THE SALT LICK bbq – Driftwood, TX |

Jul 11, 2016

THE SALT LICK bbq – Driftwood, TX

II'll never forgot the first time I learned of the famed Salt Lick BBQ. It was summer of '14. A few of the boys invited me on their Austin adventure. They even offered to let me pick a few items on my #TravelinTexan list to complete. I new there'd be a catch. They NEVER invited me on Texas adventures. They wanted to spend the day at Jester King Brewery and needed my assistance to bring home items. HA, I knew my invite wouldn't be that easy. We spent the day loungin' in the Texas heat until someone hollered BBQ. The Salt Lick BBQ was but a few towns over and they were determined to get their behinds there. I agreed figurin' It'd be somethin' I could add to the second part of my Texas list. We sat in the car quiet cause I didn't realize they loved BBQ so much and I didn't want them to know I had spent so much time that previous week at Texas BBQ Week. They'd be mad I hadn't invited them along for the eatin'. I hid my guilty belly as we rode on.

Summer of '16 we 'd eaten more Watermelon  at Luling Texas Watermelon Thump than we cared to admit. We need meat sustenance now. She turned to me and goes, "I want BBQ. I see we are not far from Salt Lick and it's on your list. I looked. Wanna go?" I didn't wanna tell her I'd already been. I muttered my, "sure", as we loaded the car. On the drive over as the GPS went haywire for the millionth time I whispered, "I've been but it's fine cause I never got my money shot and the food is so good. But, now you owe me a trip to Franklin's BBQ"

This week is Texas BBQ Week and I gave all the lowdown on it here. But, if you are gonna make you way to The Salt Lick here's a few things you need to keep in mind:
  • Cash Only. When the original owner came from Mississippi and brought Salt Lick to Texas he had 12 things he never wanted to happen at his establishment. All but 2 are still standin'.
  • That brings me to the second one... BYOB the original owner never wanted alcohol sold at The Salt Lick BBQ. The Salt Lick Cellar that is attached and has wine and beer is technically a separate entity just on the property. 
  • There will be a wait but it's ok cause you can lounge on the patio and listen to some good Texas Country. This is Texas BBQ my frans. I've waited upwards of hours and it was worth every bit of standin' in the Texas heat. 
  • If y'all can eat the meat plate is your friend. Who doesn't want that much BBQ for less than I fill up my Ford. 
  • Burnt ends are always your fran. It's how you become a true Texan.

Have fun with some real Texas BBQ. Come early that way you have enough time after to make the short trip over to Austin, Texas. I promise it won't disappoint. 

The Salt Lick BBQ 
18300 FM 1826
 Driftwood, TX 78619


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