one of the things I am loving about this challenge. It is allowing me to step outside my reader box and see the world of blogging. There are so many bloggers and different types of blogs. I am meeting and reading blogs I would have never embarked on. 

For day 19 of 31 I know I only did 4 but whatevs.


May 18, 2013

Is that India.Arie? What happened to her hair?

Day 18, Saturday: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.
So, day 18 of blog every day in May ask that I tell a story. Stories are one of my favorite things to tell y'all. I mulled over this top for a good while. My life is one big story and at first I didn't know what I wanted to tell y'all. I went over the crazy stories from my child hood: The seesters birth after I kicked my Momma and she went into early labor, when I discovered where your dinner actually comes from after spending a summer in Southern Louisiana with my uncles who hunt, My cousin always tryin' to light me in fire when I'd vist my "Mom Tea" in Southern Louisiana. While those are all great stories from my childhood they wouldn't really allow me to show off my personality and "blog voice." So, I decided to settle on this gem: The Hair Tragedy of third grade.

You see back, in the early 90's black parents love to dress their kids a hot mess. Around this time Dookey Braids were the it thing. Heck even black boy bands like Immature had members who wore them.  By now I know y'all are all saying, "Aleshea what the heck are you ramblin' on about?" Well, let me explain. Dookey Briads were big thick braids made out of synthetic hair. Got it? Good! Let's continue with the story. In third grade my bestie at the time wore braids ALL the time. I begged and begged my Momma to let me be like the in crowd and get braids. Y'all after weeks of gettin' on my hands and knees like a prostitute she finally agreed. I was so excited because during spring break I was gonna get my hair braided by the lady who did my childhood besties. Needless to say I bragged to everyone at school. Well, the lady ended up being flaky and never did my hair. Just wait cause y'all know this ain't where the story ends.

I cried for days cause I was so upset. Enter my aunt, that lived with us. She decided she would learn how to do the braids just so I would get what I wanted. Well, she did them and my hair turned out half all right. I can still remember her sayin', " Now don't mess with the braids when you get to school. This was my first time and they only turned out ok. I will redo them better next week over Easter Break!" Well, obviously I didn't listen to her. Y'all know if I had there would be no story to rehash.

So I go to school that week all excited thinkin', " I'm stylin' ...boy." I also could not stop playing in my hair. I kept taking it out the half pony and puttin' it back it. I just wanted to show off to everybody. That Monday also happened to be the same day we had to get in front of the class and give our oral book reports. Welp, you guess it. A couple of my braids came out while I was doing my report in front of the ENTIRE class. I cried in the bathroom. Cried from embrassement. Cried cause I knew my Momma was gonna tan my hide black and blue. Y'all I just cried. I can still remember that ugly red scrunchi. Useless piece of thing it was.

It all ended up working out cause the girl that laughed at me ended up getting embrassed a few days later. She had braids as well and when she gave her book report not only did one fall out but it stuck to her backside. Stuck to her and made her look like she had a tail. I still remember the redheaded kid, who threw up all over me Test day( Kids in Texas take statewide test at the end of the year), yellin' you got a tail. That girl cried for days.

Welp, here's my story for day 18 of 31
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May 17, 2013

"Hey pretty girl, won't you look my way"

Day 17, Friday: A favorite photo of yourself and why

Who has a favorite picture of themselves? Y'all I don't. I have pictures I like but not a favorite. These days I'm to busty to stop and take pictures. Gah, that's a cryin' shame. Well, I was looking on my Instagram at all the pictures I used to take and it made me smile. I especially loved all the pictures from summer 2012. I was the daily caretaker of a teenager with low functioning Auitism. It was a rough summer (try being hit, kicked and spit on daily and then tell me you won't start to question God's plan for you and why this season has you doing said job for little to no pay a week)

This picture may seem stupid to y'all but I so love it. I could be all superficial and say, ("my nails totes look fab. I have such a pretty smile and not one hair is out if place) but I won't... wait but I just did. Anyways, let's move on together.

I love this picture cause it is so me. If y'all ever meet me in real life than you would understand perfectly. Wait, I hope I coney that on this blog and y'all do understand. I have so many questions. It's like why would you take this picture, Aleshea? Why would you post this picture, Aleshea? Why would you pick this picture, Aleshea? Well, I am a very care-free and unpredictable person. This photo is from December 2012 and I was sicker than the devil. But I remember this moment and how happy I was to be headed to church. Most of all I love the care-free girl in this picture and how she found a moment to be silly despite the current happenings.

Well, that was dumber than unwsweet tea. Also, thanks for all the lovely comments and blog milestones y'all have helped me achieved.

P.S. If you haven't noticed most of my post titles are song lyrics that fit the days theme than sorry bout 'cha

Day 17 of 31: And I'm out like American Idol.


May 16, 2013

Fear that makes you run The demons that you're hiding from

Day 16, Thursday: Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it

So, when I saw today's prompt I was like, HUH! This prompt was hard for me to figure out and I almost decided to skip it. But that would defeat the purpose of Blog Every Day in May. I googled this phrase and apparently the phrase stems back to Lot in the Bible. I went to bed and was all, "oh well." But, I guess the Lord decided to speak to me via a dream and now I know what to write about. In the dream I didn't get the job in Washington but my friend did. She turned the job down out of fear and they still didn't want me.

I didn't post any graduation pictures because the few I have are awful. Instead I give you a pic I took right before graduation that ended up on the cover of the University yearbook I never received.

My life has been pretty great. Have there been challenges. You dadgum right there has been. But for the most part  I have been blessed beyond measure. I guess the thing for me would be comparing myself to others and finding my purpose in life. I have been out of college for 2-3 years now and still haven't found a "career." While I do love working with the kids in the afternoon, it is not a career. I have more education than my boss. Not that that's a problem but I would like to earn a salary and not be paid hourly. You cannot support yourself off the pay of that job. My job at the law firm in the mornings is paid hourly. Heck, I am considered on contract and they don't even take out my taxes. It's just frustrating when you work so hard for a degree that becomes nothing more than a really expensive piece of paper. It's even more frustrating to still be living at home. I love my Momma and appreciate all she does but, GAH!

I'm proud of all my friends and their accomplishments but it doesn't help when your best friend get a new teaching job this week and one of your other friends get a entry level job in Washington working her way towards a lucrative career with the State Department. Or that I have enough school loans to equal a small house. True Story.

I just try and take each day at a time. Save as much as I can. Do the best I can. And keep my eyes open for things that come my way.

But if I have to hear this convo one more time, I might bless everyone's heart and lose all my manner Momma taught me.

Them: "I see you went to SFA. What did you major in"
Me: "I double majored in Political Science and History with a minor in Gender Studies"
Them: "So do you wanna be a teacher?"

If I wanted to teach I would be teaching. Stop trying to put me in a box.

BOO, adult life. This ain't what I signed up for. Somebody just pay me to be Southern and walk around in t-shirt and Norts.

P.S. Y'all pray for all the people in North Texas hit by the tornadoes and storms last night. I was driving through a lightining storm last night and it was cray cray. I woke this morning and saw the devesation on tv and it was sad. Apparently I slept through the sirens. Guess God really wanted me to dream that dream.
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