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Mar 1, 2016

Captain Obvious

I can still remember the first time I voted.I filled out an absentee ballot and then mailed it in. The millennial in me had all my friends take photo after photo to post on, FB. The album still proudly posted on FB has more than 20 blurry photos of me all proud to do my civic duty. I look back now and laugh. Why, oh my why. Why was my grown self wearin' pigtails? Why did I think that bag was cute? Why was I cheesin' extra hard at the camera.? The why's never stop.

With Super Tuesday and FB havin' the memories option I am reminded of these moments in life. Many times I look back and cringe. Other times, like today I smile. I always was one for the political fasset. Much of this election cycle has been spent with frans and the delightful yet hilarious commentary they provide. Almost as hilarious as Captain Obvious. He's declared he's 'literally" runnin for president and his social media commentary has me rollin'. He's bein' sponsored by Y'all, know I love them and can't wait to use them to help book some travels this summer and cross all them items off the #TravelinTexan list.
Why we never started that podcast I'll never know. Probably cause we ain't as funny as our Momma's lead us to believe. But, I digress.

But, let's get serious for a quick bit. Y'all remember to vote today if you are one of the 13 Super Tuesday states.

I guess not much has changed. Today I'll walk into my pollin' place, cast my vote and then post all about it on FB. Guess it's just the millennial in me.

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  1. I was excited to vote the first time, too...until I realized I hated all the candidates.


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