Kids Fit Menu Day |

Dec 16, 2017

Kids Fit Menu Day

Inspired. Inspired is the only way to describe spending the day with the student chefs participating in Kids Fit Menu Day. Kids Fit Menus are healthy menu options for children at participating local restaurants. Recipes made for kids by kids or teenagers you could call them in partnership with Medical City Children's Hospital. Kids teaching Kids.

Student Chefs must be in a high school culinary program and apply to be a part of the Kids Fit Menu day competition. Student Chefs partner with a restaurant and are tasked with making an entree and dessert that not only uses the fresh ingredients the restaurant has but meet specific dietary guidelines. Childhood obesity is on the rise and Kids Fit Menu Day aims to help change that. 

Students Chefs work with their teammates, Culinary Teachers, as well as a Registered Dietitian and the restaurant to create these menu items and detail reports, are compiled so that the restaurants can take them back and try them in their test kitchens. A panel of chefs and executives from the participating restaurants are on hand to judge, give advice and even critique the dish for the inspiring chefs. Each restaurant panel featured a child would potentially be a customer and the target audience of the menu. After all, can you have a dish for kids if you don't have a child offer their opinion?

I spent my time at Kids Fit Menu Day watching the students compete to have their dish featured at On The Border. Inspired by a young lady who was the only student chef to quaily for the competition without a team. She hailed from Mansfield Highschool. It was just her, and her teacher as her sous chef. I got to speak with her teacher after the competition was over and he beamed with pride. Listening to her talk about the concept of her dish as well as the nutritional value and steps taken to achieve the recipe left me with a smile on my face.

Having a healthy meal nightly growin' up was the norm for me. It wasn't till I got older in worked in the public school system that I began to realize this wasn't the case for all students. And honest times it isn't for lack of trying. Families are busier than ever, and havin' a healthy option for children at restaurants is a must.

I was a little sad that the winner wasn't announced at the end of the Kids Fit Menu Day. After spending the day meeting some of the student chefs and watching them I became invested in their dishes as well as their success. I will be following up to see who is chosen.

To see all of the restaurants participating in Kids Fit Menu click here.


  1. The new Kids Fit Menu recipes were created by Texas ProStart high school culinary students who participated in the Kids Fit Menu Challenge in

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