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Nov 26, 2017

Why I'll be giving on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday PSA911

I sit, starin' at the blank screen before me: a youtube video plays in the background but doesn't offer much distraction. I quickly fumble through a few photos saved on my hard drive. I stare earnestly at them willin' the words to come to my fingertips and then again my computer screen. The holidays in full swing I find myself sentimental more and more. 

I chuckle thinkin' back to the conservation I'd had with my mother just earlier that day. She always did get annoyed and act shocked when I'd bring up stories of our childhood and how unreasonable she could be about cleanin' and yard work. 
 And so the story goes: I'd been woken and told to get dressed and help pull weeds. I was angry and rightfully so. It was barely 8 am and I'd yet to have breakfast and Momma was carryin' on about how we were sleepin' our life away. Daddy offered to keep watch over the front door while I quickly made a bowl of cereal. "I got you homes," he'd always say. Twenty minutes later when I didn't return outside Momma came stormin' in demandin' I help immediately, and breakfast could wait. 
She cringes with a laugh as I ask her if she remembers. Of course, she doesn't. And the stories would end many the same way: Me with those beggin' eyes: "Daddy, please. Momma doesn't have to know."

Daddy always did have empathy and compassion for others. I suppose it was his life work. Much of my childhood spent with him workin' nights as a juvenile probation and intake officer. Years later Momma told me he liked the evenings because he wanted to be there when the kids came in. He'd spend his summer working the oil rigs to pay for college. That same degree that allowed him to fulfill his dream of helpin' others. 

I also find myself grateful. Grateful to have someone that not only cared about family but the well being of others. Somone who would help a young person see the path to a brighter future no longer to be bound by past mistakes.

I suppose this holiday season above all else I'm thankful. Thankful for organizations like PSA911 that provides continuin' education to police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs and the like who worked alongside my Dad day and day out.

So join me this Giving Tuesday and do a little more this holiday season by helping those who so generously support us. I'll be giving $25. Will you?


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