Lake Texoma Cross Timbers |

Sep 4, 2018

Lake Texoma Cross Timbers

Eight miles. Eight miles is what it took for our souls and feet to become. Eight, Eight the same age I was when I first discovered nature on a Scout campout. Many years have passed since that first cold campout lost in the woods of East Texas with no gloves. I still look back at the trip with fond memories. 

Eight miles. Eight miles, what I am to have my scouts accomplish. Some time back nature came callin' again. It whispered to me, told me it missed me. Nature asked me why I'd abandoned her so. So, I set out to reclaim what was once a past childhood time: to enjoy backpackin' again.

The plan: take a small group of local girl scouts on their first backpackin' trip and show them the outdoors is nothin' they need to fear. In return: trainin' for The Lone Star Trail in Sam Houston National Forest. 92 miles. 92 miles, the longest footpath in Texas. Fall would be our hike.

We set out to the border of Texas and Oklahoma.

Lake Texoma Cross Timbers Trailhead to be exact. 8 miles. 8 miles would be the star of our trainin'. The start of our Journey. We'd scope the trail and report back.

Eager to begin our trek to test the trail before we took the scouts we set out. We made quick work of the first three miles Eager to have a breeze off the lake to guide our path. We reached the Marina a few hours. We made quick work to Lost Loop where we planned to make camp. Supper was a hearty stew that we scarfed down no problem. 

As the dark of the night set in so did the animals and doubted... Did we belong in nature? No one we passed looked like us. Was that a coyote? Did you hear that rustle? The night spent restless and awake dragged on like a soap opera. Middle of the night broke as we woke to animals and people jostling around our tent. I prayed. I suppose it's all I know to do at times and eventually slept overtook.

Morning broke and lounged. Listened as the animals scampered away from the daylight. Looked at the dew that dripped off our tent. Mornin' camp routines proceeded, and we packed up camp. We'd seen enough of the trail to know what we'd present to the girls and parents at the backpackin' interest meetin'.

We hiked the mile back to the marina eager to see a friendly face and fill our now empty water bottles. We spend hours makin' friends and gatherin' information before we hiked our way back to the trailhead where we'd make camp for the night. 

Laughter and giggles encompassed us far before sleep ever did.
We hit the highway back into Texas, full hearts and hungry bellies.
Faithful Cicis came into view. Carbs we told ourself. Carbloadin' is what we did because not only does Cicis have the best price of Endless Pan Pizza, you can order the new Baked Pasta to-go.

He smiled as he handed me containers of pasta. Back so soon he chuckled. See you next week I hollered. We got many miles to go.

Follow along as I help some local scouts train experience their first-time backpackin', and I train to hike the Lone Star Trail this Fall.

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