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Feb 4, 2015

Oh, USA!

Big thanks to Campusbookrentals for sponsorin' today's post.

Holy, long time no see. This past weekend I was at Jerry World, that's what us Dallas lovers call it, for the HS. International Bowl. The USA was versus Canada. Essentially kids from all over the us who are the best represent the US. Two high school kids from our town made it and everyone was ecstatic. We walked in as the National Anthem were bein' sung. So we had to wait to be seated. As soon as we sit down we realized were were in the Canada side. Oh, this wasn't gonna do. After a few minutes we quickly decided we needed popcorn and to find where the Americans were sittin'. We wait in the short line for popcorn and then decide USA has to be sittin' on the other side. We make our way and find new seats only to realize this time we are in front of the family of the Canadian QB. And when I tell you that Momma was hollerin'. USA, was gettin' the taste slapped outta they mouth and their behinds handed to them. Those Canadian fans were cheerin' so loud. I was gettin' frustrated with them and the refs. I started chantin', "that we were the real winners cause are kids get to stay in America."

All that got me to thinkin' and I made a joke with one of the boys. I told him aren't we grateful that we do live in America and not somewhere else. That we have access to all these great things. I mean I know Canada isn't a third world country but y'all get the point.

But, let's be serious for a second. Some people have it rough in other countries. Heck here in America many are not as fortunate. I think that's one of the reasons I love operationsmile.  I personally know people who've had clef lip palate and have been helped by organizations like Operation Smile. The money that is funded into the organization help these children get the medical care and surgerythey desperately need. If you are wonderin' where the fundin' is comin' from I'm about to tell ya. Campusbookrental books partners with them. How does campusbookrental partner?

 If you rent your text books with Campus Books  you saving 40-90%, receiving free shippin' to and back but they are also flexible and you can write in your textbook. Plus why do you want to buy a book in a subject you will never need. But I LOVE that they donate to operationsmile.org and save some lives. So it's like your giving to charity with each book you rent. And once your done head on over to www.RentBack.com. Basically you then rent out your textbook to other students and make money. All that works for me. 


  1. This is such a wonderful cause. Thank you so much for raising awareness. I have shared this post on my social pages. Lots of love, Lisa

  2. This brings a smile to my face! I love when companies partner with organizations to make a difference!

  3. What an awesome organization!

  4. My boys used this company and it is great. Love the rental versus the buying method.

  5. I love these charities and the discount on textbooks! Thanks for raising awareness!

  6. I think it is a great option. When I was in college, I wish a service like this would have been available and I love companies that donate to worthy causes. It makes them so much more "human" in my eyes. xx

  7. What a great charity!!


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