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Oct 1, 2018

10 tips for camping in the rain.

This post is sponsored by Totes Cirrus but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Texans love to say, "If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes (and it will change)." While Mark Twain originally uttered the words about New England, no more exact words have ever been said about Texas and its weather. I always joke with Non- Texans that in no other states can you see all of the wonders of the world. I live in North Texas: land of the Prairies and Lakes also known as the Blacklands. Head just a little east, and you'll find forest upon forest littered with piney woods. Head further south, and we have beaches till your heart's content. Head to the Texas Panhandle, and you'll be greeted by the most beautiful canyons you've ever seen. Head west and southwest you've entered the land of deserts, sand dunes, and mountains. Yes, Yes Texas has mountains. I could continue, but you get the point. So, if you don't like the weather, wait as it's bound to change.
In Texas, if we let the weather dictate what we did outside, we'd spend half the year shut up in the house hidin' form the unbearable heat and the random rain storms.
Let's be honest: I prefer the heat. Anythin' under 80 heck under 90 and I'm bundled to the high heavens wishin' for the sun to come. But life is about learnin' to dance in the rain or so say they. Well, I think I'll camp in the rain instead.
Camping 101: 10 Tips for Camping in the Rain.

---Rain Pants
Rain pants are worn over your hikin' pants and meant to keep you dry. I am not much a fan of rain pants, so I always wear a pair of hikin' pants that are made for inclement weather but If that is not your style pack your rain pants near the outside of your pack so that they are easily accessible.

----Rain Jacket
A proper rain jack can make or break an outdoor trip quick fast and in a hurry. Outdoor experts will tell you that orange is great in inclement weather as well as fall, but Y'all know pink in my color. When lookin' for a good rain jacket, a functional hood is a must. Heat escapes your body from your head and your feet.
---Pack clothes on the outside of your pack
You should always have an extra pair of clothes when campin' and especially in the rain. Stay away from items like cotton that tend to hold in water. Opt for fabrics that are synthetic and lightweight like nylon. Wool socks are great for keepin' your feet dry and warm. When packin' your backpack pack extra close closest to the outside, so they are quickly accessible. The less you have to remove your rain cover and open your pack the better chance you stand of keepin' your items dry and have fun campin' in the rain.
---Rain cover for your backpack
If your pack is not already waterproof rain covers for your bag are the perfect way to make sure all the items inside of your pack stay dry. Find a cover that matches how many liters your pack will hold.

--- Rain shoes
When campin' havin' what I call base shoes is important. No one wants to walk around camp in clunky hikin' shoes. This is where Totes Cirrus Rainboot (will be linked) come in. Not only are these rain shoes "Made with Totes' proprietary Everywear™ technology, they are 60% lighter than other boots and every bit as strong. They are tough as boots, light as clouds." Let's be honest: the less weight in my pack the more room for snacks and camera gear. The best part of the Totes Cirrus Rainboot are not only are they easy to fold up but they have loops in the back that make them easy to hook to any pack inside or under your rain cover. Wear a pair of wool socks and you are sure to be able to walk around camp while your feet stay dry as a whistle. No one wants blisters now do they?
---Check your trail
You should always check where you will be campin' before you camp. What are the conditions of the trail? Is the trail you wanted to hike washed out? Is there higher ground just off the trail to make camp?

---Warm and quick meals
We on the trail quick and hearty meals are ideal because no one wants to be trying to cook in the middle of the day on a wet trail. Remember that not only do you burn more calories in outdoor activities, but you also burn more calories in the rain outside. Pack to have a warm meal at dinner if weather permits. Don't forget waterproof matches. Nothin' worse than preparin' for dinner only to find you have no matches that will work. Ask me about my trip to Enchanted Rock. I'm still bitter about the spoiled meat and my hungry belly.
I make oat protein meals a lot when I am on the trail; no cookin' needed. In my snack pack, I pack a ziplock that contains a scoop of protein powder, 1/4 a cup of oats, two scoops of peanut butter powder, and two scoops of instant coffee. When you are ready for a quick meal, pour in your water bottle, shake and enjoy. You can even drink while you are hikin'. Not only is it an excellent meal for dreary weather but it makes for a great way to get in calories.

---extra tent footprint
Footprints for your tent are placed under your tent to help keep the bottom of your tent dry. You can also use your additional footprint to make a vestibule around your tent and store your went items such as hikin' or rain shoes. Wet items should say out of your tent as much as possible to keep your pack and ' back dry and save you from a further headache later in the trip. Always remember to pitch your tent on higher ground so as not to wake up in a basin of water.

---Use Dry Sacks
Dry sacks are bought at any local outdoor store and are great for not only keepin' things dry but makin' them easily accessible. When I camp, I generally carry four dry sack that ranges from 5 liters to 10 liters. I keep all of my camera gear in my 10-liter sack. I roll my clothes into a 5-liter sack, and my food goes into the remainin' sacks. Make sure to weatherproof your maps as well. That can be done by simply placing them in ziplock bags.
-- -Have an emergency plan
When camping' or hikin', you should always let someone know where you are and have a backup plan. Campin' in inclement weather can be fun when proper precautions are taken but even if you have to abandon camp and leave you'll still have a story to tell.


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