Me: It's pronounced "fuh". Her: They misspelled it then. |

Nov 19, 2013

Me: It's pronounced "fuh". Her: They misspelled it then.

It's been forever since I posted a recipe. Calm yourself cause today ain't that day. I'm broke and ain't in the mood. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't tell people that are be tagging myself in at the nail salon. You know those ladies always be tryin' to upsale and conn you into something. But I did try Pho for the first time last week. It's food related and therefore quailfys for Tasty Tuesday with Jess and Ashley. Now that we got the necessary links outta the way, shall we get to the funnies? I say we shall, so we shall. Did that even make sense to y'all. Pause why don't y'all count how many times I wrote y'all in a post. I hear it's an unnecessary amount. I've been told that I'm somewhat outrageous in public. But in a good way if that makes sense. If it doesn't than just pretend it does. People are always tellin' me I should have someone filming my adventures. I say my frans are biased and I'll let y'all be the judge of that.

Let's preface this with the shortest history lesson ever. Growing up my hometown wasn't that big but over the last few years wave have almost TRIPPLED our populations. It's crazy y'all. We ain't a small town anymore but we still act and feel like one. We were just named by some online publication, "best small city to live in." You can imagine the town is going nuts. Almost as nuts as when we were a finalist a few years back in the "All-American City Award" or ranked 10th best small city by CNN money. Now that i'm older I can appreciate these things but growing up not so much. As I mentioned yesterday majority of my town is off the lake. We have to main bridges that cut through town. If you are on one side of the bridge near the HS and say I live down yonder on the other side people know what you mean. My side of town is the smaller side where is mostly houses. Our town is a true bedroom community. The other side is where majority of the "things" are. Growing up I didn't mind driving across the bridge but people on that side of town wouldn't drive to my side. Why is why we have two of almost everything. May not seem like much to you but it is to me when you can drive through my town in less in 10 minutes. Well, I guess that wasn't a short hometown lesson.

So last Thursday Ride or Die, Sherry, came over so my seester could do her hair. She finished early and we decided to go get lunch. We mumbled and mauled forever on what to eat. I mentioned that they built a Pho/Yogurt place. She started loosin' her mind with excitement and then proceeded to tell me that she didn't know where said place was because she doesn't come to my side of town. Bar in mind this restaurant is like 10 mins max from her house. This was probably just her excuse so I'd drive us. So as where driving the five minutes to the restaurant this conservation ensues:

Aleshea: Let's go to that "fo" place.
Sherry: You mean pho?
Aleshea: That "po" place.
Sherry: It's pronounced "fuh"
Aleshea: They misspelled it then.

Then we get to the restaurant and my mind is blown because I thought Pho was just one kind of soup. I didn't realize there were options. So after I finally make a decision we get the soup. By this time the waiter is intrigued because not only am I unintentionally actin' a fool but I'm loud like always.The waiter come back over all concerned because Sherry is laughin' so loud and hard the whole restaurant can hear.What happened you might ask. This Twit post shall let y'all know.

"Apparently I'm the only one who dips my Shrimp in Sriracha Sauce. The waiter laughed at me. I thought that's it was there for.And yes I'm eating this Pho soup thing with a fork. Can't take the Texas girl outta me. That spoon was tooo hard and I gave up."

The waiter than comes back and politely shows me what the Sriracha was for and how to properly add it to my Pho with the spices. SOOO good y'all. Y'all don't even know. I must have Pho all the time. But this trip wouldn't be complete without one last twit while we were in the restaurant. Y'all before we left I was screaming this:

"Sriracha in my eye and it burns"

Ohh, let me tell y'all how much it burned. I didn't realized some was on my hands when I rubbed my itcin' eye. And do you know the drank they gave me did not sweat in the least bit. I couldn't even cry it burned so bad. By this time this two older white ladies came in and sat by us. Needless to say they were amused by me as well. But don't worry cause I left a nice tip since that waiter had to put up with my nonsense. By the time we left they had a couple staff members sitting by us. They were tryin' to pretend they were meeting or some nonsense but I know they came over so they could watch us actin a fool'

So I guess the moral would be that Pho is good. I'm not cultured. And actin' like a child always makes for fun times.


  1. Ha this is hilarious! I absolutely LOVE pho, but my husband and I both have a hard time calling it "fuh" home we just go with "fo", no need to pronounce it correctly unless you're in public ;) I'm with you though, I eat it with a fork and that spoon. I don't know how people do with the spoon and chopsticks! You sound like a blast to be around...I'm sure you kept the restaurant entertained!

  2. It is so important to go all out and just be yourself or act crazy sometimes! Situations can be so much more fun when you just let loose. I haven't tried pho yet, but I might have to! I really liked that conversation you put in your post about how pho is pronounced, haha!

    1. Haha, I'm glad soneone agrees. Life is more fun when you're having fun.

  3. Ha! Yeah the first time I tried pho I was also overwhelmed by having options :)

  4. Replies
    1. You deff should. So good and a great experience as well. I'm glad the staff played along and wasn't offended by us.

  5. We always laugh about pho too. It makes me want to purposefully mispronounce words. :)

  6. HA! I'm gonna start using that line "purposefully mispronounce words

  7. That's hilarious! I've had that same conversation about the pronunciation of pho lol.

  8. Haha I mispronounce a lot of food words!

  9. Girlfriend you just cracked me up till I wet my pants, oh my! If you live near FTW, we need a ladies night out! What did you think I was joking, nope I wasn't! Thanks for making me laugh this late Friday, ok Saturday Morning.

    1. Picture this: Friday night at a crowded Tex-Mex restaurant. I'm munchin' down on chips and salsa. Phone vibrates. I open my email to your lovely comment. I begin laughing hysterically and loud. People around me look at me like I'm crazy. I hand phone over to a fran and she laughs too. Yep, that's what happened. Let's be frans.


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