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Apr 30, 2013

Texas in 101 Seconds

What is Texas Tuesday? A chance for you to show off the awesomeness that is TEXAS!! You can blog about anything; restaurants, vacation spots, venues, concerts, your hometown, shops, fashion, sports, etc. The linkup is not limited to Texans, we just ask that the post is about Texas. 

We don't make following any of the hosts a requirement, but we do ask that you include our button and at least post about a Texas related topic. Any links that are not related to the link up will be deleted. (button code is in grab box below the image above)

We've invited Texas bloggers to co host with us weekly. If you're interested in being a co host for our link up please email Amanda at princessofthepanhandle(at)gmail(dot)com and she will get you on the calendar. 

Today I'm Co-Hosting Texas Tuesday and I am excited about this. This is one of my favorite link ups. I was going to write about my camping trip in East Texas two weekends ago but alas I don't have pictures yet. When you start talking about the South many get very defensive and love to argue who is and isn't Southern. I always say if you're from Kentucky, Oklahoma or Florida, you have no room to talk. Your state was either a territory or you didn't have to balls to succeed. Y'all already know that I lived a few years in East Texas for college and absolutely loved it. While DFW will always be my home and I'm proud of the Water Tower/Jesus Town I grew up in, I would move back to East Texas in a heartbeat if a job presented itself. With that said, if you want to learn more about East Texas and the culture, you should watch the movie Bernie with Jack Black. I won't give the movie away but it's about a man in Carthage Texas. Carthage is not far from Nacogdoches (where I went to college. Nac is the "oldest town in Texas") I've been there once and it wasn't pleasant. A friend in college Grandpa had a farm out there and we spent a day on it. I was bit by a spider and yellow jack and it caused such a bad reaction. Well, despite that I had fun out there. This little a beauty of a clip explains Texas in 101 seconds. Happy 80th Birfday Willie!

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Tomorrow I'm starting the blog everyday in May campaign. I think it's a wonderful idea to get everyone back to the basics of blogging. I also like that they're topics for each day to help you along. Y'all be looking out for that.

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