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Apr 5, 2016

Dallas: Best Brunch Places

Best Brunch in Dallas

A brunch without champagne is just a sad little breakfast.  Say, it again with me: A brunch without champagne is just a sad little breakfast. Now, that Y'all have uttered life’s mantra, let’s talk about my favorite meal of the weekend.  In Dallas, we brunch: Anyone who knows me knows that’s my life’s motto, my life’s blood. Ok, maybe I am bein’ larger than life and exaggeratin’, but hey I’m from Texas and Y'all get the point. Let’s be truthful for a second cause brunch is a very real thing here in North Texas. We plan our weekends around it. We’re not talkin’ we show up late to breakfast. We’re talkin’ restaurants that have menus and days dedicated to this weekend past time. For obvious reasons, most of the questions I get via the blog are Texas related, but when it comes to Dallas, I get more questions around Dallas brunch than I do anythin’ else. When I started puttin’ the list together, I realized everythin’ is my favorite, and I brunch far more often than I should. Here is the Glitz & Grits: Best Brunch spots in Dallas. 

The Best Brunch Spots in Dallas

Breadwinners Brunch

Breadwinners is one of my favorite brunch spots in Dallas. I know, let the basic jokes start now. But, honestly, I don’t know if we can be friends if you don’t like Breadwinners. Like, what do you do with your life on Saturday and Sunday…

SouthernSpotsShrimp and Grits Sissy's Southern Kitchen BrunchSissy's Southern Kitchen Brunch

Sissy’s Southern Kitchen
Location: Dallas/ Henderson Avenue
I could go on for days about Sissy's and how it is one of my favorite places in general but I won't. You can read all that here. Obviously, the shrimp and grits are a must as well as the fried chicken.

Ellen’s Southern Kitchen
Location: West End
Their tagline is grits rule. Yes, please. Do you really need to know anythin’ else after hearin’ that?
Bubba's Southern Cooking; Dallas Best Brunch Places

Bubba’s Cooks
Location: Highland Park/Preston Hollow
I was only recently turned onto Bubba’s. One of the ladies at work swore by Bubba for every meal and told me I needed it in my life and boy was she right. 
Jonathon's Brunch

Jonathon's Oakcliff
Location: Oakcliff 
Come early cause they stay packed and the patio isn’t the largest, but man is them chicken and waffles and bloody mary bar worth it. 

Julia Pearl
Location: Plano
Anyone who can master fried chicken and turn it into an art form has my vote any day of the week and twice on Sunday. 
Hattie's Brunch

Location: Bishop Arts
Honestly, you could order anythin’ and be in heaven. They specialize in Low-Country Southern Cuisine. Think the coast of Carolina. Almost makes me wish I grew up in Carolina. Watch it, I said almost. They even keep that coffee comin' and then some.

Mamma’s and Daughters
Location: Dallas and Forney
Y’all, my Momma swears by this place. The Dallas location always has a line wrapped around the buildin’, so we usually go to the Forney location. It also helps that, that location isn’t crazy far from our church. Bowls and bowls of Mac & Cheese or the fish. I mean we do quantify Mac & Cheese as a vegetable here in The South, so it isn’t exactly cheatin’

Mimosa Deals

Anvil Pub 
Located in Deep Ellum serves the best Dallas has to offer on Sunday. Chose between a Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Mimosa and much more. I mean come on who doesn't want mimosas with a side of food.
Oddfellows Brunch
Oddfellows Brunch Chicken and Waffles
Location: Bishop Arts
I still remember when Oddfellows was bein' built. Seems like ages ago this day. Located shoppers walk from Hattie's is all the rage in Bishop Arts. A good day is chicken and waffles from Oddfellows, walkin' around the shops followed by dinner at Lockharts and dessert at Emporium Pies. Man, that's my kinda Saturday or Sunday. But, let's focus on Oddfellows and the reason they are under the Mimosas category. Mimosa Carafes for only $20, yes, please. 

Location: Travis St.
Y'all lets talk about this beauty for a hot minute.
The atmosphere: check
The $10 unlimited Mimosa or Bellini: check
The best Lox in all of Dallas and I know good Lox. My Momma is from Mississippi: check
Valet that uses an app to tell you when your car is pulled around: check
Ozona Brunch and PatioOzona Brunch and Patio with mimosa deal

Location: Greenville Avenue
Ozona is my favorite place with a mimosa deal. That beautiful you see above was $10. Yes, Y'all heard me right, and it was $10. Ozona also has a nice and expansive patio area that's great in the fall to brunch and watch football. What more could a Texan need? Nothin', I tell ya. If you happen to swing by, I recommend anythin' Tex-Mex.
Blue Messa Grill; Dallas Best Brunch Places

Blue Mesa
Location: DFW/ Multiple Locations
Blue Mesa is a tad different but couldn't be left off the list. Their website proudly boasts how they have one of the best award winnin' Sunday brunches in the country and I know this to be true with the amount of Blue Mesa I have digested. $22 dollars a plate might make you ask a few questions but don't worry cause I'd never steer ya wrong. Buffet style, yes please and they keep the drinks comin'. You need to put Blue Mesa on your brunch rotation at least once. 
Del Frisco Grille Brunch
Del Frisco Grille
Location: Dallas
While I have only been to Del Frisco Grille once it is still at the top of my mimosa deal list and a place I keep tellin' myself I need to get back to. About this time a year ago one of the Junior League girls decided to have a birthday brunch. Actually, it turned into an all day affair, but that's besides the point. She swore by Del Frisco Grille and spent many a summer with her parents brunchin' here. When I tell you they bring out the pitchers of mimosas. We had about 15 girls, and they kept us nice and happy. Bestfran finally had to tell them to please stop since no one else would. Del Frisco Grille is so great at accomidatin' large parties, and since it is slightly more upscale than some of the others on the list, it makes for a great celebration location. 

Braindead Brewery
Location: Deep Ellum
Now, I know when you think brunch you don't think Deep Ellum, but I'm about to change your mind, and oh say 25 words or so. Braindead Brewery is relatively new to the brunch scene but it claims to fame is the bacon and beer pairin' that they do. 

Good All around brunch
Whisk Cafe; Dallas Best Brunch Places

Whisk BrunchWhisk
Location: Sylvan
Whisk is my honorable mention of the list. Remember how I told Y'all, "a brunch without champagne is just a sad little breakfast..." Well, all that applies except when mentionin' Whisk. Fairly new to Dallas, this French Crepe places needs to be on every list Texas ever makes. It's that good. And who doesn't want to listen to the owner talk in a French accent? Every time I go in, he makes fun of me. If Y'all didn't know my last name is French and I can't pronounce it without the Texas twang to save my life. Even after years of takin' French. So, I go and let him rag on me in exchange for some of the best dessert and entree crepes you'll ever eat in Texas. read more →

Max's Wine Dive; Dallas Best Brunch Places

Max's Wine Dive
Location: Uptown
"Fried chicken and champagne... why the hell not?" That the slogan of Max's Wine Dive and honestly, how can you argue with that. And that slogan my Texas frans tells you exactly what you need to order. 

Smoke; Dallas Best Brunch Places

Location: Belmont Hotel/Plan
In Texas, we are all about BBQ, and no  I'm not talkin' it's Labor Day, so your dad put some dogs on the grill. I'm talkin' meat that's been smoked for hours. Now, ya get where I'm goin' with this. The fact that Tim has managed to combine two of Dallas staples: brunch and smoked meat into one restaurant is as genius as it gets in my book. 

Mercat Bistro
Location: Harwood District
Located downtown, nestled near Klyde Warren and within the Harwood District, it can be hard to find at times but so worth it. Great prices and some of the freshest food in Dallas.

Lark on the Park BrunchLark on the Park
Location: Klyde Warren
A tad pricier than some of the others on the list but don't let that detour you. I love to take the DART Train down and enjoy Klyde Warren Park afterward. They even have carafe deals as well.  

All about the Patio

While some of the places like Ozona, Oddfellows and the like could be on this list, I mentioned them above for obvious reasons. While Southerners and Dallasites in particular love a good brunch any time of the year, spring is most ideal as it is not too hot for the most part and deff not too cold. 

The Rustic Brunch and Patio

The Rustic
Location: Off 75
I could go on for days about The Rustic and how I've been a fan for ages, or how I love Pat Green who is part owner and was beyond thrilled when they started brunch. But I won't. Y'all can read that here.  Just know that The Rustic is great any time of day and the atmosphere coupled with live music, and Multi TV's is the perfect hang. It doesn't hurt they serve drinks outta mason jars and swear by Texas and its farmers and produce. 

Henry's Majestic 
Location: Across the street from Brian's Wine 
If you follow me on snapchat, then you saw that I was here just this past Saturday. It was a tad to chilly, and we had quite a few girls, so we opted to eat inside but don't let that detour you now that the weather is nice. May I suggest the avocado toast and the sparklin' mimosa bar. Yes, you heard correct: DIY mimosa bar with more options than you could ever imagine

Whelp, there ya go Fran's. Let me know your favorite Brunch spot. Are you sad panda cause I missed a place? Do tell.

Until next time


  1. Such a fab list!!! I can't wait to try out all of these places!!!

  2. The shrimp and grits looks rediculous. it's 3:26 p.m. and I wish it was brunch time. Also, that I was in Texas.

  3. Definitely will be hitting up this list for ideas. Maybe you can tag along too. You know I love good brunch!


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