Apr 2, 2018


A few years ago I wrote these words. They ring true even now.
"I can still remember summers as a kid. The Texas sun beamin' on my face. Daddy worked nights so summers were especially fun when we'd get to lounge around the house with him all day. Every so often we'd convince him to take us to a local fast food joint. He never much cared for Tex-Mex. How he survived in Texas all those years, I'll never know. But, the local Tex-Mex joint was always our jam. Daddy never complained and still obliged with a smile. Guess, it was the parent in him. On days it was far too hot to live or exist in Texas we'd be more excited than usual. The local fast food stop had an array of agua fresca choices to chose. We'd beg and plead till Daddy shook his head and caved. Even now as an adult I haven't quite grown out of my love for a good agua fresca on a warm Texas day. These days made even better by my passion for fresh Texas ingredients."
As I sit here and sip I marvel at the Texas Weather; the ability to go from one season to another in less than a day, as the fresh wind blows and the light rain drizzles the window. But, we all know that Texas spring is comin' and oh so glorious it will be.

So, I'll sit here and cool off with a cold  Welch's Grape Dragonfruit Agua Fresca.
1 Dragon Fruit
2 limes
Sparkling Water

1. Squeeze  the two limes into a jar
2. Cut your Dragon Fruit and then peel. Once the Dragon Fruit is peeled and chopped into little pieces you can begin to muddle the Dragon Fruit.
3. Add the Dragon Fruit and lime juice to a glass and stir. 
4. Add sparkling water.
4. Top with 
Welch's Concord Grape Juice.

Also peep the Watermelon Passionfruit Lemonade Agua Fresca I made.


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