Sep 30, 2013

Her eyes are green as the trees in Nacogdoches.


I know I can't be the only one who wants to cry when Monday comes around. The weekend is all large and in charge and then Monday comes and slaps yo butt in the face. You know that person that announces they're unfollowing and you're like, that's like announcing your leaving a party early that you ain't even invited to- that's Monday to me. Heck  I struggle to blog on Mondays. I vote we just veto Monday. Hey, if Congress can't get it together enough and cause a Government Shutdown then we can start vetoing days. Anyways, let's forget the nonsense and spend a few sentences talking about my weekend.

First, I wanna thank y'all for all the Birfday wishes/encouragement. My Bestfran James was laughing at me Saturday cause I spent most of the car ride answering emails. I spent half the weekend back in Nac for Parents Day and the Pink Out Games. James little brother is a student at the college I attended. Their Aunt and Grandma were honored for being breast cancer survivors, hence why we drove down for the game. We were gonna spend the night in Nac but instead decided to drive home late that night. Y'all that was a big HOT MESS and I just got to give some thanks to The Good Lord for getting us home safe. It was stormin' something fierce which caused us to get off track and drive WAY WAY WAY out of the way. I fell asleep before midnight and woke to us sitting in a ditch with the hazards lights on and James asleep behind the wheel.  Needless to say I drove the rest of the way home. A trip that should have only taken a little over three hours took about five. When my Momma sees the high gas bill charged to her I'm just gonna remind here that she always said if I was tired or it was bad weather to find another route or pull over. Whelp, that was the majority of my weekend. Now on to the week ahead. I'm not gonna lie and I'll admit that I halved on my goals from last week. So this week my biggest goals are to

 Build on the goals from last week. 
 Drink more water. 
 Spend at least fifteen minutes in either prayer/ devotional or reading my Bible 

What y'all got going on this weekend? Hoe do y'all stay accountable with your "quiet time"

Sep 26, 2013

From the house that built me


As I sit over this post, my morning coffee long gone. The pic, neither here nor there, I wonder how much is to much. Do my readers turn away thinking, "Gah how many post about her dead dad is she gonna write? Where's the funny and bad grammar? You're just a Texas Lifestyle blogger! You're supposed to post pictures of your lush weekend with your newest boytoy and talk about the celebrities of this week on reality TV." Do I run the risk of over-sharing but all the while knowing the honest moments are the most beautiful? Can I really put my scattered thoughts into a few paragraphs without sounding like a bitter soul spending the last few days as a 25 year old thinking of the good ol' days and what could have been.

54: The age 54. The age my Daddy would have been today. Me, a birfday present three days late. The house I haven't lived in in nearly eight years. The house, the "House that built me" nothing but a memory. The neighbors, the neighbors I haven't concerned myself with near enough.

52: The age 52. The age of my most cherished neighbor.

Brent: The neighbor who has always been there for my family. The living father figure I have neglected. The man I went to visit on Sunday because he's dying of cancer.

Shame: the shame I felt when seeing him for the first time in ages.

Tears: the tears I cried for his pain.

Sadness: The sadness I felt for his kids, knowing all to well what happens next.

Anger: the anger I felt towards the doctors for giving up on him and sending him home to die.

Joy: The joy I hid, praying that if it be the lords will he remembers to say hi to my Daddy when he goes.

Questions: The questions I have but never ask. Cause in the end the 'why' isn't important when you remember the Lord will never put you through more than you can bare.

Prayers: The prayers I ask for on behalf of my family and his.

Hope: The hope that the devil will not steal. For it is not over till god says it's over.

The end: In the end I close my eyes and hit publish, for the blog to see

Y'all, it's a lovely blog hop


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Sep 25, 2013

"Death and Life are in the power of the tongue"


Man, who hasn't made a mistake are screwed up in life? Y'all best not lie. No, but seriously I could look back on life and be like, "Girl, what was you doing with that outfit? Why did you pick those colors for your braces? He ain't even cute?" Ya'know the list could go on forever.

For me the one of my biggest downfalls has always been my mouth. Everyone knows that I talk a lot and never shut up. Growing up I started talking super late in life and my mom would joke that I was just making up for lost time. Guess I don't really have an excuse now that I darn near 26. Did I mention my Birfday is Sunday? Are y'all tired of my countdowns yet? Anyways, y'all know I do all that blogging out loud. I have made it no secret that my attitude and mouth have been something I've been trying to work. on.

So, I guess the most recent mistake I made was yesterday. I woke in a bad mood. I could blame it all on my Seester and how she was bugging me to do things for her but that is beside the point. Yes, it was a factor but it's not the take away. We can't always control what happens in life but we can control how we respond to things. I know there's some fancy quote that says that much better than I just did. But it's times like that that I'm reminded how much our Savior loves us. I could have beat myself up all day yesterday that I've already got a poor start on my Weekly Wishes. But instead I chose to focus on the positive. It's times like this that I'm reminded how much our Savior loves and cares for us. He never holds things against us and is always quick to forgive. I'll always remember a conservation I had with my Seester a few years back and she goes, " I'm glad I'm not Jesus cause I don't know how he does it!" I say all that to say sometimes we have to watch what we say. You never know when those might be your last words to a person.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18:21

Sep 24, 2013

Oh Blogging you love me so

As I sit to write this long overdue post, hoping this take will better than the last; My heart and belly are full. I embarked on this week/weekend with fivegoals:

 Help a stranger in need
 Choose to see the good in all
  Make the weekend one to remember ( more to come. Praying it all works out)
 Take advantage of every opportunity given to me
 Take a moment to stop in marvel at your beauty. 

I'd like to think I did everything I set out to do.  It’s not a good deed if you tell people. So I’ll just leave y’all with the knowledge that I helped two strangers in need. 

Choosing to see the good in all is never easy but it is one I’m proud to say I conquered for the week. The challenge is to now continue towards that attitude and mindset change. That my steps will be ordered, my words will speak light and my actions will reflect both. 

Now, this brings me two numbers three and four. Many know that I spent the weekend in Houston at #BlogElevated. That's what I was praying would work out.  As evident by the blog cards, you can see that I wasted no time trying to take advantage of every opportunity. Follow through is the name of the game from here on out. From the things that may take months to implement into my blog- moving to wordpress. To the things I could do over night- email list. Yes, it was great to meet bloggers that I openly stalk like, Rachel and  Kylie and fine out their just like me but with more followers. Make new friends in Bre, Alba, Denise, Lisa, Sarah. Or learn that one of my all time favorite bloggers Betsy is from my hometown. Or the countless Google +, Google Analytics, Pinterest, photography, SEO, monetization, Youtube, Tax, writing, etc session packed with knowledge. No, those ain't the "keywords", see I paid attention, that'll be my take away.  

For me the biggest thing I took away is that I am worth it and I am good enough. Many times we sale ourselves short because of the fear that there is always someone greater or better at what I do. You know, comparing our life and stories to this or that person. That stops today. For a few weeks I have been in talks with a company and for the life of me I could not figure out why they would want me. I was sitting in the PR Panel sessions and the words of one of the speakers hit me deep. When she said," that sometimes your numbers are good enough and we do look for smaller up an coming bloggers at times. We want to catch them before someone else does." It was as if she was speaking directly to me. Y'all before that session was over I had my email up and was emailing said company to let them know I'd be honored to work with them and what I could bring to the table. So #BlogElevated thank-you for not only teaching me "things" to better my blog but things to better myself while blogging. Cause after all insist the goal to "Be inspired, be professional, be you"

Houston, a city I generally despise and make fun of gave me a great chance to marvel at the beauty The Lord has given us. Yes, it rained much of the weekend but for once I was happy with the little things like rain. I'm sure it's because we're in a drought here in DFW but I'll just pretend it's because I'm working on becoming a better person in all aspects of my life. 

So this week I shall:

 Respond to all emails within 48 hours. 
 Implement the blogging changes I know I can begin to achieve in two week time, as well as set a time frame for those that will take longer
  WERK this job fair Wednesday
 Be a light in all the young ladies I meet this week at the Girl Scout Recruitment event I'm helping with.
 Take a moment everyday to reflect and be thankful. 

Of course I get an email as I'm writing this that I would normally put off. Excuse me while I answer it. Y'all continue to have a fabulous week.

Sep 18, 2013

Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop

Ride or Die knows someone at the House of Blues. I really wanted to see Hanson when I found out they would be there. She worked her magic and got us in free. Not only did we get in free but we were one of the first groups lets in. I was so close I could see Taylor's sweat. Every time Zac flipped his hair an angel got their wings. The way Isaac was shakin' it, I'm surprised he doesn't have more than two children. I even found a few frans in the crowd as well as made a few new friends. There were two opening acts. The first was a band that went by the name of Free for the Weekend. The lead singer is also the lead singer of Bowling for Soup. The second opener was Paul McDonald and boy can that smexy man put on a show. You'd probably know him as the dude from American Idol or the guy married to that chick from Twilight. I was just excited to have an opener where not only did I know who they were but I knew some of their music. Y'all I fangirled so hard it ain't even funny. 10 year old Leshea came out in full force cause Penny and me tonight. Wait, that song came out when I was 16. Anyways! I was drenched in sweat by the end of the concert and had been whacked in the head a few times. Then I was running through downtown Dallas by myself trying to catch the dart train back to my car. It was way past midnight but I sure got that last train and made frans with a homeless man. But, Sherry if you're are reading this, I deff should have taken that ride you offered. I got so lost and then my phone died. But I made it home safe so it's all good.

Still 11 days till my Birfday but it's already shaping up to be a great one. Best present ever.

Sep 16, 2013

"Here's to you kid"

As I sit here, writing this letter, summer close to an end, 26 years of life slowly creeping up on me, I am reminded that this day in history Gandhi began one of his famous hunger strikes to protest the British Government because they separated India's electoral votes into a caste system. Or that yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham Alabama church bombing that killed four girls. 

This time of year has always been one that causes me to reflect internally. Life, you may not have been without challenges but you have always been beautiful and for that I thank you. This week I vow to put in practice some of the life lessons you have taught me. I shall

 Help a stranger in need
 Choose to see the good in all
  Make the weekend one to remember ( more to come. Praying it all works out)
 Take advantage of every opportunity given to me
 Take a moment to stop in marvel at your beauty. 

So life, consider this not only my letter to you but my promises. "Here's to you kid."


Sep 13, 2013

It's like you're my mirror My mirror staring back at me

I know I'm not the only one who has been craving Starbucks. Y'all Between the Seester and I we've kept Starbucks in business these last few weeks. I can't get enough of all the holiday drinks. Special shout-out to all the people who keep giving us gift cards to that magical place. As I drink today's coffee, peppermint white mocha latte, getting pumped up to Gavin Degraw's Best I ever Had I've thought of a few things. Ok, really Bekah thought of these things. 

  Am  I the only one that has selective dream memory?I feel like I only remember the dreams I want to. I can remember waking up in the middle of a dream to pee. And then when I am falling back asleep I start praying I can finish the dream. 

  Lee Daniels the Butler really got me to thinking about a lot of things and was a big push on my whole I am the South and the South is me kick. I've always had it but this movie re-sparked it. 

  Praise baby Jesus for all things EOS and making my skin feel fabulous.

  I am so ready for cooler weather and all that comes with it. I'll be 26 in 16 days. AHHHH no ma'am. It's September and we are still in the 100 plus degree weather. That is not ok at.

  I am most excited for the 12 days of Christmas linkup I'm doing with Bekah. Excited to plan out the prompts .


Sep 10, 2013

While you laughin' we're passing, passing away So y'all go rest y'all souls

I guess it's the ENTJ in me but feelings really ain't my thing so we shall see how this goes.

Senior year of High School and I was out with one of my Momma's friends. She pulls up in front of our house and I see Green Bean parked in the front. I get really excited and rush in the house cause this mean my Daddy is home early from work. I'm yelling, "Daddy where you at", only to have my dreams crushed when I realize my Daddy is home but not my home. So I sat in the living. Just sat. Almost a year later and I think that is when I realized my life was gonna be different from here on out.

You know something I've never really understood... Preachers when they talk about death. You know, you're sitting in church and the Pastor starts talking about how you should give God praise for waking you up this morning cause you could be dead. If Heaven is the ultimate goal and greater than anything we can imagine, why would we be so excited to still be here? I don't know about y'all but that is something I think about on Sunday mornings during praise and worship. It fascinates me to know end.

I remember a short time after my daddy passed my mama would be on the phone with people whispering about me. She had been given some books on grief. One of the books talked about children who didn't show much emotion after a tragic event in life happens. Apparently the books says that I will break down at a more pivotal point in life like a wedding are graduation. She was always walking on eggshells and waiting for something that never came. I wish people would realize that not everyone copes with things the same way

Over the past so many years others have tried to analyze me as well. They are always telling me what they think I need to hear. I say nonsense the whole lot of it. No one really knows what they will do until they are faced with said situation. When you grow up with a parent who is always sick you learn to expect the unexpected and always be prepared. People find it odd, but I'm at peace. But you know why? Because the last words I said to my Daddy before he died was I love you. And the last words he ever spoke as he looked me in the eyes was, "I love you to. I promise I'm alright!"

Whelp, there's my attempt at being all emotional and sharing something on my heart. Ugh, why must Jenni give us these prompts.


Sep 9, 2013

Extravert → iNtuitive →Thinking → Judging

"I don't care to sit by the window on an airplane. If I can't control it, why look?"

"Bet you got a dead cell phone in your shot gun seat" Wait, that's not what today's topic is over? Oh well cause that's what I've been singing all morning.

In college I took this test for Student Government. I was extremely excited when I saw today's prompt and that Jenni would have us take the test and then write about our findings. Truthfully, I could not remember how I scored the first time. All I remembered was Bestfran Numero Uno took the test as well and we had the exact same thing except for the first letter. 

I majored in Political Science and History. This test tells me I should go into Politics. Recently I completed my Linkedin profile and after I entered my resume information it told me that I was qualified for management jobs in education. This test tells me I'm prone to jobs in Education Management. Gah, just can't get away for people wanting me to start a career in education can I?

Larger than life... check
Feels are Introverted... check

But it's ok cause the likes of FDR, Harrison Ford and Margaret Thatcher scored the same as me. Apparently my personality is rare among women. Take that High School Aptitude Test. Anyone else score the same as me? 

After taking this test it really got me thinking about a few things I wanted to accomplish this week. Yes, the ol' make five quality post is always on there but what else...

Here are my 2 Weekly Wishes
→ Five quality blog post
→ Stop being such a Vulcan. It's ok to put down logic and reason and go by emotions. 
Y'all go say HI to Melyssa!

Sep 6, 2013

Love is What we are Born With. Fear is What we Learned Here

I can't really say I have a time where I feel most afraid. Sure Insects freak me out and the occasional storm may have me quoting some 2 Timothy, "God has not given me the spirit of fear. Heck, when I watch my Daddy die on the living room floor at 17, it wasn't the best. But it was more if I can't believe this is how it's gonna go down, than fear. My Daddy's the blessed one who not gets to spend eternity in no plan and lots of joy. Yeah, sooner than we would all have liked. I could even say that before my back surgery I was a tad freaked out that I would have a nightmare durning surgery and not be able to wake up from it because all the medicine they would have me on. Or the time I was at the fair as a child and a man with a gun came in one of the food courts and we were all ushered under tables while he popped a few rounds. I  have always and will continue to refuse to be a victim in life.  Life really is how yo react to the situations you are given. I chose to not give the negative in a life a chance to thrive. I read a great article this morning from Relevant Magazine entitled "5 lies every twenty something needs to stop believing. The part that I loved the most was the quote I'll leave you with today- "Failure is not a period, it's a coma. And only if you stop trying will you really fail."


Sep 5, 2013

But I read that soda kills you and Jesus saves

"Yeah I know, but you know just remember the Devil's not ugly, okay? I mean the Devil is cute. Way cute. I'm talking Brad Pitt cute. Don't sell out for just some pretty face" Marco- Degrassi

When doing my  #SheReadsTruth Bible Study and Devotional last night, the above quote stuck in my head. Anybody else love that show as much as  I did growing up? I'll never forget meeting some kids from Canada while I was at conference some years back. I got so excited and went on a tangent about the show. Needless to say they thought I was quite the interesting character. But I digress and need to stop blogging aloud. My point is to always remember what you stand for and do so boldly and proudly. Jesus was persecuted so who are we to expect anything less. Times may get hard but we have to remember, "That if God be for us who can be against us." Romans 8: 31. *As I step off my sweet tea box and crawl back under my covers*


Sep 4, 2013

We count our dollars on the train to the party

pic name

If you've followed le blog for any length of time than it should be no secret that I love my state and all it has to offer. While most have lavish dreams of traveling to far off lands I dream of things much simpler. In my post Travelin Texan, I tell of these dreams to travel around the Great State of Texas and see it all. I could never leave the state except to visit family and still be content with life. 

But, if money was no object and I had all the time and the world I would visit the land of my people. Travel to the places I've heard so many stories about. Marvel at the beauty of the cotton fields in Mississippi and the family members that picked from her loins. Swim the same Bayou's down in Louisiana that my Daddy learned to swim in. Run through the woods where I've watched my uncles hunt on many an occasion. Visit the Witch Doctor my Daddy saw as a child for his Sick A cell Anemia cause his family was to poor to afford a legitimate doctor. Bake on the beaches of Alabama as I then make my way up the coast. Walk the historic streets of Virginia. Lay amongst nature in The Blue Ridge Mountains wear the Hippies and Hillbillies become my friend. Fish from the beautiful rivers God provided in Arkansas, The Natural State. I'd wear a hat bigger than my face as I sat in the stand of Churchill Downs pretending I belonged. Taste of the barbecue in Memphis and then pretend I've no such thing as Texas BBQ is the best. Yes, that is what i'd do if the fates would allows. Cause after all I am the South and the South is me.


Sep 3, 2013

I am the south and the south is me

Tuesday, Sept. 3: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.
Between my family coming to visit and the 1st Family Reunion on my Paw Paw side of the family that my Aunt is planning, it has caused me to do a lot of thinking about my heritage. Asking where I come from and what makes me is always a loaded question.

The Texas sun has kissed my face. Muddy waters runs through my veins. The Bayou is where my people come from. Cajun/Creole is not just in my food and last name but it is in me. I am the generations of family members who have lived off the Louisiana land for decades. I am the Irish side of my family many care not to remember because it means we were slaves in Rural Mississippi/Arkansas. I am descendent of the great Virgina Colonel George Waller. I am Ann Eliza Walters. The girl in my family who passed as white and therefor escaped slavery to marry in North Carolina. And eventually lived in Texas as a "white woman".  I am my Momma crying while watching "The Help" because it is her life story since she was named after the last child my Great Grandma raised for the "White Doctor" in town. I am my aunt walking down the streets of Greenville Mississippi hand in hand with my Momma and Grandma as the camera crews film her being the first black student to integrate her elementary school. I am my Father enduring Southern Louisiana summers as he worked the Oil Rigs on the Bayou so that he could pay for college. I am my Uncle Jeff who grew up picking cotton. I am my Paw Paw who rode on the back of the Ice Truck in the 1940's as an Ice Pick Boy delivering the contents to the families in Northern Mississippi. I am my Great Grandpa who left Mississippi to live in Rural Arkansas and be a sharecropper and provide for his family. I am my Grandma who left her home as a child in Rural Arkansas to attend school in Mississippi because the education system was better for black children. I am my Great Grandma's and their Choctaw and Cherokee heritage. I am the strong woman they raised me to be. I am the red dirt that stains my car as I drive the backboards. I am my Uncle piloting planes throughout the south as he sprayed the crops with Pesticides. I am my Uncle Jarvis as he proudly defended his country. I am my Uncle Dan who only works six months of the year driving trucks so that he is always home in the fall for hunting season. Texas raised me but the South made me.

I am Aleshea.
I am the South and the South is me.

"South of the Border, West of the Sun"
Day 1 of Blogtember

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