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Jan 6, 2015

Gimmie them watches


Maybe it's just down here in the South... but it seems like we are always expected to look our best. You could be at the grocery store and someone will judge you. Heck, I can't even go in the nail salon without Ms. Sue the owner askin' how my Momma is or my friend I'm with on many occasions. The holidays and weddin' season are the perfect time for that. Always some party, get together or even you need to look good for. And now that I've joined the Junior League of Dallas I feel this now so more than ever. Everytime you turn around I have a new event I need to get ready for.

At first I was over havin' to find new outfits all the time but as of late I have embraced this. I mean it is what I signed up for I supposed. Recently I was introduced to the website Invaluable and I can't tell y'all how much I love it. The premise is that it's an online auction. They sale anythin' you can imagine. If y'all only knew how obsessed I was with auctions and where people purchase things from. I spend way to many hours watchin' Storage Wars and Antique Road Show with my Momma.

Above I put together a sample outfit of somethin' I could wear to one of the many events I have comin' up these next few months thanks to Junior League. I paired it with a Mens Rolex from Invaluable men's watch selection. And, while, yes this watch is a little on the pricey side... they do have very affordable watches. This would be my dream watch to go with such a practical outfit

So I wanna hear from you: What would you chose? What's your favorite type of watch?

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  1. I actually don't wear watches. But like you said, I get invited to events and I'm always looking for something to wear. Good thing I'm mostly invited to kid events which means my outfit doesn't really matter.

  2. I am so not stylin' since I work at home. I will go to the HEB with pj pants and fake UGGS but I saw my niece with a fancy and beautiful watch.. could it have been Michael Korrs.. I want that watch when I get an out of house job. It was so beautiful and I'm not a watch person.

  3. Well I am in Florida (Tampa Bay Area )and Flip Flops seem to be the norm here and most of the people also like to wear super short shorts even those people who really shouldn't wear them. I wish there was a bit more style going on here. (I am not into wearing short shorts at all). Well I am totally obsessed with Michael Kors Watches they are amazing especially in Rose Gold

  4. What a great outfit! I'm with you on always having an event to go to when you are part of the Junior League. ;)

  5. I like the idea of wearing a men's watch with such a feminine outfit. I think it would look great!

  6. I love watches Kate Spade is probably one of my favorite brands for watches.

  7. Watch as a symbol of successful men, recently promoted, so going to buy watches,Cheap Ladies Armani Watches personally like, I do not know how you feel?


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